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Monday, April 19, 2021

Remembering Robert Doerr 1 Year Later

Credit: WEVV
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Remembering Robert Doerr 1 Year Later
Remembering Robert Doerr 1 Year Later
Remembering Robert Doerr 1 Year Later

More breaking news at noon?

We are expected to learn new information on the murder of evansville firefighter robert doerr.

Investigators with evansville police will discuss the case this afternoon at fire station 1 in evansville.

44news anchor tommy mason is in studio with more.

It's been one year since evansville firefighter robert doerr was gunned down in his driveway..

Police were called to the 2?00 block of oakley street for a shooting in evansville..

Days after the funeral..

Doerr's wife?

Becky fo?


Was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice and false informing..

After police say she deleted a phone call from the night of robert's murder..

Those charges would later be dismissed in october of 2?19..

Evansville police say they have new information in the case, and they will be holding a news conference at fire station one at 2 today..

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