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Engineers say part of route 9 in choctaw county will remain closed for an extended period of time.

This all began when a severe landslide was discovered between reform and sturgis road and state route 790 last week.

That stretch of road is between ackerman and eupora.

Bobby martinez caught up with an engineer today at the landslide.

He joins us live in studio.

So bobby, what is next?

The road continues to get worse as the days go on.

And with all the rain we had, plus, some we may get in the future, engineers say it's only going to make this situation worse.

So they are doing all they can to try and fix this road as safely and as fast as they can.

"we're concerne about the traveling public and their safety."

It's something like you'll see in a movie.

A large landslide that continues to expand on state route 9 in choctaw county has had engineers on high alert since friday.

District engineer, matt dunn, says it was mandatory to shut the road down as soon as they saw what was happening.

"we started to se the cracks opening up.

And we starting seeing the horizontal displacement which means the road is sinking.

So we made that determination to close the road."

"so what we ar seeing here is both vertical and horizontal displacement of the pavement as you can see from this crack.

We have some gaps 6 to 8 inches plus its vertical displacement 4 to 5 inches.

These numbers you see here, is what we're doing is measuring a daily movement of the road to help us better get an idea on how to fix the road.

So the question now is... what is next?

"now we have ou geo technical engineers have taken sole samples and our survey party has come in done and survey the area and so now our geo technical engineers can make a determination how best fix the road."

,take vo in monitor dunn says this part of the highway can be closed for several months.

So drivers are advised to seek alternates routes until further notice.

Centred up the people who work at starkville's southwire want to help flood victims. that's why they are collecting items to send to residents in jackson.

The truck is located in the walmart supercenter parking lot just off of highway 12 in starkville.

Southwire employees are there to help load supplies on the truck.

In order to be a leader in business, you need to be a leader in the community.

We are looking for cleaning supplies, brooms, mops, buckers or anything to help with the cleanup.

Southwire employees will be on site, collecting these supplies through 6 pm on friday.

A northeast mississippi based ministry is helping residents in jackson whose homes were flooded after heavy rains.

Allie martin spent two days on the ground with teams from "eight day of hope" a volunteers help many homeowners who have lost all their possessions.

In part one of "finding hope" hear from some of those flood victims who are thankful for the help.

As trina blackmon was packing her pots, pans, a volunteer with eight days of hope was busy trying to salvage the blackmon's new garbage disposal.

"the water jus came fast, all of a sudden, just a few hours, it was up."

Trina and her husband darrell have lived in their home on cypress trail for nearly thirty years and have seen heavy rains before, but the recent record rainfall sent the nearby pearl river out of its banks and into their home.

Nats trina and her husband heed a mandatory evacuation.

When they were able to return a few days later, their home was devastated by the floodwaters.

Nats once residents could get back into their homes, teams with pontotoc county based "eight day of hope" were o scene, as part of the ministry's "rapid response initiative.

"we're here in th neighborhood, mucking out, or mudding out, we take belongings from the homes, most is going to the street, separated into piles, we remove carpet, padding, floors, take drywall, off walls, then pull all nails, clean it well, we come back and spray a chemical that will kill mold."

Standup bridge it's easy as you drive down streets in areas hit hard by flooding, see piles of debris and think of all of it as trash, but for each family , each item, like this kid's drum kit, has a special memory.

So to have eight days of hope come in and start the cleanup process is a big help.

"these are m angels and i have told everybody, these are truly angels sent from heaven and i love all of them, they come in and do what they need to do, not asking any questions and they are sending out a whole lot of prayers, we have prayed so much."

Other residents , like pastor betty johnson, say the work done by eight days of hope volunteers will leave lasting positive impacts.

"they have trul shown love of jesus like never before, they are one of only agencies you see going round and round,helping."

All work done by eight days of hope is at no cost to the homeowner.

The work builds friendships, helps homeowners save money and lets volunteers put hands and feet to their christian faith.

