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Thursday, September 16, 2021


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- a mississippi man convicted in- eight killings has been given - the death penalty for four of - the slayings.

- yesterday jurors agreed - - - - unanimously to sentence willie- godbolt to death on four capita- murder convictions- arising from the eight killings- in may 2017.- he is getting life sentences fo- the other four murder - convictions.- - the department of corrections i- investigating two more deaths - at the state penitentiary at- parchman.

- in a statement today, m-doc sai- the two bodies have been sent - off for autopsies to determine- the cause and - manner of death.- sunflower county coroner heathe- burton said she was - notified lastnight of one - inmate's death, and a second- death was reported this morning- both are believed to be from- natural causes, and - autorities say they haven't - found any evidence of foul- play.

- the identities of the inmates - have not been released.

- - the risk of spread and impact o- the coronavirus is- now "very high" at a global - level, according to the world - health- organization- w-h-o - .

- w-h-o today said this is the- highest level of alarm, but - containment is still possible.- just yesterday, the c-d-c - reported more than 80 thousand- confirmed cases and more than - 28-hundred deaths.- tonight officials in northern - california are- tracking more new cases of- coronavirus -- amid rising- concerns the virus may be - spreading from person to- person.

- it comes as the u.s. government- is ramping up its response.

- - - - while the white house is- projecting calm and confidence,- wall street and the world - markets reflect the growing - worries.- alice barr is in washington wit- the latest.

- - graphic - map in/out- -------:00-:11- from coast to coast, state- governments -- ramping up - preparations to battle the- coronavirus -- amid conflicting- signals from health officials - over whether it's already - spreading across the country.

- the virus is sweeping other - - - - parts of the world -- with- disneyland shutting down in - tokyo -- and olympics - officials considering scaling - down the torch relay.

- wall street in its seventh day- of a massive sell-off -- as the- trump - administration accuses its- critics of being alarmist.- sot mick mulvaney / acting whit- house - chief of staff :28-:31- "what i might do today to calm- the markets is tell people to - turn their televisions- off for 24 hours."- the new york times reporting to- health officials -- - graphic - ny times headline - :33-:37 - have been instructed not to - speak on the topic without- clearance.- president trump today insisting- the threat is low -- while- saying- he's considering new- travel restrictions into the- u-s.- sot pres.

Trump / no super- needed :44-:50- "we're looking at a couple of - countries, a few countries that- have a little bit - disproportionately high number.- today there are new questions - about what may be the first u-s- case of "community spread" -- a woman in- northern california now on a- ventilator after- contracting the disease --- without the risk factors of - travel or close contact with a- known patient.- sot dr. dean blumberg/ uc davis- infectious disease expert - 1:06-1:11 - "this is probably the tip of th- iceberg.

There's probably other- patients who are- getting this disease who are- more mildly affected."- the patient lives in the same - county as travis air force base- where hundreds of americans wer- taken for quarantine.

- a new whistleblower complaint -- obtained by the - new york times -- claims some - federal workers greeting those- evacuees -- didn't have the - right training or safety- equipment.- sot rep.

John garamendi / d-ca- 1:29-1:34 - "how else did this illness get- into the community?

Most likely- high probability, - it came from the patients"- health officials now trying to- figure out whether others - may have been exposed -- and- could be passing on the - coronavirus.- .

- - the cdc is now issuing new- testing guidelines -- and - sending test kits to public - health labs nationwide -- as- early as- next week - - now, here's meteorologist ryan- mahan, with a quick look at - - - - your weather.

- - dry tranquil weather will - prevail through the weekend wit- surface - high pressure gradually moving- - - - from the central gulf coast - region- to off the south atlantic coast- skies are expected to be- mainly- - - - clear/mostly sunny going throug- saturday before - partly cloudy - skies return sunday.

A low- - - - pressure system will be taking- shape - off the california and baja - coast sunday into - - - - it was a busy day at ingalls- shipbuilding today as the - facility hosted the u.s. navy's- principal advisor to the- president.- news 25's grant chighizola take- us to ingalls and how ingalls - - admiral micahel gilday has only- been serving as our nation's- chief of naval operations for - just over six months, but - - - - visiting ingalls shipbuilding i- pascagoula was at the top of- his list.

- the four-star admiral made his- first trip to the state's - largest - industrial employer, and flanke- by mississippi's u-s- senators roger wicker and cindy- - - - hyde-smith...he got a first-han- look at ingalls's finest in - action.

- sot- adm.

Michael gilday: chief- of naval operations - "this is a very unique part of- american industry that builds - warships right now, - they're building 13 warships fo- the navy-marine corps team that- will soon be- out there on the nations oceans- protecting america's interests.- speaking of interests, admiral- - - - gilday had the chance to check- out the ships under constructio- for the defense - of our nation, along with the - latest work spaces for- ingalls employees, including- - - - covered slab area-csa iii..


