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Midmorning With Aundrea - March 25, 2020 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - March 25, 2020 (Part 1)
Midmorning With Aundrea - March 25, 2020 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 2) Mississippi State University has converted entirely into online classes.

We talk to instructors on this new mode of teaching.

And we talk MSU basketball guard Tyson Carter and his father Greg, another SEC champion.

And on today's "Mom to Mom", we learn how to teach your kids the value of gratitude.

>> inquiring minds want to al all classes at mississippi state are now being taught online.

Students and faculty have been preparing for the big change.

University leaders say it's the best option as they deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

Our quentin smith speaks with instructors about this new method of teaching.

Lights, camera, action..

Nat this is one of the many ways professors at mississippi state will now conduct their lectures... they'll be recorded and posted online... chris misun is a broadcast instructor at msu and is used to having face to face interactions with students...kind of like this.

He admits, having to switch online is a unique situation for the broadcasting department.

"working i broadcasting, i know how important it is for us to do hands-on projects with the students and i gave them that instruction, and for the students to lose out on that is very challenging for us."

But it's a challenge they're taking head on... " there's been a lo of researching on my end for trying to come up with projects that the students can do at home now.

We've had a lot of group projects coming up for the rest of the semester and so now it's finding ways to turn those into individual projects that are still challenging for the students, and giving them the tools that they need to move onto the next portion of their degree."

Misun says he's taking advantage of resources on campus and..

He's even having to get creative... one innovative tool he's having students use for projects... is their cell phones.

"essentially the could do all of their projects from their mobile phone because you can edit on your phone, and you can then export it out to google drive from your phone, or microsoft one drive, and then you can upload your project that way.."

While this transition is new to some departments, others are accustomed to being online.

The center for distance education has over 50 programs online.

Due to their expertise, they've held two dozen training sessions this week to ensure students and faculty have all of the tools they need to be successful..

" mississippi stat have done a phenomenal job in thinking about so many aspects of what is need.

Do all of our students have internet access that they are going to need, or the technologies that they are going to need, are they going to have the textbooks.

We work to get the textbooks so they can have those online, and just really trying to think of everything so all of our students have the opportunity to be successful."

Opportunity to be successful."


With things now being switched online..

Mitchell memorial library will still be available to students... faculty..

And staff... students are not allowed to work in groups..

The library will be open from 9 am until 3 pm... all children in elementary, middle and high school are now in home school.

That means working on assignments from teachers and following a new routine at home.

Just before spring break ended, 3rd grade teacher amanda eble connected with some of her students over zoom.

Zoom is a way to video conference.

Mrs. eble and these students just needed to check in on each other.

If you need some help getting going with your home classroom, here are a few thoughts.

The mississippi department of if if you need some help getting going if you need some help getting going with your home classroom, here are a few thoughts.

The mississippi department of education has links at this website - www dot mdek 12 dot org slash learning at home.

This breaks activities into appropriate grades.

You can also check with your child's teacher.

He or she will have information and guidelines for you to help make your child successful.

And, common sense dot org has lists and links of sites you can visit with your child.

These are divided by subject and interest area.

Parade magazine has a list of 28 free educational apps on their website as well.

Steve hartman will be live this week on facebook with a kindness class everday at 1:00.

Mississippi state guard tyson carter learned the love of the game straight from another basketball bulldog...his very own dad raised by former all-sec player greg carter...not only did carter learn to love the game, he learned to live for it wcbi sports' chris bolton sat down with the father- son duo to talk about that special basketball bond.

"..i don't think h wants to play me .."

Just be optional but i just came into the new that want to be a bob with mr. state sociology enough to will be a ballboy who always go shoot i know one game he made 452 points in a row hold criteria for a noah template must be state but not with: the ones who get their plans on pet the masseuse they use in his office steps was limited for you to automate that accomplishment when he saw ms. reset the best point guard i really did not close he was to this season started i was eagerly anticipate the right up to full fresh i have once tested the spread that he is you i think so just growing up in a long i was in the always want to be that always wanted to be up in the gym he was three years old scope from the daycare for teachers you know the daycare into one school and it to bring it to the gym i tell the kids and let the gym drop them off to open it to have a small bus going for yourself that my office at the bottom of all he was to bring the goods to grandpa he was sure it would drill sleep wake up, down the court which should play just as ... have you played the other monopolies that left her"..i don't think h wants to play me .."

When we come back, a dream come true for book lovers in the nation's capital.

The story we keep hearing the phrase - essential workers.

And you automatically think about our doctors and nurses, the emts who respond to ambulance calls, the police, deputies and firefighters.

But there are so many more.

Grocery workers and those at drug stores and gas stations are vital to keeping us going right now.

And, then there are the people who move the supply chain.

Truck drivers are responsible for moving the goods and products that we all need.

But its not easy on the road, especially now that so many restaurants are closed.

One fire department in little rock considered that when they thought about how they could help the most as vanessa paige explains.

"this big parkin lot is one of the reasons the quail creek fire department says this is the perfect place to help truck drivers."

"it seems th truckers are having a very hard time to eat as the days come."

Fire chief james church shared a facebook post saturday, letting the community know they'll be providing a hot meal for truckers at no cost.

That post now has over 4,500 shares.

"i asked the guys i we wanted to go buy some stuff and start cookin' for 'em and we did so."

