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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

WCBI News at Ten - February 28, 2020

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WCBI News at Ten - February 28, 2020
WCBI News at Ten - February 28, 2020
WCBI News at Ten - February 28, 2020

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Crime victims are asking for a voice// a bill pending in the state capitol proposes a constitutional amendment to strengthen crime victims' rights// mississippi currently has a crime victims' bill of rights law on the books// but a law can be changed.

So,a move is on to get it enshrined in the state constitution.

Courtney ann jackson explains.

The trauma, grief and what's next... for crime victims and their families is often complicated.

Lucinda wade robinson knows it all too well.

"our son was murdered in 2014.

He was murdered in front of our home."

But she says they were treated more like they were the criminals than the victims. "it made the grieving worse.

The things that were said, how we were made the grieving process even worse."

"like you're just treated as another number.

And like i tell people, put yourself in my shoes.

What if this happened to you and your family?

How would you feel?

Be more sensitive to the victims and listen to them."


Fred shanks says marsy's law would inject the system with a needed support for victims. "currently an offender has several constitutional rights.

A victim has none.

So, what this will do is it will even the playing field.

It will give the same amount of rights to a victim that an offender already has."

Shanks says it would provide a needed voice and provide for better notifications when the offender is being released or has a new step on the court system.

"courts around the state have a system of notifying victims but unfortunately there are victims who still fall through the cracks."

No one was ever charged for the murder of robinson's son.

So, it's not as much about notifications from her perspective as it is being afforded a voice as the victim's family.

"i just want what's right and what's due to the crime victims."

The house concurrent resolution has passed out of a house committee// but it has to be approved by two thirds of both the house and senate// if it is-you'll see it on november's ballot// first look stinger first look friday night: partly cloudy.

A few isolated showers are possible across far northeast mississippi and north alabama.

We're going to keep the rain chance less than 20%.

Lows in the mid to low 30s.

Saturday: mostly sunny.

Highs the 50s to low 60s.

Variable winds about 5 mph.

Saturday night: mainly clear.

Lows in the upper 30s to lower 40s.

Sunday: increasing clouds.

Some showers are possible by late afternoon and evening.

Highs top out in the upper 60s.

Breezy southerly winds between 10 and 20 mph develop.

The world health organization has raised the the coronavirus risk alert to ávery highá, and is questioning whether hospitals are ready to handle it// the virus is also striking financial markets// on wall street - the dow jones closed ádowná more than 350 points, finishing the week with a 35 hundred point drop - a 12 percent loss// nikki battiste has the latest from wall street// i'm nikki battiste on wall street, where the virus' attack on the markets left reeling traders in its wake this has happened fast and furious and there's way more unknowns then there are knowns.

Stocks fell for the 7th straight day....the quickest correction since pearl harbor.

Traders also blamed the lack of a consistent message from the trump administration.

The president asked for outside help to steady the market... i hope the fed gets involved.... while his chief of staff offered this solution: what i might do today to calm the markets is tell people to turn their televisions off for 24 hours.

That's little consolation for the hundreds of us businesses struggling with china shutdown -- activity at the port of los angeles -- the largest gateway for chinese imports -- has slowed dramatically.

Analysts say target and walmart could see some bare shelves by mid april if the crisis is not contained.

The travel industry will suffer as well -- losing potentially over $46 billion dollars per month -- as united airlines announced it's suspending service to major hubs in asia.

Americans are cancelling more trips while travel insurance demand jumped 60- percent.

Tag: even if the federal reserve decides to cut interest rates, which could help the markets in the short term, it won't re-open shuttered factories in china, which means the economic pain could continue.

Nb cbs news wipe to vo governor tate reeves says while the coronavirus could have some impact on the magnolia state, he doesn't believe the effects will be widespread or long term// reeves says state agencies and business leaders are carefully monitoring the outbreak that started in china// furniture manufacturers and other businesses get some parts and supplies from china and governor reeves says there may be some initial impact on shipments of goods// however, he says he believes mississippi manufacturers have plans in place to deal with any issues the coronavirus may cause// "just in the last two or three days, the stock markets in us have declined in value fairly significantly, and a big reason for that is not only the inability to get those in china who are producing product to do so, it's also, china is a very large percentage of the world's population, so as consumers, if they are shut down and not working and not earning wages, fear is global demand will decline as well.