- despite all the heavy equipment- the facility offers, these- workers seemed to also spark th- admiral's interest.

- sot-adm.

Michael gilday - "not only do they exude - confidence, but they're - passionate about what they do - and they're proud about what- they do, and if you believe in- - - - the adage that atittude is- everything, you're seeing that- today."

- senator wicker believes the - continued success of- ingalls bodes well for the- coast's economy and the next- generation of workers.- - - - sot-roger wicker: senior us - senator from mississippi- "one of the great - accomplishments that we've had- is a steady growth in our - shipbuilding capacity and a goo- living, a good opportunity for- - - - young people to come in and be- part of this, to receive- training through our work - development - programs and to spend a career- here if they'd like."

- and admiral gilday says the - navy's partnership with - the shipyard will remain strong- now, and for all the years up - ingalls shipbuilding and the- u.s. coast guard are- preparing to celebrate another- milestone for a - new vessel.

- tomorrow marks the christening- of the legend-class - national security cutter- 'stone.'- the stone is named after coast- guard commander - elmer 'archie' stone, who serve- from 1910 to 1936 and was a - pioneer in the establishment of- the coast guard and navy's- aviation capabilities.- both the ship's sponsor and - commanding officer say the- vessel will play an important - role in the coast guard and for- national security.- - "these project u.s. coast guard- as well - as u.s. national interests over- the horizon.

So, these are ship- that patrol in the- western hemisphere, they're - capable of patrolling all over- - - - the world, supporting and - defending the homeland across - the seas."- "it's a great joy and a great - pride for the - united states, too."- stone is 418 feet in length, ha- a displacement of 4,500 long- tons- and is the ninth legend-class - cutter.

- it's scheduled to be officially- commissioned sometime in 2021.- - the "tripoli" will be - commissioned later this year- before docking- at it's homeport in san diego.- this amphibious assault ship wa- delivered to the u-s navy today- it's the 15th large-deck- amphibious ship built at ingall- and will be the flagship of an- amphibious ready group when it- enters the fleet.

- the ship will be used to- strategically position units- ashore across a full spectrum o- missions including- humanitarian, disaster relief,- security, anti-piracy, and- other operations while providin- air support for - group forces.

- - a full look at the forecast wit- ryan right after this short - break,- and...- we take you to the kickoff for- the jolly mccarty - memorial!

- stay with us.

- - - vo: in life, there are talkers and there are doers.

Mike bloomberg has spent his life getting things done.

Sta, creating 20,000 good paying jobs.

That's getting it done.

As mayor, he rebuilt a shaken city after 9/11, created over 450,000 jobs.

Expanded healthcare to 700,000 and raised teacher pay.

Elece he got things done.

Mike bg gun laws.

He beat big coal, closing over 300 dirty coal fired plants.

Mike is still getting things done.

So ask yourself.

For president, do you want a debater or a doer?

Someone with workable, common sense plans to fix healthcare and create jobs, who's done both.

Mike has the record and resources to beat trump.

And it will take both.

But mike will get it done.

Bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.

- dry tranquil weather will - prevail through the weekend wit- surface - high pressure gradually moving- from the central gulf - - - - coast region- to off the south atlantic coast- skies are expected to be- - - - mainly- clear/mostly sunny going throug- saturday before - - - - partly cloudy - skies return sunday.

A low- pressure system will be taking- shape - - - - off the california and baja - coast sunday into - monday and flow - - - - aloft will be transiting to - zonal then southwest- across the- - - - central gulf coast region.

A- chance of showers will- return to - - - - mainly northern/weste rn- portions of forecast area - - - - sunday night- into monday as a weak shortwave- trough passes through the - - - - lower - mississippi valley.

Temperature- will be - - - - returning to near normal- to above normal during the- period.

- - - - models have substantial timing- differences - - - - bringing southwest- storm system major shortwave- trough and- - - - associated surface- - - - low/cold front- through the central gulf coast- region tuesday- - - - night through wednesday night.- have the highest chances of - - - - showers - and thunderstorms tuesday into- wednesday.

The- - - - here on the coast, you can find- a good story even in the- littlest of places... and the - woman making it all happen is - this- week's hometown hero.

- - nats book page turning- nats elaine reading: "just a ba- day.

I wanted a bowl of sugar - crispies.

- - - - nats- elaine on cam: "but i had to- have oatmeal instead" - nats of train - elaine: "they say reading opens- up different areas of your brai- that you don't- get in any other activity."

- katherine sutton: "you go to a- different world."

