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Thursday, June 17, 2021

44NEWS AT 10 021920

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44NEWS AT 10 021920
44NEWS AT 10 021920
44NEWS AT 10

Gone in a flash.

A person exposing himself at an area walmart?

Takes off before he can be arrested.

The charges he could be facing.

### and?

Parents fed up.

Proposed changes outside and area school?

Ensuring student safety.

Whether you'll be impacted.

### plus?

Reaction from former illinois governor rod blagojevich?

Released from prison.

Why the democrat is praising president trump.

Your news at ten starts now.

Tonight at ten?

A traffic alert.

Drivers using the twin bridges tomorrow morning are urged to remain vigilant as they're going to work.

If you're planning to use the nort?bound bridge?

You need to be on the lookout?

Because some of those lanes will be closed after one of the piers was hit.

Joylyn bukovac travels to henderson tonight and shares this report.

"since the twin bridge taking you into evansville is already prone to some congestion.

Many drivers are hoping it doesn't stay down to one lane of traffic for very long."

"it will make a huge difference."

Kentucky transportati on officials say a barge hit the center pier of the northbound twin bridge sometime between tuesday evening and wednesday morning.

Some kentuckians are now gearing up for more traffic during their*thursday morning commute.

"it would probably add another 45 minutes to an hour to my trip."

The kentucky transportati on cabinet will be checking the pie?

Starting around 9 thursday morning.

This means the northbound twin bridge will be limited to one lane of traffic.

"if it's all slowed down to one lane forever it'll be hard to get everyone back and forth from kentucky to indiana."

It's unclear when the bridg?

Going into the hoosier stat?

Will be back open to two lanes of traffic.

This could depend on the extent of the damage?

There are many aspects crews will be looking into thursday morning to make sure the bridge is in good condition and safe for drivers.

Jb 44news.

A local walmart worker stunned by a customer today?

When they were*flashed in the middle of the store.

Evansville police say a loss prevention officer at the store went to confront the person?

Because she thought the man was possibly shoplifting.

She says that's when the man exposed himself to her.

Police say they're still investigating what happened?

But they weren't able to make an arrest because he never ended up taking anything.

Unfortunately he wasn't able to be charged with shoplifting, because he knew the police were outside.

So whatever items he had inside his clothing he put back, and he paid for what was in his cart.

Investigators say they're reviewing surveillance video to learn what happened.

If the man is cited?

He could be arrested for exposing himself?

Which is a misdemeanor.

An evansville woman is sentenced to 55 years in prison?

After she was found guilty of murder.

Tanika stewart was in court this afternoon for shooting and killing antonio bushrod junior.

This shooting happened last october on morton avenue in evansville.

Bushrod was taken to saint vincent hospital where he later died.

Stewart was sentenced 50 years for the murder?

And another five years for having guns.

New at 10?

Indianapolis mayor joe hogsett*announcing new strategies to keep violent offenders and illegal guns off the streets.

The city plans to extend its crime intelligence center.

Darius johnson reports.

Guns illegally possessed and those who carry them...public enemy number one.

A strong message from mayor joe hogsett for violent offenders.

"there is at least one variable that is common to most homicides.

A gun.

More specifically a gun that is illegally possessed."

The 'crime gun intelligence center' has led to hundreds of arrests and seized guns?

By treating each weapon like its own crime scene.investig ators gather ??a and fingerprints.

'if you are in possession of an illegal gun in indianapolis.

We will find you.

We will arrest you.

We will prosecute you and we will send you to federal prison for quite a long time.'


The impd, the attorneyús office and prosecutors going after the trigger pullers by using the federal rules of criminal ere are three tools that will help prosecute violent offenders.

The first pre trial detention... 'if you can prove to a judge that an individual is a serious risk to commit another crime.

Is a serious risk as a danger to the community that individual will be held without bond.'

The second 'if you are charged with a gun crime it is not reduced to a no?gun crime.

If you are charged with a gun crime you either go to trial on the gun crime or you plead guilty on the gun crime.'

The third sentencing guidelines.

'the recommendation is that they go to prison.

They donút go to community corrections, they donút go to a halfway house, they donút go to home detention, they go to prison.

They are h0ping this expanded strategy will help keep violent offenders from being caught and released... giving families peace of mind.

"itús that important, the community deserves this.

People and families are affected by violence deserve this.'

That was darius johnson reporting tonight.

### the mayor says this expansion will put more officers in neighborhood s?

And he believes it will enhance community relationships.

Believe it or not?

But summer is right around the corner?

And that means area theme parks are looking to fill those open positions.

Crews at holiday world are making sure to put all the pieces together.

They're hoping to finish the water coaster "cheetah chase."

