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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Absentee Vote Missouri (3-3-20)

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Absentee Vote Missouri (3-3-20)
Absentee Vote Missouri (3-3-20)
Absentee Vote Missouri (3-3-20)

In from today's primarys -- a reminder that missourians go to the polls next tuesday.

With several democratic candidates dropping out of the presidential race have already cast ballots might be wondering what happens to their votes?

Unfortunately, election officials say votes can not be changed, even those of absentee voters who chose a candidate that's no longer running.

(sot "the machines are also going to pick up that candidate's name as a vote, it's just technically not when it comes down the long run because he's already dropped out kind of a risk of that we have about people who vote it's six weeks out so a lot of things can change between six weeks and election day just like we're seeing with these candidates dropping out."

) for those who would like to vote early -- the county clerk's office at the buchanan county courthouse will be open saturday from 8 a-m till noon for people to cast a ballot.

However, if you go, you have to provide a reason why you're voting early.


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