- and that's just what happened - for eileen whittemore..

- eileen: "if we can get people's- brain's working, i think that's- a good thing."- she'll be the first to show you- how a good read can affect- the brain...eileen is actively- involved in numerous- activities in the community, as- well as in her church, the- nourishing place.

- nats- her latest project... - train nats- is on the right track to making- a difference in the lives of- children here on the coast.

- brenda boothe, the nourishing - place: "these children did not- own books at home.- we also found out that children- not reading at a third grade- reading level by the third- grade are more than likely goin- - - - to drop out of school."

So- eileen had the idea to create - little lending libraries...and- got the green light to move - forward.- jane stanley, nourishing place- pastor: "it's a team effort to- make sure - these kids have access to books- they want to read and can keep.- they can take a - book, they can bring it back an- get another one, or they can- keep them."

- what started out as an after- - - - school tutoring program, quickl- grew out of bounds.

- but not without a little- inspiration from eileen's late- - - - husband.- eileen: "he was interested in - kids and reading."- brenda: "when earl's birthday - came around, she asked people t- bring children's books, - and we started distributing - those."

- now children can find these - little lending libraries at 5 - - - - coastal schools, three churches- ruth's garden, and the gulf - coast railroad museum.- katherine: "it's geared towards- everybody, all the demographics- here, and what a great- place to put a free library tha- inside a free musem.

The kids - love it, they come, - - - - some of them read out here."- brenda: when earl passed away,- eileen thought about not- continuing.

But we- said no.

It means too much to - everyone in the community and t- the children."- as simple words on a page, carr- them to other destinations... - all with the hope of knowing- - - - they too can write their own- stories.- jane: "the whole idea is to hel- children enjoy learning.

It - gives them confidence.

It - makes them excited about life.- we're located in a low income - area of - gulfport on purpose.

We need to- be there as an inspiration to - families; single moms,- - - - over the years, they've - collected thousands of- books and now have 10 little- lending libraries across- gulfport- and long beach.

- - it's jolly time!- the bacot mccarty foundation- hosted their- annual jolly kickoff today.

- the jolly mccarty memorial- raises money for- multiple non-profits and- organizations throughout the- coast.- they do this with a series of - events including the largest- golfing fundraiser in jackson - county's history.

- the jolly was started at least- 16 years ago, and has raised- millions of dollars during that- time.

- - "well we try to focus on youth- and - education as our primary goal,- we do try to look at anything - that betters our local- community but obviously - education is a big thing, were- very much into helping, - maybe the boys and girls club,- we help people with special - needs, is a major - focus of what we try to do."- - - - if you would like to get- involved with the bacot mccarty- foundation you can head to thei- website, bacot mccarty dot org.- - coming up after the break,- the moss point girls basketball- team is still dancing... thanks- to the heroics of a scoring - machine... better known as roby- lee.- news 25 sports... next.

- lee.- news 25 sports... next.

- earning on that eclair.

Don't touch it!

Don't touch it yet!

Let me get the big one.

This one?


This one?


No... the big one!

They're all the same size!

With freedom unlimited, you're always earning.

Let me get them all.

I'm gonna get them all.

I can't decide.

- here on the gulf coast... we're- probably not too familiar with- the - mc-comb girls basketball- program... but moss point sure- is.

- the lady tigers beat mc-comb, i- last year's elite 8 showdown...- by- just three points... to advance- to the final four.- and what do you know... it's th- same exact elite 8 match-up,- this- year... at the coast coliseum.- tigers versus tigers, on the bi- - - - stage... moss point looking to- punch its second straight - ticket, to the final four... in- ethan - porter's first two years, as- head coach.

- but not a whole lot of action,- in the first half... robyn lee- no- good... but moss point was by - far the more aggressive team, - on the boards... jada matthews- with the runner... and- back and forth these teams woul- go.

- de-ondrea young carrying mc-- comb, in the early going... - from the land of good and - plenty... yes ma'am... tigers i- white take a 7-5 lead.- now let it be known... that - robyn lee is indeed the - truth... pretty ball movement t- get it to the alpha... and she'- able to finish... plus the- foul... just wait until i tell- you how - many points she had later.- second quarter now... and it's- right back to the same play, fo- the tigers... lee turning - biscuits into baskets, with the- bunny - bank... 13-12 moss point.

- but mc-comb not to be denied, a- the end of the half... chanel - gayden able to absorb the - contact... and one... free thro- no good, though... and so it's- 14-13 mc-comb... at the end - of a low-scoring first half.- in the third... moss point came- out playing with its hair on- fire... - look at the dish... and look at- the finish, from matthews...- another three-point play, for - the lady tigers... and they wer- just getting started.

