Family of Filipino toddler with facial tumour appeal for medical help
Family of Filipino toddler with facial tumour appeal for medical help

A toddler is suffering from a mystery illness that has caused a giant tumour shaped like an elephant's trunk to grow from his nose.

Jaylord Oclarit from Bogo, four, started suffering from the growth between his eyes and above the bridge of his nose two years ago.

Parents Josephine, 39, and Ronnie, 42, took him to the local doctor in Pagadian City in the south of the Philippines but they were unable to help.

Medics advised the penniless family to travel to the capital Manila, a 29-hour ferry ride from their home.

The parents, both farmworkers, scraped together the money and spent a year living the sprawling capital in 2019 while the toddler received steroid treatment.

They were hoping that Jaylord could finally have surgery to remove the growth this year but doctors at the Philippines Children Medical Center fear that he is too weak.

Josephine and Ronnie have now both returned to their rural home with their son, the youngest of four brothers and sisters, while they try to strengthen him for surgery.

Josephine said: "We were advised by the health workers here that it is better to receive treatment in Manila because the facilities are better.

''But even after a year, my son is still unwell.

We will keep following their instructions and pray that he can be cured.'' The youngster's growth is not cancerous but doctors are concerned that if it is left unchecked, it could affect other organs.

Jaylord is now taking health supplements for his heart and lungs so he can finally remove the tumour from his face.

If he is physicality strong enough over the coming months, medics hope to operate on him and removed the growth.

But Josephine said that they don't know how long they can sustain his son's medical needs with their own finances and help from neighbours.

The mother said: "We still cannot have the surgery because the doctors said that his lungs and heart are still weak.

"Our neighbours have been very kind so far, but sometimes he misses taking his medicine because our budget is not enough.

''We can feed him well, but without the supplements and medicine he will never be strong enough to have the operation.'' The footage was captured on March 12.