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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

JTS Mortgage Minute 12/10/19 - Refinance/Renovation Options

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JTS Mortgage Minute 12/10/19 - Refinance/Renovation Options
JTS Mortgage Minute 12/10/19 - Refinance/Renovation Options

Jeff Farnham of JTS & Co.

Morgage Professionals gives advice on how to refinance your mortgage.

Break toss to break franchise reentry your client be able to find a new home ... sometimes it's hard to find the information on the phone others considering the patient on the home ... give us a call for options for joint situation ... paying off your home loan can increase your cash flow ... eight jps income ... discussing your individual situation with aids homebuying refinancing or renovating it slightly today fast approaching new year's resolution the first options is make extra payment ... by the payment ... or you can make an extra payment ... a second option to reconsider ... to lower your interest rate ... low interest rates is get to the number of owner year after year used the mortgage packing jps mortgage website only give you a lifetime ... you keep the existing tires ... usually reflect values short- term saving make a lump sum payment towards your principal so important ... make sure ... we are your lifetime again if you have any questions about ... reagent value if you


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