Again, it's all speculation at this point and we will have to navigate our way through it , but i'm confident in the american worker and certainly the mississippi worker and in long term i think we will be just fine."

So far there have been no reported cases of coronavirus in mississippi.

Wipe to vo a survey this week suggests the coronavirus may affect ábeerá selection// the poll by 5 w public relations shows 38 percent of americans would ánotá buy corona ábeerá, because of coronavirus// 14 percent of current corona drinkers said they would not order the beer in a public venue, but only 4 percent of those would give up their brand altogether// the survey also says 16 percent of american beer drinkers are confused about whether corona beer is related to the coronavirus// constellation brands, owners of the corona brand, responded - saying all units supporting its beer business are seeing positive sales trends for the brand this year despite claims about the impact of the coronavirus on its business// stinger wx open summary: wx open summary: seasonable and sunny weather is in store for saturday.

Some showers may redevelop by late sunday with even more rain monday through wednesday.

A batch of heavy rain and strong to severe storms is still possible tuesday into wednesday.

Friday night: partly cloudy.

A few isolated showers are possible across far northeast mississippi and north alabama.

We're going to keep the rain chance less than 20%.

Lows in the mid to low 30s.

Saturday: mostly sunny.

Highs the 50s to low 60s.

Variable winds about 5 mph.

Saturday night: mainly clear.

Lows in the upper 30s to lower 40s.

Sunday: increasing clouds.

Some showers are possible by late afternoon and evening.

Highs top out in the upper 60s.

Breezy southerly winds between 10 and 20 mph develop.

Monday: mostly cloudy with areas of rain showers.

The chance of rain is 60%.

Highs look to be in the low 70s.

Tuesday- wednesday: data suggest that a big weather system will move through the region.

Model consistency is not has high as it had been but we're going to keep the potential of 2 to 5 inches of rain going in addition to the threat of strong to severe storms. we urge you to check back with us during the weekend for updates regarding impacts and more specific timing because changes will be made to the forecast.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and on the wcbi news app weather wrap stinger "volunteers from around the country work with 8 days of hope as the ministry helps flood victims in jackson.

We'll have some of those volunteers' some of those volunteers' stories tonight on volunteers' stories tonight on volunteers' stories tonight on wcbi news" all this week members of a northeast mississippi based ministry have been rolling up their sleeves to help flood victims in the jackson area.

In part two of his series "finding hope" allie martin introduces us to volunteers who come from all across the country and all walks of life.

For several days on the jackson relief trip, gale manning was busy assessing flood damage to homes and filling out paperwork.

Nats and another day, he was maneuvering a bobcat , helping clear debris from a yard.

"god has put it on my heart to go out and serve people and this is the way i want to serve people now."

Manning is retired from the us marshal's service and is a part time investigator with the union county sheriff's department.

He has been volunteering with "eight days of hope" since 2016 and enjoys helping people whose lives have been turned upside down by a natural disaster, like the recent floods in jackson.

"once you get there , you pray with them, we always pray with the family members if they are there, if not, we circle up and pray as volunteers for safety and for the family.

When you get ready to leave they got a smile on their face, they know there's light at the end of the tunnel."

Standup bridge volunteers hear about eight days of hope many different ways, some through christian radio, others through their churches and one law enforcement officer from pennsylvania heard about a group of folks coming to his town to help after a flood and he was skeptical.

"i didn't know if they were a bunch of scam artists, or no idea who they were, looked good on the internet, we spent some time with them and fell in love with the people, the organization, so now we are doing mission trips, this is our fifth trip."

And once westover retires in a year and a half, he and his wife plan to volunteer full time with eight days of hope.

Volunteers don't have to have any special abilities, just availability.

"they need somebody to talk to, it's so much, a lot of times it's all built up in them, just yesterday our homeowner came in and she had so much of it built up from the storm and she let it all out and she felt so much peace since she let is out and we praised god together with her."

Eight days of hope volunteers come from all walks of life and different parts of the country, but they all enjoy sharing their christian faith with others through word and deed.

