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Sunday, July 25, 2021


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Good evening and thanks for joining us..

A traffic stop in louisville ends with two arrests and the seizure of drugs, thousands of dollars in cash, and guns.

51-year-old warren goss and 27-year- old aaron hughes are facing a number of charges, including several counts of trafficking a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Officers stopped the two thursday for a tint violation.

During the stop, officers found drugs in the car valued at more than 20-thousand dollars.

They seized 76 grams of alleged cocaine, more than 300 grams of marijuana, 425 hydrocodone pills, more than 800 ecstasy pills, and 6 oxycodone pills.

They also found more than 26- thousand dollars in cash and 2 guns.

Anyone with information on this case should contact the louisville police department or winston county crimestoppers.

Two inmates have died at parchman.

Officials from the mississippi department of corrections say one inmate was found thursday, the other on friday.

It is believed the two inmates died of natural causes.

M-d-o-c officials say there is no evidence of foul play.

Both inmates names are being held pending notification of the families.

The bodies are being sent to the mississippi state medical examiners office for autopsies.

A plan to attack one man backfires on the alleged suspects after an unintended target is shot in the head and back// now a father and son face criminal charges// 45-year-old donald denton senior and 23-year-old donald denton junior are both charged with aggravated assault// the shooting happened at county road 100 in nettleton// the bizarre case started just before two this morning// investigators say a man told them he was lured to county road 100 by the female victim and the two suspects// sheriff jim johnson says the victim and the denton's were planning to attack the man that they allegedly got to come over// the man told police he got to the address but didn't get out of his vehicle// in attempt to get him out, investigators say the woman got into the vehicle trying to get him to come inside// while both were inside the vehicle, the sheriffs deputies say the two suspects fired a shotgun and a rifle into the vehicle hitting the woman in the head and back// she was taken to north mississippi medical center for treatment// right now there's no word on her injuries or if she'll be facing any charges// wipe to gfx a sulligent man will spend the next 20 years behind bars after pleading guilty to drug charges// darron woods pleaded guilty to one count of possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute// woods was arrested in october of 2018 after a narcotics investigation by sulligent police.

Woods will be in the custody of the alabama department of corrections.

Volunteer firefighters spent the morning fighting fires at two separate homes in lowndes county.

The first call came in around 9:00 from nashville ferry road.

When the fire department arrived, flames were showing in the mobile home.

There were people home at the time but lowndes county fire coordinator neal austin says no was injured.

District 3 volunteers requested backup from the columbus fire department.

This investigation has been referred to the state fire marshall.

A second fire on border springs road is also a loss for homeowners according to austin.

That fire is also under investigation.

A long-time lowndes county deputy is putting down the badge.

Billy wood is retiring from the sheriff's department after 34 years.

Wood has served under five sheriffs during his career.

County officials and law enforcement from around the area celebrated with wood today at the sheriff's department.

First look stinger first look friday night: partly cloudy.

A few isolated showers are possible across far northeast mississippi and north alabama.

We're going to keep the rain chance less than 20%.

Lows in the mid to low 30s.

Saturday: mostly sunny.

Highs the 50s to low 60s.

Variable winds about 5 mph.

Saturday night: mainly clear.

Lows in the upper 30s to lower 40s.

Sunday: increasing clouds.

Some showers are possible by late afternoon and evening.

Highs top out in the upper 60s.

Breezy southerly winds between 10 and 20 mph develop.

Governor tate reeves says while the coronavirus could have some impact on the magnolia state, he doesn't believe the effects will be widespread or long term.

Reeves says state agencies and business leaders are carefully monitoring the outbreak that started in china.

Furniture manufacturers and other businesses get some parts and supplies from china and governor reeves says there may be some initial impact on shipments of goods.

However, he says he believes mississippi manufacturers have plans in place to deal with any issues the coronavirus may cause.

"just in the last two or three days, the stock markets in us have declined in value fairly significantly, and a big reason for that is not only the inability to get those in china who are producing product to do so, it's also, china is a very large percentage of the world's population, so as consumers, if they are shut down and not working and not earning wages, fear is global demand will decline as well.

Again, it's all speculation at this point and we will have to navigate our way through it , but i'm confident in the american worker and certainly the mississippi worker and in long term i think we will be just fine."

So far there have been no reported cases of coronavirus in mississippi.

All this week members of a northeast mississippi based ministry have been rolling up their sleeves to help flood victims in the jackson area.