In jackson, allie martin, wcbi news tomorrow night in part two of "finding hope," will meet some of the volunteers who are involved in the jackson relief efforts.

Eight days of hope will be working in jackson through march seventh.

Take vo off top mississippi governor tate reeves is praising ministries such as "eight days o hope" for thei efforts to help those impacted by the flooding.

In an exclusive interview, reeves said the recent floods have displaced hundreds of people, who need help.

And while assistance is available from a variety of governmental agencies, governor reeves said he is especially thankful for groups like "eigh days of hope" which were rolling in as soon as the waters receded.

"it really is a grea time to minister, because when you think about it, when people are at their lowest point, which is often the case after a natural disaster, it becomes the best time to offer the real eternal hope, and that's the opportunity for eternal life, i'm glad to see that they're here, and that's one thing mississippians know most, is we give back and when people are in need or hurting is when we really shine through."

First lady ellee reeves is launching team up 4 clean up" campaign to help in the flood damaged areas.

First look stinger first look thursday night: partly to mostly cloudy.

An isolated sprinkle or flurry is possible.

Lows around freezing.

Light sw winds 2-5 mph.

Friday: sun & clouds.

Cool highs in the mid 50s.

A few isolated evening showers may occur.

Winds wnw 10-15 mph.

Two men accused of using a rifle to hold up a dollar general are now behind bars.

20-year-old jamarkus randle and 19-year-old brentt cunningham are both charged with armed robbery.

West point police department allege the two men robbed the dollar general on february 15th.

About 14 hundred dollars was taken during the robbery.

Randle and cunningham will have court appearances on friday.

To vo tupelo police are looking for a suspect accused of stealing industrial items from a tupelo business.

The person in this video allegedly stole the items from a building on lawndale drive.

The suspect was driving a black pickup in surveillance video.

Police say it looks like the truck has front end damage.

Anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers.

Five people including two children were taken to the hospital after a car crash the columbus's north side// it happened around 2-30 this afternoon at near 12 street and 4th avenue north.// one car slammed into the canterbury townhouses// police say two women and children were in the black suv and one man was inside the white car// all were taken to the hospital// it's unclear how serious their injuries are// wipe to vo students in pickens county get a harsh lesson on the possible consequences of irresponsible behavior behind the wheel.

This simulated car crash showed students what can happen when they are distracted while driving.

The program was called "fata decision day" an also included activities like field sobriety demonstrations and a driving course.

Organizers hope the juniors and seniors keep these lessons in mind as they get ready for prom and other celebrations this spring.

This is a program we like to participate in every chance we get.

We hope that we can deter some of the kids participating in activities such speeding, drinking and driving, texting while they're supposed to be out enjoying the festivities that come along with prom season.

The program was sponsored by the pickens county district court and juvenile probation office.

Students from four high schools participated.

Stinger some area students have a chance to make connections that could help them after graduation... we take a look when we come back..

Put your best foot forward.

That's a big take away from today's mock interviews at the lowndes county career tech center.

Almost 400 students were given the opportunity to sit down with industry partners.

The students learned how to dress and present themselves to business professionals.

Students from the columbus municipal school district and lowndes county were part of today's event.

In the aftermath of a crime police officers often find themselves pulled in 2 directions, gathering information and helping the victims..

That's why the columbus police department is putting the call out for some help..

Through a new program called "pastors o patrol" th department will be reaching out to area clergy to help work with victims, and serve as police chaplains..

There will also be opportunities for the police to help the churches with things like active shooter drills and church security.

" in a time of crisis people need spiritual comfort, those who provide the role as police officers need the spiritual comfort as well.

What we're developing here is a chaplain program.

We're asking for local ministers to come in and help minister to the needs of the community."

An informational meeting is being held at this hour..

We will have more on that on wcbi news at 10..

Stinger summary: reasonably quiet and dry weather is going to hold on through the end of the work week and the upcoming weekend.

