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Friday, March 5, 2021

4 News Now at 6 (12/19/2019) A Block

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4 News Now at 6 (12/19/2019) A Block
4 News Now at 6 (12/19/2019) A Block
4 News Now at 6 (12/19/2019) A Block

We continue to uncover breaking news tonight-- the spokane county sheriff "now" calling for action against a spokane valley representative just found to have condoned political violence.

Thanks for joining us.

I'm aaron luna.

And i'm nia wong.

An independent investigation into spokane valley representative matt shea says he engaged in domestic terrorism against the united his fellow republicans in olympia want the f-b-i to investigate him as well.4 news now reporter ariana lake joins us in studio with the latest.

Allegations of domestic terrorism, political violence and a call to arms against the united states.

Those are the findings against a spokane valley republican, popular enough to have won re-election several times.republicans in olympia wasting no time-- suspending shea from any role in the house republican caucus.

Just moments ago..spokane county sheriff ozzie knezovich telling us he hopes shea faces federal charges.

(ozzie knezovich phoner"it's my hope that the fbi will take a look at this report, conduct an investigation of their own and submit that investigation to the us attorney's office for charges to be found against mr. shea,") the report findings don't stop at domestic terrorism..

Investigators say shea also radicalized others against the united states - for his own political gain.

Investigators point to what they consider to be a key role shea had in planning the armed takover of an oregon wildlife refuge three years found he was involved in two other armed conflicts-- by organizing and recruiting armed milita members to oppose federal agents...the report says he also used intimidation against political opponents and advocated overthrowing america's democracy for a religious government.he said he wanted that government to kill all males who disagreed with his personal beliefs.

The report comes to the conclusion that quote-- with angry armed insurgents called into action against elements of law enforcement, every situation instigated or planned by rep.

Shea carried with it significant risk of bloodshed life."

The report is 108 pages long, we've summarized it on that story also includes a link to the full report, which we're told state lawmakers just late this afternoon.

Earlier today, before the report was released shea sent out a statement through his attorney, saying he's not being afforded due process..

He claims he's been denied the right to see and respond to the allegations.

But, in the report, investigators say shea declined to be interviewed and eventually, he and his attorney didn't return any calls.

A short time ago, house minority leader j.t.

Wilcox tweeted this: representative matt shea has been suspended from any role in the house republican caucus.

He should resign.

He cannot use house republican staff, he cannot meet with the caucus, his office will be moved.

We have also learned the house republicans have removed shea's picture and biography from their website.

Spokane democratic representative marcus riccelli just telling 4 news now he agrees with wilcox..adding that he is 'disturbed' by the details of this investigation.

In studio..

I'm ariana lake, 4 news now.

And washington governor jay inslee taking to twitter on the matter saying "there is no place in washington for hate or violence, especially from those who have been elected by the people.

This report is distrubing and these actions should be unacceptable to washingtonians of all political parties.

More breaking news tonight-- a house ethics committee says over the last five years-- cathy mcmorris rodgers has mis-used taxpayer money and now has to pay back thousands of dollars.

After a years-long investigation they said the abuses add up to a concerning pattern and they said rodgers frequently showed an indifference to laws, rules and regulations.

The eastern washington representative will now have to repay more than 75-hundred dollars.

Mcmorris rodgers is serving her eighth term in the house of representatives and is the highest ranking woman in the house republican caucus.

We have the entire report online-- go to k-x-l-y-dot-com to read it.

Police officers swarmed an apartment complex earlier this afternoon... barricaded inside-- a man wanted for serious crimes-- assault, strangulation, and threats to kill.he was taken into custody a short time ago at the forest creek apartment complex on addison street just north of farwell road... our kyle simchuk is there kyle...what exactly took place today?

3 3 3 3 this morning's snow caused havoc over the passes.

Right now chains are required on all vehicles going over snoqualmie pass if you don't or all wheel drive.

Let's send things over to chief meteorologist kris crocker with what you can expect in the aftermath of this mornings snow.


