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Monday, June 5, 2023

Rochester Farmers Market open during pandemic

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Rochester Farmers Market open during pandemic
Rochester Farmers Market open during pandemic

Organizers added extra precautions and a new buying option for customers amid the coronavirus outbreak.

To three hundred dollars./// with grocery stores still open during this pandemic á so is the rochester farmers market.

Kimt news three's madelyne watkins explains the new changes they're adding to make sure both the vendors and the customers are staying safe and "it's crucial that all these vendors are here and it's impressive that all these vendors are here."

The rochesters farmers market has these hand washing stations set up all throughout the building.

And they ask that if you're not feeling well, you tell them and a staff member will actually come in and do the shopping for you.

As soon as you walk through the door, you're asked to wash your hands before shopping around.

There's hand sanitizer and gloves on hand for anyone to use if you do decide to come to the farmers market.

"keep space away from everybody else, you know, six feet is kinda what we're asking everybody to do.

Besides that just be thoughtful for the people that are around you and just make sure that you're here to get what you need, get it and then go back home again because that's what we've been asked to do."

But if you don't want to leave your home á you still have a chance to support the local vendors at the market.

"we actually have an online ordering system that is closed on wednesday but will reáopen again tomorrow.

They can go online and many of our vendors have their stuff directly online."

There's a pická up system right outside the building where customers don't even have to get out of their vehicle.

(nat "good morning.

What's your name?") selling produce at the market is the livelihood for local farmers dean and jayne bredlau.

"not only support the community and keep the economy more stable while we're all trying to figure the rest of this out.

But it's just crucial that everybody support the small business and that we be here for them.

We're credible and we're here for our communities."

As for the extra precautions on their end, dean says it's not too out of the norm for them.

"you know the glove wearing, the hand washing, to be very safe.

And to provide a very safe and healthy product for our local communities.

So this is nothing new for us and for the local farmers here."

The rochester farmers market will be open as long as it can providing a little bit of normalcy for everyone involved.

In rochester.

Madelyne watkins kimt news 3.

The rochester farmers market will be making accommodatio ns as things continue to change.

You can stay up to date with their market hours on their website or facebook page.

We'll have a link to those on our website

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