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C1 3 coming up in this half hour of good morning kentucky...while the city of lexington plans to prepare for coronavirus, pharmacies are dealing with a mask shortage.

Why you should not be worried.

Plus a lexington vape shop owner says a law that's supposed to help going to end up hurting it.

L3: good morning kentucky!

White tuesday, march 3, 2020 good morning kentucky!

I'm cody adams i'm erica bivens and thanks for joining us at a-b-c 36.

Now we want to check in with alyssa andrews for a look at today's forecast.

C1 3 nashville police are reporting two c1 3 people are dead after two tornadoes touching down overnight.

Including one that hit near downtown nashville.

L3: breaking news red two dead after tornado nashville, tn here's a look at some of the damage.

The national weather service says there were winds of 45 miles per hour.

A reported gas leak in the germantown community of nashville forced an evacuation shortly after the tornado moved through the city.

Police officers there have received reports of several homes damaged and numerous injuries.

Officials will survey the damage and confirm the intensity of the tornadoes later today.

Happening today here in lexington, mayor linda gorton is scheduled to hold a coronavirus response meeting with councilmembers and community leaders.

The meeting this morning will focus on the city's preparation and response to the virus.

No cases of the virus have been reported in kentucky and health experts say the state is at a low risk...but still, people are nervous and are buying masks to try to protect themselves.

Pharmacist and owner of grassroots pharmacy, shelley roberts says people are calling to ask if masks are available.

She says she's sold out and her primary and secondary wholesalers can't get her any more.

"it's similar across the board.

Nobody can get masks and the ones that are able to maybe get some, they're at a high price."

The health department says masks offer little protection... and aren't necessary to keep you healthy.

The head of the world health organizaton now warning we're in "unchartered territory."

Overnight, georgia confirmed its first two cases of the virus.

Meanwhile, on the west coast, another person was taken by ambulance from the nursing home near seattle where the virus has turned deadly.

In new york, authorities are taking drastic steps to protect people on public transportation - sanitizing all subway stations and buses.

Kenneth moton has the latest.

L3: white coronavirus latest l3: white gov.

Andrew cuomo (d) new york l3: white coronavirus latest l3: white dr. matt mccarthy new york-presbyterian hospital l3: white coronavirus latest l3: white dr. jen ashton abc news chief health & medical editor l3: white coronavirus latest in new york city overnight - an ambitious new plan to fight the coronavirus.

Nats every night workers will scrub hundreds of subway stations..

And thousands of subway cars and buses..

Hoping to slow the spread of the virus.

Sot - gov.

Andrew cuomo / new york "people are going to test positive," new york governor andrew cuomo said.

"not just one or two, or three or five.

There will be many who test positive."

Nats - life care center ambulance in suburban seattle overnight..

An ambulance took another person from this nursing home - now dealing with a virus outbreak.

The death toll in washington state is now at least 6 - and 4 of those victims lived at that nursing facility.

Colleen mallory's 89-year-old mother - who suffers from dementia - is a resident: sot - no matte needed "you know, if she gets sick she's gonna be gone."

More than 100 cases of the virus have been confirmed in the u-s - across 13 states.

The c-d-c says nearly one million test kits could be available by the end of the week.

But a new york doctor calls the lack of testing so far?

A "national scandal" - claiming he had to plead with the health department to test people for the virus sot - dr. matt mccarthy / new york-presbyterian hospital "i'm here to tell you, right now, at one of the busiest hospitals in the country, i don't have at my fingertips.

I still have to call.

.and plead my case..

This is not good" sot - dr. jen ashton - abc news chief health & medical editor "i think it reflects the frustration of health professionals who are trying to test people for this..

But some good news right here in new york city.

Tests are now beling deployed and so hopefully that will continue rapidly across the country."

Vice president mike pence - who's leading the government response - insists the u-s is prepared for anything.

Kenneth moton, abc news, new york and while kentucky has not seen any coronavirus cases, the city of lexington now has more than 500- confirmed cases of the flu.

The health department reports 513 confirmed cases..