In part two of his series "finding hope" allie martin introduces us to volunteers who come from all across the country and all walks of life.

For several days on the jackson relief trip, gale manning was busy assessing flood damage to homes and filling out paperwork.

Nats and another day, he was maneuvering a bobcat , helping clear debris from a yard.

"god has put it on my heart to go out and serve people and this is the way i want to serve people now."

Manning is retired from the us marshal's service and is a part time investigator with the union county sheriff's department.

He has been volunteering with "eight days of hope" since 2016 and enjoys helping people whose lives have been turned upside down by a natural disaster, like the recent floods in jackson.

"once you get there , you pray with them, we always pray with the family members if they are there, if not, we circle up and pray as volunteers for safety and for the family.

When you get ready to leave they got a smile on their face, they know there's light at the end of the tunnel."

Standup bridge volunteers hear about eight days of hope many different ways, some through christian radio, others through their churches and one law enforcement officer from pennsylvania heard about a group of folks coming to his town to help after a flood and he was skeptical.

"i didn't know if they were a bunch of scam artists, or no idea who they were, looked good on the internet, we spent some time with them and fell in love with the people, the organization, so now we are doing mission trips, this is our fifth trip."

And once westover retires in a year and a half, he and his wife plan to volunteer full time with eight days of hope.

Volunteers don't have to have any special abilities, just availability.

"they need somebody to talk to, it's so much, a lot of times it's all built up in them, just yesterday our homeowner came in and she had so much of it built up from the storm and she let it all out and she felt so much peace since she let is out and we praised god together with her."

Eight days of hope volunteers come from all walks of life and different parts of the country, but they all enjoy sharing their christian faith with others through word and deed.

In jackson, allie martin, wcbi news eight days of hope will work in the jackson area on flood damaged homes through march the seventh.

,take vo off top volunteers who travel with "eight days of hope" have to spend very little to make those trips, thanks to partnerships with area churches// for the jackson "rapid response" trip, volunteers are staying at the mississippi district offices and campground for the united pentecostal church international .

The facilities include bunkhouses, a dining hall, and meeting spaces.

The partnerships allow volunteers to serve without t having to spend large amounts of money.

"if they can get to the location, they have someplace to stay and they are fed, everytime it's a different situation and we've been blessed a lot of times always having some place good to stay, a good facility to feed them and a good facility for preparing the meals."

Volunteers must be 18 to serve on "rapid response " trips.

But entire families often join the larger rebuilding efforts, usually months after a natural disaster, when teams help rebuild damaged homes, free of charge.

Stinger when we come back we wrap up our look at black history month in a tasty way as we visit a few spots that feed the bodies throughout black history month we've been looking at institutions, formal and informal, in the african american community..

Tonight, we have a seat at the table to see how black- owned restaurants have been feeding bodies and souls for generations..

Our deandria turner took a trip to a few locally owned eateries to see what they're serving up.

"i cook with love" helen karriem has been cooking since she could just barely tall enough to reach the stove "i started cooking at 8 years old.

There was 11 of us and i did the cooking" that early start is what inspired her to open her own restaurant.

She opened the doors to helen's kitchen more than 30 years ago.

She says there's meaning in every meal.

"i think it shows the kind of person i am.

It shows what my mama did the same thing.

She enjoyed cooking and her food tasting good and that's the pleasure you get out of it, people enjoying the food that you cook.

You put love in it" up the road in oxford...another soul food sanctuary.

She's affectionately known as mama joe.

"it was a dream for me and my goal was to set out to do just what my dream was.

She's been serving meals and memories for more than 20 years.

"my food tells a lot of stories.

I think it reaches souls" she says her owning a business is making a way for future generations "my rights was to say hey this can be done by black people.

You can be a black owner if you put your effort into it" the effort and love that has kept restaurants like hers and ms. helen's going through the years.

Ms. helen even shared one of her homemade recipes// you can check those out on our website.

Stinger wx open summary: seasonable and sunny weather is in store for saturday.

Some showers may redevelop by late sunday with even more rain monday through wednesday.

A batch of heavy rain and strong to severe storms is still possible tuesday into summary: seasonable and sunny weather is in store for saturday.

Some showers may redevelop by late sunday with even more rain monday through wednesday.

A batch of heavy rain and strong to severe storms is still possible tuesday into wednesday.

Friday night: partly cloudy.

A few isolated showers are possible across far northeast mississippi and north alabama.

We're going to keep the rain chance less than 20%.

