Buck Stops by to Munch on Birdseed
Buck Stops by to Munch on Birdseed

Occurred on February 13, 2020 / Bellingham, Washington, USA Info from Licensor: "An enormous Buck activated our Ring Doorbell motion detector and can easily be personified, like Mr. Ed the talking horse, on our front porch as he ate the birdseed and chewed directly in front of the camera as if he's waiting for someone to open the door.

The Buck, creatively named Buck, recently shed his 6 point antlers, the holes on his head are not injuries.

Buck was first filmed at our backdoor for insurance reasons in case his antlers accidentally shattered the glass while eating birdseed from a window feeder.

We moved the birdseed to the front door to prevent broken windows in case Buck returned and found the seed.

Sure enough, Buck returned."