Which is 53-more than last week.

Four people have died in connection to the flu this season in lexington, including a baby.

Lexington police are looking for the driver of a red passenger car they say hit a woman crossing georgetown street and lima drive last night around nine.

Police say the woman appeared to have suffered a severe head injury, but was talking on her way to the hospital.

According to a witness...the driver of a red passenger car drove off... and then a second car, also hit the woman.

Police are still working to confirm a second car hit the woman.

New details during a detective's testimony in court, in the death of a woman, found shot in the chest in lexington.

As we have reported... 35-year- old crystal howard, was found shot in her home on shaftsbury road on february 20th.

The next day..

U.s. marshals arrested 21-year-old joseph gonzalez... in shelbyville..

For howard's murder.

According to the lexington herald leader..

A detective testified yesterday in court.... that howard died at her home, after getting shot during a reported drug-deal, on angliana avenue.

As the paper reports...howard's son and friend drove her home, not realizing she had been shot in the chest.

The case, according to the herald- now going to a grand jury.

And raw emotions in a scott county courtroom ..

For the family of a mother of three found murdered.

Sheena baxter's ex-boyfried joseph hicks pleaded not guilty yesterday in her murder.

Baxter disappeared on valentine's day from her sister's home.

Last week...georgetown police found baxter's body in a storage facilty near hick's home in madison county.

Baxter's sister was in court for hicks' appearance.

She says she will do everything she can to make sure there's justice for sheena.

She's fiesty.

I hear that in the back of my mind.

Christa, you know, she's coaching me, i do.

And i sit there and think about stuff, you know.

She knows i got her....and i promised her i would.

I've got her.

Court records show baxter took out protection orders against hicks during their relationship.

In eastern kentucky..

Counseling is now available at a carter county school... for students who reportedly saw another student hurt himself at school.

According to the district..

An 8th grade student used a knife to hurt himself in front of his classmates yesterday.

The student was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Administrators are investigating.

The salato wildlife education center is reopening today.

The center closed the end of november for the winter months.

L3: white salato center to reopen frankfort, ky visitors have indoor and outdoor viewing opportunities for wildlife including a bear, eagle, bobcats, deer, bison, birds of prey and more.

Educational opportunities and activities include public wildlife trainings and feedings, enrichment programs and raptor encounters.

Hours will be 9 a-m to 5 p-m tuesday through friday and 10 a-m.

To 5 p-m on saturdays.

The kentucky senate is considering a bill that would increase the tax on vaping products in the state by 25-percent to try to get kids to stop buying.

Abc 36's christy bollinger talked to a vape shop in lexington that fears the proposed tax could put some shops out of business.

Vaping "for the vape shops it's probably the end of them."

A dire prediction from the owner of botany bay... but she says thankfully her store has more than just vaping products... to save her livelihood.

"all this stuff it really hurts it has broad ripple effects."

Ginny saville is talking about the recent ban of e- cigarette flavors..

Plus the mininum age requirment to buy tobacco raised to 21..

And now, the proposed 25-percent tax increase on all vaping products.

"if you only have a 30% profit margin there's no way that a business can survive with a 25 tax."

Christy"seville says selling a product like this vaporizer here with the proposed 25% tax increase would cut her profit margin from 30% down to 6%."

Bill sponsor republican representative jerry miller hopes the tax will keep kids from vaping.

"you limit the access to these products people are gonna just smoke again, kids included."

Legislators say the proposed tax would bring in almost 50- million-dollars over the next two fiscal years.

"how are they gonna have any revenue when they have killed the sale?

They're gonna get less money from me not more.

If i have zero sales 25% of zero is zero.

The government is bad at math."

Saville expects the tax increase to pass...but hopes it will be amended to exclude vaping equipment....if it's not...she thinks it would kill the industry.

"if you're trying to keep nicotine away from people and the tax is the way to do it tax the nicotine."

"if your goal is to kill the small businesses tax everything else."

All vaping industry eyes are now on the senate.

In lexington, christy bollinger, abc 36 news.