Splashin' safari is set to open may seventh?

But the park's opening doesn't just mean the arrival of new attractions and food.

It also means a host of new job opportunities for people across the tr?state.

"we're a theme park.

We have fun.

So we want to find those individuals who just want to have a really good time and enjoy doing what they do.

Come here, be ready to have a smile on your face.

Be willing to talk to our guests and each other.

Holiday world is now hiring with the park set to open in may.

Toyota is*also hiring new workers.

The princeton plant announced it would be adding more jobs by the end of 2?22.

This is part of a 70?million dollar investment?

Which includes assembling the highlander ?


Which would bring 400 new jobs to the area.

Applications are available online.

To learn more about the story?

You can visit our website at wevv dot com.

Kentucky lawmakers*looking to adopt a fairness ordinance.


Several communities now fighting back against the b?

Partisan bill at a statehouse rally.

Tommy mason reports.

The statewide fairness rally kicked off in the kentucky state capitol this afternoon.... despite the fact 18 areas of the bluegrass state have already adopted a fairness ordinance?

Nine senators are teaming up to make it statewide.... but some lawmakers are concerned?

It won't make it through the kentucky senate?

Due the fact the bill is filed every year?

And hasn't had enough support.... although?

Some lawmakers believe 2?20 could be the year to pass it.... if passed?

The bill would ban ????q discrimination in employment?


And public accommodatio ns for the entire state.... currently?

The kentucky civil rights act prevents discrimination by race?


Religion and disability..... but does not touch on ??

??q rights.... on a local level?

Daviess county fiscal court has presented an ordinance?

And hosted two community forums?

In hopes of moving forward with the ordinance.... the next will be held at brescia university on february 24th.... today marks the 20th anniversary of when the first statewide fairness ordinance was introduced in the state.... stay with 44news on air and online?

As we follow the ordinance moving through the kentucky general assembly.... tommy mason 44news.... the top contenders in the democratic presidential race faced off tonight.

Recent polls*showing senator bernie sanders in the lead over his rivals.

Tonight's debate is the first big test for former new york city mayor mike bloomberg and his campaign.

The former republican recently qualified with a strong showing in recent polls.

Danya bacchus has more.

Billionaire businessman mike bloomberg got in the debate ring in las vegas wednesday night...and quickly took heat from his rivals: democrats take a huge risk if we substitute one arrogant billionaire for another bloomberg is spending 415 million dollars of his own money, running ads in supe?

Tuesday states in a campaign directed squarely at donald trump?*not the other democratic competitors.

I'm spending money to get rid of the worst president we have ever had the former new york city mayor also faced questions about his record running the big apple.... "mr bloomberg had policies....of stop and frisk which went after african and latino people in an outrageous way.

That is not a way you're gonna grow voter turnout!"

The policy was abhorrent and it was a violation of every right people have.

....and accusations about sexist remarks.

"a billionaire who calls women fat broads and hors?

Faced lesbians and no?

I'm not talking about donald trump, i'm talking about mayor bloomberg!".

Minnesota senator amy klobuchar went after the mayor to release his tax returns: everyone has released their tax returns, mayor and i think it is a major issue because the potus has been hiding behind his tax returns."

Bloomberg's rise threatens his more moderate opponents like klobuchar and pete buttigieg.

The former south bend mayor swung at both bloomberg and his closest rival in the first two nominating contests, senator bernie sanders: "we shouldn't have to choose between one candidate who wants to burn this party down and another candidate who wants to buy this party out!"

Bloomberg isn't on the ballot at this saturday's nevada caucuses...but he has doubl?

Digit support in national polls and will appear in next week's debate, in south carlolina.dan ya bacchus, cbs news tonight on cbs 44news at ten?

A tr?

State community taking extra precautions to keep students safe.

How traffic is changing outside an area school.


A man dies during a home invasion.

Whether it was a targeted attack or a random act of violence.


Surveillance video shows an attempted robbery at a kentucky restaurant.

How the masked robber fell into the right hands at the*wrong time.

Those stories and more?

Tonight at ten.

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You're in luck.

We're counting down the top three stories across the nation and right here at home.

Coming in at number three?

An evansville woman is sentenced to 55 years in prison?

After she was found guilty of murder.

Tanika stewart was in court this afternoon for shooting and killing antonio bushrod junior.

This shooting happened last october on morton avenue in evansville.

Bushrod was taken to saint vincent hospital where he later died.

Stewart was sentenced 50 years for the murder?

And another five years for having guns.

At number two?

Tr?state drivers need to be on the lookout tomorrow?

If you plan to use the twin bridges.

Lanes on the northbound side will be impacted?

As crews work to fix one of those piers.