A mix of rain, snow and sleet is falling across the inland northwst this evening, but warmer air is working its way into the region, and the valley snow will be turning all to rain with little additional accumulation.

Temperatures will continue to climb through the overnight.

We should be in the 40s by tomorrow morning's commute.

Expect wet, not icy roads.

The rain will continue on and off through friday with highs in the mid to upper 40s.

Winds will be picking up overnight with gusts to 30 mph.

Winds gusts on friday could top 40 mph.

Heavy mountain snow accumulations will continue, but the snow level will be rising, and the heaviest snow will be confined to the higest peaks in north idaho.

Drier and cooler weather is on the way for next week, with mild weather expected for the days leading up to christmas.

That morning snow kept road crews in spokane and north idaho busy..

Clearing roads.

Spokane police says it dealt with several minor accidents across town ... specifically on the south hill.

Our maher kawash spoke to the city of spokane to see how they've handled this winter storm.

Ll intro 01;25;49 "the worst of this snow storm may be over ... but nasty road conditions are something you may see throughout the weekend."

05 the storm this morning came a little later than expected ... causing accidents and back up traffic across town.

The city says it put down some de-icer in the early morning ... but that can only do so much.

At some point in the day, you may wonder why a road near your home still hasn't been plowed.

The city says arterials and school routes come first.

We've likely seen the last of the snow from this winter storm ... but more rain could be on the way and that could cause some problems. 01;19;58 "depending on how this melts ... we could see some standing water ... we have waste water crews ready to handle that ... they use their vector trucks to reduce any ice blocks on a drain."12ll-tag01;29;18"the city has been working all day to make sure these roads are safer to drive on but they say if there are any icy conditions near your home ... make sure you report them to 311 ... reporting on the south hill ... maher kawash 4 news now."11 during this winter storm..

The cannon center is still turning away almost 25 people each night.

The people that do get beds....they don't even have a bathroom or shower to use right now.and that won't change all winter.

Our elenee dao explains what's going on with what the city's plan is.

The city of spokane says it won't be able to do renovations -- including adding bathrooms and showers -- inside the building because it could reduce the capacity of the center.

The center needs all the space it can get... because it is in high demand right now.

Every night for the last few weeks... sean morgan is one of the lucky 80 or so who has a warm place to sleep.

(sean morgan, client 01:25:49 , i was actually here the night they were supposed to open.

Ive been here every night since ) he's been through a lot, seen a lot... much like others who stay here.

(sean morgan, client 01:26:31 i was traveling with my best friend whose family lives here.

I wanted to get him back home,now i'm ready to go back home.

) though he misses home... at least he's got a roof over his head.(sean morgan, client 01:26:42 the one thing i don't have to be right now is cold ) cannon center staff bus people wherever they need to go each day..

From doctor's appointments to a ymca to shower.(julie garcia, jewels helping hands 01:17:33 we still have no showers or bathrooms installed ) they won't get them either.

The city of spokane wanted to turn the cannon center into a shelter eventually... but it didn't happen and won't until after winter is over.(kirstin davis, city of spokane 01:33:59 if we were to go in and do that work now, we would have to reduce that capacity in order to achieve that construction.

We don't want to interrupt that at a time of high need ) the cannon center is making due with what they have.


They just received a new shower trailer, too.

Jewels helping hands founder julie garcia says other than that everything is going smoothly..

(julie garcia, jewels helping hands 01:22:00 they're acclimating well, theres a stream of new people but we have about 40 of the same regular people that are here everyday) one being sean morgan..(sean morgan, client 01:27:15 everybody's accepted here and that really touched my heart ) the center was supposed to eventually help 120 people, but now it won't.

Plans to turn it into a shelter won't happen until after winter.

The difference between a center -- what the cannon center is now -- to a shelter -- is that a warming center is for temporary needs and just get people out of the cold.