In jackson, allie martin, wcbi news eight days of hope will work in the jackson area on flood damaged homes through march the seventh.

,take vo off top volunteers who travel with "eight days of hope" have to spend very little to make those trips, thanks to partnerships with area churches// for the jackson "rapid response" trip, volunteers are staying at the mississippi district offices and campground for the united pentecostal church international .

The facilities include bunkhouses, a dining hall, and meeting spaces.

The partnerships allow volunteers to serve without having to spend large amounts of money.

"if they can get to the location, they have someplace to stay and they are fed, everytime it's a different situation and we've been blessed a lot of times always having some place good to stay, a good facility to feed them and a good facility for preparing the meals."

Volunteers must be 18 to serve on "rapid response " trips.

But entire families often join the larger rebuilding efforts, usually months after a natural disaster, when teams help rebuild damaged homes, free of charge.

Stinger day two of the high school basketball quarterfinals did not dissapoint...don't miss any of the action...highlights right here, when we come back spx open the final day of high school basketball playoffs...the winners of tonight advancing on to the semifinals in jackson and in oxford to missisppi valley state..

Pontotoc taking on choctaw central pontotoc able to tie it up right before halftime....allie beckley to samya brooks in the lane....tied at 33 at the break pontotoc owns the third quarter.....beautifu l backdoor cut from amber mccoy, great pass from jadyn spears...pontotoc up 12 after 3 choctaw central goes on a serious run to start the fourth...pass inside to kyla farmer...11-0 run makes it a 3 point game but pontotoc shuts the door....beckley with the loose ball recovery....all the way to the rack for two pontotoc closes on a 10-4 run the warriors earn a spot in the semis..pontotoc gets the win over choctaw, 70-61 kossuth looking to get back to the big house, playing senatobia 1st quarter....zoe essary to faith williamson for a 3 on the wing....6-2 kossuth 4th quarter...aggies trailing...tiana abron drive and dish to tanajah salsberry...41-32 senatobia later...nariah alexander hard drive....45-36 senatobia and the lady aggies go onto lose in this one.

Final score senatobia 61 kossuth 47 bulldogs with the early lead....warriors chipping gaines midrange jumper is good....2 point game corinth scoring in a hurry...outlet pass from william crawford to kito windom...bucket plus the foul.... warriors continue to get bucket....tam patterson top of the key triple warriors led by 6 at halftime.... greenwood advances on to the semis knocking off rinth in a barnburner 46-45 noxubee countybattling it out with holly springs 1st quarter...derek fountain assist cory bell 3...10-4 holly rings tigers answer...aj little to demone cunningham...10-6 little to demone cunningham...10-6 holly springs2nd quarter, jadakiss williams he dribble, pull 3....19-1holl hesi dribble, pull up 3....19-12 holl spngs holly spris nnot be stopped or sw down..noxube unty falls 76-45 pontotocnd riey battlin a heavyweight tchup..wstart th one in th foth... tiedt 37....jesurued shrs off the defender...swing off the afty ability ghto the buet plus the ul....ripleyp waiors answer ght away..gan brker fr the parking lot...mone!!...ties the game pootoc up by 1 with less than 30to go does ripley have the answer?...when 's in asa howars has,ou bet....pullup midrange jumper is go!

Ripley leadinby 3 with 5 seconds le last chance for the hadsf rockbion...clock ticking...great look forrobinson......o go!

Ripley wins a thriller....48-45 to vance to the semi's houston fing off against rth panola.

1st arter....cedquavi ous hunter...series of moves, st back jumper....5-4 houston ouple plays ter...xaer virges steps into a 3....8-6 houston now 4th quarter....toppers rasheun mc- gregory steal and fast bre slam!

Houston 66-62 the hilltoppers fast break slam!!!

Houston 66-62 the hillppers are headed to the semis...houston gets it done 80-69 er north pana still to come..

Chief meteorologist keith gibson returns with tonights last look.

Meteorologist keith gibson returns with tonights last look.

You are watching wcbi news at ten.

A long-time lowndes county deputy is putting down the badge.

Billy wood is retiring from the sheriff's department after 34 years.

Wood has served under five sheriffs during his career.

County officials and law enforcement from around the area celebrated with wood today at the sheriff's department.

Last look stinger

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