Lows in the mid to low 30s.

Saturday: mostly sunny.

Highs the 50s to low 60s.

Variable winds about 5 mph.

Saturday night: mainly clear.

Lows in the upper 30s to lower 40s.

Sunday: increasing clouds.

Some showers are possible by late afternoon and evening.

Highs top out in the upper 60s.

Breezy southerly winds between 10 and 20 mph develop.

Monday: mostly cloudy with areas of rain showers.

The chance of rain is 60%.

Highs look to be in the low 70s.

Tuesday- wednesday: data suggest that a big weather system will move through the region.

Model consistency is not has high as it had been but we're going to keep the potential of 2 to 5 inches of rain going in addition to the threat of strong to severe storms. we urge you to check back with us during the weekend for updates regarding impacts and more specific timing because changes will be made to the forecast.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and on the wcbi news app weather wrap stinger high school basketball quarterfinals continuing on this evening...highlight s from the early games when we come 10th ranked mississippi state picking up a much needed dominant win over arkansas, 92-83 barring anything crazy happening on sunday against a s-e-c winless ole miss team on sunday, the bulldogs will be the 2-seed in the conference tournament beginning next week which is great news for means a double-bye and plenty of time to prepare since the dawgs won't play until friday even though state is pretty much locked into that 2- seed spot...the dawgs not planning on letting up against the rebels on sunday danberry: "we're still looking to get better every game regardless of who we're playing and regardless of the seeding in the tournament.

We want to get better for march and we still have a ways to go.

I feel like we could be a different team in march."

Schaefer: " i think what last night shows is that we have some competitive kids.

I think if you didn't play you watched some who have played a lot.

Now all of a sudden they've played a lot and they've played well.

You better not sit around.

You better stay humble and stay hungry because i think there are some kids that are hungry."

Again, barring complete insanity ensuing throughe weekend this is currently what we're looking at for the s-e-c tournament next week the tournament runs from wednesday march 4th through sunday march 8th ole miss will take the 14-seed meaning the rebels will match-up to the 11-seed , which right now is missouri...that game on wednesday at 12:30 central meanwhile, m-s-u earning that coveted double- bye as a 2-seed..the match-up remains to be determined until thursday however what ever the turn out may be state will play at 5 pm central time over on the diamond, ole miss playing it's first weekend on the one of the keith leclair classic the rebels taking on high point... ole miss pulling off the friday win, 6-2... pitcher doug nikhazy with 5 strikeouts, 4 hits, 2 runs and 2 errors in his 5.2 innings on the mound next up, ole miss is set to play east carolina in day two of the weekend tournament, saturday at 3:30 pm the diamond dawgs on the road for the first time this season mississippi state playing a weekend series out west against long beach state...which means if you're looking to watch tonight's game you will have to deal with those love pacific time zones first-pitch for game one is 8 pm tonight..available to watch on the website right handle pitcher carlisle koestler is named the probably starter for the bulldogs on the hardwood...quarte rfinals action continues...ripley taking on northeast lauderdale lady tigers start out in a blaze....amelya hatch to summer kirkman in the corner for three---ripley opens the game on a 8-0 run lady trojans answer with a run....britney wells in the high post, goes right to the cup for two....6-2 run tightens the gap but the first quarter belonging to kirkman....three first quarter triple..... ripley advances to the 4a semifinals, 57-42 over at i-c- c...belmont taking on ruleville in quarterfinal action we jump to the 4th, ole miss commit jacorriah bracey...splits double team, floater....42-40 ruleville 1:30 remaining, kassi grimes assist, macie walker finish...tie 46 10 seconds, cardinals down 4.....grimes to walker for 3....50-49 ruleville chance for ot....down 3...walker missed 3 at buzzer belmont falls to ruleville 52-49...the cardinals finish the season with a 28-5 record when we return...chief meteorologist keith gibson will have a last look at your forecast.

You are watching wcbi news at six.

Take and then there was cake.

It's a birthday celebration for mississippi state university.

This is the 142nd anniversary for the university.

Students, alumni, faculty and staff were invited to the hunter henry alumni center to be part of the festivities and celebrate the accomplishments over the years.

Through our long history of service to the state of mississippi and the people of mississippi and being a resource for the citizens of the state of mississippi through our extension program.

All the great things we are trying to accomplish for our citizens, for our students and also something we can all be proud of is the impact that the university is having on the state of mississippi.

Today's birthday celebration was sponsored by the msu alumni association.

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