Each night clients have to check in at the center... for a shelter -- people have to be referred, and can stay for a while.

In studio i'm elenee dao, four news now now to our stories that are trending on our 4 news now story tracker ... spokane police need help finding 23-year-old brian souminen.

He was seen in a dodge truck running a red light and hitting another car on northwest boulevard and ash street.

After an officer tried to stop him ... he sped off and then abandoned the truck a short time later.

He was last seen in an orange long sleeved shirt reading-- american arbor l-l-c.

If you know where he is..

Call crime check.

Take a look at this video ... some seals in the puget sound decided they were tired of the whole swimming things and decided to hitch a ride on a sailboat!

The washington department of national resources released this video this morning and it is wracking up the views as one can imagine.

It will now be easier for you to know what your lawmakers are doing.

Today the washington state supreme court ruled that state lawmakers are subject to the same public disclosure rules that apply to other elected offficials and agencies.

In a 7 to 2 ruliing ... justices rejected lawmakers assertion that they are not required to turn over daily schedules ... emails .... texts and other materials related to their work.

Winter break is right around the corner for students --and today, some in spokane got an early gift..

Worth á6-grand.á that gift came from one local business -- which hopes to cover student lunch debt for thousands of taylor graham has the story you'll see only on 4 news now... the district's nutrition director says he's watched student lunch debt snowball over the last two years in spokane public schools.with that in mind, he says -- this gift could not have be given at a better time.

Nats/lunchroom (2)31-thousand students.4 point 3 million meals.and thousands of dollars in lunch debt --that's often out of these kids' control.

Nats/lunchroom (1)every year, that's the reality at spokane public schools.but that debt doesn't deprive students of a warm meal.that hasn't always been the case.nats/lunchroom (1)when washington lawmakers signed off on what you may know as a "no lunch shaming" bill in april 2018...they were signing off on the promise that every student would be fed at school -- even if they were behind on their lunch bill...11:25:36:56 (8)"we had made the commitment -- we're not gonna do the cheese sandwich of shame, we're not gonna do a replacement meal -- if they come in, and they need a meal, we're gonna feed the child."though spokane public schools nutrition director doug wordell says --that shift -- also gave the district a little less control over lunch debt.11:25:46:34 (15)"the issue now is, when we stopped feeding a child, (snaps) we got a response right away.

We don't get to do that anymore and so now, it seems like parents, sometimes maybe aren't as responsive because they're getting fed.

But it's a real debt that starts accruing."that's where numerica credit union came in thursday --when they gave the district -- a check for 6,127 dollars and 50 cents -- to get a handle on that debt... as part of an annual giveaway -- worth 25-grand.11:09:22:53 (10) "christmas time is a special time to pick a really important need that speaks to all of our hearts and we know our members will be proud of that giveaway."

And this check -- could cover 2-thousand meals --for students like these.

With that 25-thousand dollar giveaway --numerica didn't just help students in spokane...they'll also be donating to other schools in central washington, the tri-cities and north idaho.


New at six tonight-- pregnant women, people over the age of 65 and people with weak immunse systems should throw away store bought hard boiled eggs.

They're linked to listeria poisoning that has left seven people in five states sick.

One person has died.

A georgia company sold the hard-boiled eggs and egg salad nationwide.

Since they're sold in bulk to food service operators they may be labeled without any identification.

So health officials say anyone with health conditions should throw store bought hard boiled eggs out.

New at 6 tonight ... a treat for star wars fansa& or anyone who enjoys donutsa& hello sugar is rolling out more of their signature donuts - with a galactic anticipation of the new movie premiering tonight, hello sugar is making 'star wars'- themed donuts.there are four flavors - rebel ray, supreme sugar, pomegranate palpatine, and the wookiee cookie.if you didn't get your star wars donought today you can always stop by hello sugar before going to see the rise of tomorrow and until sunday.

After the zags win big last night against u-n-c ... one die hard fan celebrates with more big news this morning.

Her story coming up after the break.


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