Department of transportati on crews say a barge hit one of those piers?

Impacting traffic.

Tonight's top story takes us to las vegas?

Where democratic contenders are going head to head to unseat president donald trump.

Former new york city mayor mike bloomberg faced democratic candidates for the very first time.

A national poll released this week shows him running second behind senator bernie sanders.

Early voting is already underway ahead of this weekend's caucus in nevada.

Tonight at ten?

A tr?state community*taking extra precautions to keep students safe.

There's a new alert for drivers outside an ??

?c school?

Along a busy road on evansville's north side.

Parents say they're concerned because many drivers don't follow the speed limit.

Megan diventi takes a closer look.

Just this wee?this sign was installed at cynthia heights elementary schoo?

Alerting drivers to take it slow and use caution.

Nat pop car yellow flashing light video "the yellow flashing certainly alerts them to right now the zone is active."

The vanderburgh county sheriff's office taking to social media announcing the newest speed zon?

Along state road 65.

"being a highway, a state highway the speeds are a little bit higher."

"what were trying to do is minimize the risk of anyone being struck while they are going to and from school."

The new sign comes after parents and staff raised concerns about the amount of traffic and speeding near the school.

"families have raised concerns as well as the school staff as well obviously everyone wants to make sure this is a safe school zone."

After being made aware of the concerns?

The sheriff office went to the indiana department of transportati on and found a solution.

Car nat pop two speed zone signs at 35 miles per hour?

Along with a light that flashes at the start and end of the school day.

"sometimes kids aren't using good judgment they may cross the highway, there are all kinds of scenarios that can happen that could create danger for a child going to and from school."

"you know we have students that are being dropped off by parents coming in and out, school buses, walking to school for some schools, and we want to make sure these areas stay very safe."

Officials say speeding through a school zone can lead to a substantial fin?

Especially if children are present.

In vanderburgh county, md, 44news.

We felt a mild day across the tr?state?

But warmer weather is expected this weekend.

Here's chief meteorologis t cameron hopman with your 44forecast.


Across america tonight?

We begin in california?

Where a rapper has been killed.

He was shot inside the home of a reality ?v star from the real housewives of beverly hills.

Police have yet to confirm the victim's identity or any details connected to the shooting?

But local media reporting the rapper is 2?yea?old pop smoke.

He was reportedly shot inside the hollywood hills home?

Registered to teddi mellencamp.

That's the daughter of john mellencamp.

She has since confirmed that the los angeles house is a rental property.

According to police?

Some of the people were wearing ski masks when they came in overnight.

No arrests have been made.

In illinois?

Former governor rod blagojevich reunited with his family wednesday in chicago.

This comes after president trump commuted his prison sentence for political corruption.

The 6?yea?

Old former governor was released from a federal prison tuesday in colorado?

After serving eight years of a 1?year sentence.

His convictions included trying to sell the ?s senate seat vacated by barack obama when he became president?

And trying to shake down a children's hospital?

And then lying to the ??i.

Still to come on 44news at ten an armed robber barges into a kentucky restaurant?

Demanding money.

How a married couple jumped to action.

New tonight at ten?

A kentucky couple springs into action?

When a masked robber barges into a restaurant and demands money.

What the man didn't realize is that they were of?duty police officers.

Naomi ruchim has this story.

Surveillance video from raising canes chicken fingers in louisville kentucky?

Shows an attempted robbery in motion.the man?

Masked and armed?

Approaches the counter, reveals his weapon?

And demands cash from the employees.

Another camera shows chase and nicole mckeown enjoying date night together in a restaurant booth.

"generally when we go away from home it's to be away from the job where we don't have to worry about seeing people we know and this is how it turned out this time."

Turns out?

The mckeowns are police officers from a nearby town.and though they were of?

Duty...duty called anyway.

"i saw her hands go up like this, i'm like is he doing what i think he's doing?

And he's like yeah."

"there was literally no question.

We just looked at each other, is this what's going on.

Let's go."

The mckeowns pulled out their of?duty service pistols... confronted the robber?

And chased him out the a backyard about a block away?

The couple took down their suspect.

"it is my belief that if not for the heroic actions taken by these two officers, the perpetrators actions inside the business would have escalated."

The suspect justin carter is facing numerous charges including robbery.mean time the mckeowns are due for another date night... and feel confident they did the right thing.

"two against one is better than one against one."

Proving while many couples say they're partners in crime... these two are partners in solving it.

Naomi ruchim, cbs news, new york.

Court records show the suspect is currently in jail on a 5?

Thousand dollar cash bond.

Tonight in sports?

We'll have a preview of state wrestling.


John rawlings hits the hardwood tonight in kentucky.

Sports is next?

Stay with us.

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