A big storm system is expected to affect the region monday through wednesday.

Flooding rain and the chance of severe weather are back in the forecast for early next week.

Thursday night: partly to mostly cloudy.

An isolated sprinkle or flurry is possible.

Lows around freezing.

Light sw winds 2-5 mph.

Friday: sun & clouds.

Cool highs in the mid 50s.

A few isolated evening showers may occur.

Winds wnw 10-15 mph.

Friday night: variably cloudy with the chance of a few isolated showers.

Lows in the mid 30s.

Saturday: becoming mostly sunny.

Highs in the upper 50s.

Saturday night: mainly clear.

Lows in the upper 30s.

Sunday: partly cloudy and warmer.

Highs in the upper 60s.

Monday: mostly cloudy with a 50% chance of rain showers.

Milder highs around 70.

Tuesday- wednesday: rain and storms are likely.

A batch of strong to severe storms is possible tuesday night into wednesday morning.

All modes of severe weather remain possible so stay tuned for details.

Total rainfall between monday and wednesday may end up being 2?

To over 5?

And that could easily cause more flooding issues around the region.

Stay connected with @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news app weather wrap summary: reasonably quiet and dry weather is going to hold on through the end of the work week and the upcoming weekend.

A big storm system is expected to affect the region monday through wednesday.

Flooding rain and the chance of severe weather are back in the weather wrap stinger playoff action continues on for high school hoops...highlights from the quarterfinals when we come back spx tonight's match-up tonight's match-up against arkansas means more to mississippi state than just the final regular season home game the bulldogs are looking to undo the damage done sunday night after suffering an upset to alabama, 66-64 the loss to the crimson tide, knocked state down another spot in the ap top 25 poll and will most likely have some effect on seeding in the ncaa tournament however, the hope is that the loss doesn't effect how state plays tonight... msu head coach vic schaefer saying he's interested to see how his team plays after the alabama loss schaefer: "i thin the proof is in how we're going to be on thursday night.

How you respond and how you react.

We had some reaction after the game.

You hope you have people in that locker room that care and that it bothers.

You hope that your response is a real positive one and that you come back, and go to work.

So i'm anxious to see them today and see how they'll respond."

Danberry's career really coming full circle as she finishes her last regular season game at the humphrey coliseum against the team she started with arkansas... the bulldogs hosting the hogs tonight with tip- off at 8 that on the sec network if you can't make it over there and closing out the regular season on sunday with none other than the in-state rivalry against ole miss the rebels and the bulldogs face off at 1:40 pm this weekend...that game available to watch on the sec network's streaming service if you're someone who's ready to move onto baseball this weekend might be hard in terms of being able to watch either ole miss or mississippi state both the bulldogs and the rebels are playing on the road... state is headed west to face long beach state in a 3- game can watch on the website, however the games will not be broadcasted on t-v ole miss has only one game available to watch as the rebels play in the keith leclair classic in greenville north can watch the rebels play east carolina on the pirates all- access streaming service let's get to the hs basketball quarterfinals site taking on coahoma county lady panthers start with a quick run...calysia philips nice pass inside to tyana mcclenton...coah oma leads by 9 after one new site closes the gap in the second..lady royals break the press...ivy loden all alone for three...splash...c oahoma up 8 at halftime... coahoma county finishing strong in the second half..nakia cheatham off the inbounds play...nice post hook finish..

Coahoma county defeats new site 48-35 over at i-c- c....hickory flat girls taking on pine grove in the quarterfinals..

1st quarter...bella jumper dime to loren elliot in the corner..5-2 panthers 2nd quarter...panthers up 3..kenzie miller to elliot again!!!

15- 9 pine grove 4 mins left in the half...r-dantziny harris...step back 3 off the screen..15- 14 pine grove pine grove goes onto win, 56-42 knocking off hickory flat when we return...chief meteorologist keith gibson will have a last look at your forecast.

You are watching wcbi news at six.

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