Sneak Peek: Bright Star

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Sneak Peek: Bright Star

Sneak Peek: Bright Star

The latest show from Harrison High School is not only full of talented creatives, but also a musical full of romance, nostalgia, and the crazy coincidences that life brings our way.


If you've been in the tr?

State for more than a minute, then you know that when i say, "high school musical", i'm not talking about something you have to suffer through because you know someone on the cast...i'm talking about a production that will definitely blow you away, suspend your disbelief and bring you the catharsis that theatre promises.

The latest show from harrison high school is not only full of talented creatives, but also a musical full of romance, nostalgia, and the crazy coincidences that life brings our way.

Gretchin: women have many chapters in their lives, and alice murphy's book is no different.

Her story begins in the mountains of north carolina...alic e is a wild thing?

Barefoot and carefree until she falls in love with the mayor's son.

Jimmy is the small town's idealistic hear?throb, straight from a teen magazine, and the two?

Even though they're young?

Share a passion that they are sure will survive.

Unfortunatel y, when alice discovers that she is carrying jimmy's baby, his father steps in, and the child disappears before the young family can even get its start.

It is more than 20 years later, and alice is living her best life as an editor, the blue ridge mountains of north carolina, jimmy and the baby far behind her...when she meets a promising young writer.

His name?


When alice finds out that they are from the same small town, and then discovers something that she believes points to the fact that he is her long, lost infan?

Will she be reunited with her vanished infant son?

Or will her feelings, and memories, from the past be wasted time and emotion?

Written by steve martin and edie brickell, "bright star" was inspired by their gramm?

Winning collaboratio n on the 2?13 bluegrass album "love has come for you" and was nominated for the 2?17 grammy award for best musical theater album.

This gentl?

Spirited musical tells a sentimental story...that boasts simple but seductive melodies, and lyrics that have a sweet, homespun quality.

Unapologetic ally nostalgic?

And, yes, the plot is implausibly romantic and hinged on coincidence?

However, "bright star" is also downright wonderful?

A mult?

Chambered sweetheart of an original, sure to delight audience members.

"bright star" opens tonight at harrison high school, and will run through saturday with matiée and evening show.

Tickets are just eight dollars for students and ten dollars for adults.

Make sure that you tell them that you saw their sneak peek here, and let me know what you

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