- opening up the second half on a- 8-oh run... no passengers, in - - - - lee's car... but she's still- cruising, in the hov lane...- gimme - that... another and one... lee- had eight rebounds and four - steals... but it was all about- the scoring.- not even sure what mc-comb is - thinking trying to run a full - court press... all gas... no- brakes... and no stopping robyn- lee... this - girl is on fire... and there's - gallon of gasoline near-by.

- lee not only a point guard... - but also playing center field,- on- defense... and just like that - she's taking it back the other- way... how you want it... lee - playing out of her mind, in the- second half.- 21-14 moss point, here in the - third... and after a 31-point - masterpiece, from queen lee...- the tigers win... 43-28.- - - - - - - - - four more coast teams ready to- tip things off, tomorrow... wit- gulfport-biloxi serving as the- head-liner, at 8-30.- harrison central boys and girls- will preceed what's - sure to be an instant classic..- at 7 and 5-30... respectively.- all games to be played... at th- coliseum.

- - - - - on the gridiron... one of the - best up and coming talents, for- the - class of 20-21... is now up to- more than a half-dozen offers.- over the last 24 hours... bilox- wide receiver elijah sabbatini- has received offers from- arkansas state and louisiana- tech... in addition to his five- other collegiate offers.- those being southern miss...- south alabama... u-a-b... - nicholls- state... and mississippi gulf - coast community college.- in 20-19... sabbatini led the - indians, in receiving yards...- with more than 23 yards, per- reception.- - the end of an era, at our lady- academy... upon the retirement- of long-time volleyball coach - mike meyers.- a staple of high school - volleyball, in bay st.

Louis...- meyers steps down after 20- years, at the helm... in which- he won 20 consecutive division- titles.

- if that's not enough... how - about playing in 17 state title- games... and winning 14 state - crowns... including the - last eight in a row.- now that's what we call... goin- out on top.

- congrats coach... on a great- run.- - - - - - - - - more news after the break,- dry tranquil weather will - prevail through the weekend wit- surface - high pressure gradually moving- from the central gulf - - - - coast region- to off the south atlantic coast- skies are expected to be- - - - mainly- clear/mostly sunny going throug- saturday before - - - - partly cloudy - skies return sunday.

A low- pressure system will be taking- shape - off the california and baja - coast sunday into - monday and flow - aloft will be transiting to - zonal then southwest- across the- central gulf coast region.

A- chance of showers will- return to - mainly northern/weste rn- portions of forecast area - sunday night- into monday as a weak shortwave- trough passes through the - lower - mississippi valley.

Temperature- will be - - - - you can walk in the shoes of on- of the world's most famous- sailors and adventurers - - christopher columbus - right- here in south mississippi.- the nina, and pinta, replicas o- columbus's ships of discovery,- are docked at the biloxi- schooner pier off highway 90 in- east biloxi.- you can take a tour any time- between now and until the ships- - - - departure on monday, march 2nd.- while in port, the public is- invited to visit the ships for - walk-aboard self-guided tour, - daily, starting at 9 am, until - pm.

- - - - admission is $8.50 for adults,- $7.50 for seniors and $6.50 for- students 5 to 16.

- children 4 and under are free.- - there are 41 days until opening- day for the biloxi- shuckers and the organization i- searching for its next singers- for the national anthem.- tomorrow morning, 10-o- clock - sharp at edgewater mall - in biloxi off highway 90.

- auditions will end at noon.

- there are 70 spots to fill for- each of the shuckers 2020 - regular season home games.- those that wish to audition - should come prepared to - perform the entirety of 'the- star-spangled banner.'- performances should be less tha- 90 seconds, and individual- singers, instrumentalists and - bands are welcome to- audition.

- - - - - - well the time has come... - this is my last broadcast for - news 25.

I can't begin to name- those that have helped me - throughout my - 2-and-a-half years here on the- coast.

To our online and- production staff, it's you all- on the other- - - - side of the camera that have- made my job and life outside of- work so enjoyable over the last- two years.- to ryan and jeff, your my - brothers in television and i'll- always remember the times we've- shared here at this desk each - night.- from trying to stump ryan on- tonight in history, to- watching jeff eat a banana live- on-air, and even forgetting mor- than often to put my microphone- back on after a - coffee break.

- whatever the case, it's been an- absolute pleasure getting - to be with you, the viewers,- - - - each and every weeknight.

And - for that, i say thank you.- signing off for the final time,- with meteorologist- ryan mahan and jeff haeger on - sports, i'm tanner stewart... - goodnight, gulf coast.- - - - - [ cheers and applause ?

>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."

Tonight, join jimmy and his guests - norman reedus, hailey bieber, music guest a boogie wit da

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