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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Local Business Spotlight - People's Home Equity

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Local Business Spotlight - People's Home Equity
Local Business Spotlight - People's Home Equity

Bruce Dodd talks about the the benefits of working with a local company for your next home mortgage.

Working with a local company which bears that's exactly what you are.

That's what i think is a couple things to think about whatever your one is a dollar spent locally chamber of commerce cells was spent eight times again locally and so i think it makes sense whenever w can buy local is especially at the same terms and rates and conditions make sense.

Secondarily, mortgage is one of those things that no one at times her on her twists and turns, but if there are it's much easier to sit across the table from somebody work without often there is a myriad of different options that you may be able to do and so i think it does make sense will sit across the table and and decide all those things now.

For those people that are really busy in our local, but we also have all the online stuff to some of you want to do it at home.

I'm you can do that work will commence this with the image that in a local option we can sit down with you or we can do it online you hold her hand and says the benefit of working with the local company but what else you know what's already the most difficult and did to do today is get a house under contract soon as you find the house to abide that there's other people would've found it.

So if you can be represented by a great local real tour does good reputation.

It's also important to be represented by a local company on the mortgage side that has a great rep.

Tatian and so that often gives the seller a little more confidence to go with your offer benefit is in one maybe i'll be thinking can play to your advantage when you are trying to see if the value of the benefit to offer the customer in a the benefits the economy of working with a local company.

They take it one step further our people to make what he takes it one step further, any our focus on getting back to the community you do a lot of work with local nonprofits.

Can you tell me a little about him.

I think you think you didn't give a business she should do this were to know we should be reinvested in our community and to me.

We can either make low, but my global money medical money and since world, my dear, but since the world is a improve the life of one and so you were were very fortunate are some wonderful local charities we get work with and this is benefit to say it's important for you personally and as a company to make these partnerships happen in the community will list face it, there's a lot of issues we have out there and if you want to wait for government to fix a central calgary wedding.

Why i and so if we can take towards and improve our community.

It just makes everybody's life better.

For example, one of the programs would like to spend a lot of time with his wife.

It's the largest longest running early intervention program for kids and so these are kids that have gotten in trouble for law so we can get a hold of him now and we can provide them some guidance.

Then maybe we have to invest in incarcerating and so i think it's one of those things we can either make vestment in positive ... you didn't invest in the repercussions also focus on maybe not the most commonly known organizations as well.

I' in is that something negative i office to know i always wanted to work with local charities.

I think it's a that when you're providing some funding to a charity that that funding's going to the mission and so the local organization to work with.

We know that all those dollars are going back to that mission.

Secondarily, local charities and they don't have tv campaigns that all have all kinds of othe self some of the big large organizations do and so i think you can make.

I love fabric.

What i thought i but we got a ride you started with you.

It's really the scope to 359198 to 35919801.

Check us out at chat that's chat with titis john for some months is 6650 sprint rd.

More hope.

Choose option three ri process for joining us for accounting and hearing just a few weeks ou here.

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