The department says it's been on the hearts to help truckers as they haul necessities across the country.

"we got told b one that there was a subway and that they did have there's open but they no longer are.

That's just what we heard from them on the phone."

When they heard some truck stops are no longer able to serve food, they knew exactly how they could help.

"places like texa roadhouse and other places are giving them food, but they're saying they don't have a place to park.

We have a large parking lot with a side road that's pretty large.

We have a industrial area around there that has 18- wheeler traffic quite often."

Their main focus is truck drivers, but they say they won't turn anyone away who's in need of food.

Their station is on 145th street in little rock.

"we're not tryin to make a name out of this, we're not trying to get donations, we're not trying to do anything but help people in need during a time of need."

If you'd like to help out with their efforts you can contact chief church on facebook.

We have that information for you at thv11 dot com.

In little rock, i'm vanessa paige thv11 news.

"this big parkin lot is one of the reasons the quail creek fire department says this is the perfect place to help truck drivers."

In this time of uncertaiuncertainty, it's always good to look around and find things to be grateful for.

Today on mom to mom, a fun game for the kids that'll have them full of gratitude.

Take a look.

If you're anything like me, you've probably noticed your kids being ungrateful from time to time.

I mean you offer them something nice and then they come at you and try to upsell you on things.

Well today on mom to mom, we have the perfect thing to help out with that.

Speaker 1: the gratitude scavenger hunt is a perfect way to get your kids active and moving around the home, all while searching for those things that they are grateful for.

I found this on natural beach living.

Basically the idea is you print off this really cool chart and it gives you all kinds of things for your kids to do.

Now you can do it each day that their home or you can do the whole list in one day and maybe just have a conversation about some of the things that they picked up.

Some of the things that you will find on this list for your kids to do; find something outside that you enjoy looking at.

Find something that is your favorite color.

Another one is discover something new, so they can walk all around the house and find something new that they haven't necessarily noticed before.

Another one is find something you are grateful for.

Speaker 1: there's just a lot of really awesome things on this list.

Things that your kids can appreciate a lot more around the home.

If you're finding yourself a little aggravated and upset with the kiddos, this is the perfect exercise for you to do around the house.

Get them active, get them moving and get that conversation started about how to be more thankful for the things that they have.

And as always, moms, we'd love to hear your ideas on how you teach your kids to be grateful.

You can always share them with us on our facebook page and we'll see you on the next mom to mom.

Americans are finding themselves with plenty of time for solitary activities, like reading.

Well one bookstore in washington d-c is staying open, offering readers unique access to its shelves, while still being mindful of social distancing.

Christina ruffini has the story.

From the sidewalk outside, capital hill books looks like most of the shops on the this street - closed.

Ruffini: so what's up the stairs?

Kyle: on the second level, we have all of our fiction and poetry but if customers make an online appointment, and use the mandatory gloves and hand sanitizer, the door will open& and they can have all three floors and thousand of volumes & to themselves.

Ruffini: so they can own the bookstore for an hour?

Kb: something like that// we set up a one hour time block for them to come in and kinda browse the books.

áá' kyle burke says he and his co-owners were looking for a way to support their five full-time employees during the coronavirus lockdown.

The first day private sessions posted, all of them booked out.

Kb: our sales are definitely off what they would be but it was just enough to keep us viable and we can hopefully continue like that.

Like many washingtonians, alex stark and andrew lieber, have been stuck in their small, shared apartment.

They say they jumped at chance to safely go shopping, and browse the cluttered, chaotic stacks& books can be a really incredible learning experience but also a great way to escape and travel around the world and learn new things.

And that's especially nice when you don't have that much stimulation or access to the outside world.

And with current events reading more like some of the shop's dystopian fiction.



Employees also are even offering a curated, quarantine collection.

Including: kyle: chairman mao's four-minute physical fitness plan.

// ruffini: have you done chairman mao's four minute physical fitness plan?

Kyle: i can't say that i have.

I'm not a maoist.

Ruffini: are you recommending people do this exercise while in quarantine?

Kyle: hey, whatever gets you thought eh quarantine, you should go for.

If communist calisthenics aren't your thing& poetry seems to be a crowd favorite.

As are crime novels.

Walter mosley is a wonderful detective fiction author.

Most of his novels are set in los angeles.

And he created this character easy rawlins, who is one of the all time great detectives in all of fiction.

Finally, if you're looking for a tale of someone who successfully survived social distancing& ruffini: the count of monte cristo!

Kyle: //great for isolation, because the main character, edmond dantes, is in the chateau d'if for six years by himself.

Ruffini: this was one of those books i was supposed to read in high school and didn't.

Kyle: well this is a great time to read it.

//and you might want to check the last line// 756 ruffini: "my dear replied valentine, has not the count just told us that all human wisdom is contained in the words- kyle: "wait an hope.

" ruffini: that's pretty apt.

At the end of their hour, alex and andrew made an eclectic selection and headed back home.

With a backpack full of distractions& to keep their minds occupied.

I worry, but i also feel pretty confident that folks are kind of coming together and // just kind of supporting each other.

It seems like a really difficult time, but we'll get through it.

With a few good books to help pass the time in isolation... all that's left to do is wait and hope.

Christina ruffini, cbs news, washington.

When we come back, sisters on the move.

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