Time is... coming up next in sports..

It's about that time to start talking brackets..

Where the latest bracketology reports have u-k ranking..and what they need to do in order to improve as they take on the tennessee volunteers tonight.

March is finally here..

And the kentucky wildcats are right c1 3 cost "call of the wild" big despite it's decent run so far at the box office..

And disney's long- awaited adventure has a new release day.

The latest look at artemis fowl in about 10 minutes in entertainment.

Fs lotto mm:jackpot amounts march 3, 2020 $65 million tonight $90 million wednesday c1 3 welcome morning so right here a home concededly a blank out the watches and warnings page at blanket homes.

That's good that you wish a little brothers office and improving areas and the still under a tornado watch is everything there in the loud man in the green nationals will included in this actually going to be advisory so highly under storm and really having rainfal rate.

We are seeing stealth advisors national area where there were two different tornadoes and later on today.

The damages assessed to see exactly what level of tornado that was the dell tornado watch is an area in the following can be in telecine time that an essential just to the south of us, are we still have some really heavy showers and thunderstorms like hd radio right now actually doing okay were touching a brief dry break we did see some showers and punishments here locally overnight and we really kept our severe weather to minimum out o the flipside, native we you have family or friends and the international area i would check on this and you can't because they're still experiencing some heavy showers and thunderstorms against that area right here where there still are tornado watches.

I also pulled up rainfall rates which this actually just now got his commitment over there at the right pace but it was 3 inches now on the rainfall rate is moving to nashville where they still on to the advisory so there's been really heavy rainfall and again under that tornado watch for a lot of people still in northern tennessee you can.

We are again using accounts, reflecting how we are catching a little in the dry break, but also some of the headlights on the vibrator you can tell there's a lot of water in the roadway.

So we're still dealing with lots of water needed changes rainfall the las 24 hours in some locations here locally in mind we analyze anyone in the roadway that is much that were actually looking pretty decent afternoon and the temperature going to the upper 60s by 2 o'clock this afternoon working looking at china really a beautiful afternoon.

The thing is, he always finds move throug it can be really strong drinks and nasty weather but after tha there's usually a lot of sunshine trying weathering and some great fresh over the last two hours is a three-hour time with c again and warned her that area was still 20 watches the heavy showers and financials to the south here at home.

We're looking at july and conditions for just a little belly and i couple hours of time with the showers and my sister ashley to the south, we start to dry up really early on in the day because right now, after 4150s great mother, afternoon once again for the showers which i think i should be the things was a ton of your preferred retractable and alumni nothing to bradley weiser made a nice job driving this morning.

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This is ws e at culver's today.

We source the finest cod and batter each filet by hand.

And always cook it to order.

That beautiful golden brown color and flaky on the inside.

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That beautiful golden brown color and flaky on the inside.

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Welcome to delicious!

C1 3 today in entertainment news: a movie that's not making enough money, a film based on a popular book series, ..

And a filmmaker who's writing a book of his own.

Here's david daniel with the hollywood minute.

Sqz bk eve:stream live on wtvq-tv, llc.

2020 "i promised you, didn't i?

And here we are."

"the call of the wild" has fared decently at the box office so far, but all that c-g-i -- including the dog -- doesn't come cheap.

According to c1 3 variety, the film from disney-owned 20th century studios cost more than 125-million dollars to produce, and it's expected to lose around 50- million.

"it's real!"

"all right.

Save my father -- save the world."

Here's your latest look at "artemis fowl," disney's long-awaited adventure based on the best-selling novels about a young irish criminal mastermind.

The movie, originally slated for last august, is now scheduled to hit theaters may 29th.

Woody allen's not having much luck getting movies released in the u-s -- how about a book?

Grand central publishing is set to release the controversial filmmaker's autobiography, titled "apropos of nothing."

Th publisher says the memoir will feature, quote, "a comprehensive account of his life, both personal and professional."

It's due in stores april seventh.

In hollywood, i'm david daniel.

Coming up in this half hour of good morning kentucky...while the city of lexington plans to

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