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Midmorning With Aundrea - March 25, 2020 (Part 2)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - March 25, 2020 (Part 2)
Midmorning With Aundrea - March 25, 2020 (Part 2)

(Part 2 of 2) We meet identical twins who are living the American dream by getting two identical homes side by side.

And though we are living through uncertain times, it has also inspired acts of kindness and generosity.

Home ownership is the american dream.

For two identical twins, that dream has become a reality.

Wcbi's allie martin introduces us to the identical twins, who are proud owners of identical homes, and they are also next door neighbors.

Split screen twins going into front doors of their homes when laqeisha and lakeisha bowden started house hunting nats the identical twins were looking for one house, but there was a problem "we have lots o clothes, that was the issue, so we had to get two houses" 3;1 the 26 year old twins not only dress alike, they drive matching cars, both work as traveling nurses, and now they are neighbors.

Each home has an identical floorplan.

"four bedrooms two baths,one bedroom is a grand closet" " it will be for majority of all our clothes, we have a separate closet for shoes, we use that, shoes,purses, accessories, jewelry, handbags, probably fill itup by the end of the year, more than likely" standup bridge the only difference between the two homes is the exterior.

The realtor encouraged the twins to look to the future for resale value.

"told them i'm no going to let you do that, will build inside like that, but outside, we gotta make it different, part of issue is girls made similar decisions and picked out clothes together, shopped together, lived together for 26 years."

And although they each have their own space, the bowden twins will still spend a lot of time together.

10 22 i will be there, when she cooks i will come there, if she needs sugar i have sugar, we're connected at the hip.

" "i will be at he house all the time" 4;14 "i make a mea chicken spaghetti " and now that the twins have officially christened both of their homes , nats there;s more shopping in their future "we started buyin furniture, refrigerators, everything, two of everything, will be alike" the identical twins hope to be moved into their identical homes by may.

"we will have a bi housewarming party, times two."

In tupelo, allie martin, wcbi news the twins are planning on getting their master's and doctorate degrees.

Now that they are homeowners, their mom and dad are empty nesters.

They have lots of shopping ahead of them as they pick out furniture and appliances.

Sometime we just need a smile to get us through the day.

We'll share one pe people around the world are doing what they can to maintain some sense of normalcy amid closures, lock-downs and quarantines due to the coronavirus.

At a personalcare home in the u-k, the residents are playing a life-sized version of the popular children's board game 'hungry hungry hippos.'

They're using plastic playpen balls and makeshift hippo mouths made from plastic baskets attached to broomstick handles.

They've been on lockdown since march 12th, and that means no visits from loved ones.

The general manager says residents are also filling their day with activities like cooking, quizzes, craft sessions and exercise classes.

The residents and staff are well and there is no current coronavirus- related illness in the home.

Off top those in a town in georgia are trying to instill calm.


A local artist in dunwoody created a mural outside spruill gallery that says everything will be ok.

It's become the unofficial city motto.

A local business owner printed it on yard signs and put them up around town.

Some also shared the message on social media.

'the gallery is now selling items with the phrase written on them to help raise money for local artists in need because of the virus.

Here's no doubt -- these are uncertain times.

They are also inspiring acts of kindness and generosity -- just when we need them most.

Vladimir duthiers has one such story.

Nat @ 7:19 hello hello!

Dressed in concert clothes... and aided by mom rebecca... siblings calliope and taran tien are here to perform for their self-quarantined neighbor... 2...3...4... 78 year-old helena schlam haven't been out of the house, except for the yard for, the last five days helena lives alone, and says she got a call from rebecca asking if she need groceries.

When helena said she was fine, rebecca thought of a different offer helena really loves music, so i asked if the kids could come to the porch she knows i love music and i really like her kids, they're terrific so helena joined the kids outside -- practicing responsible social distancing, of course.

We love playing the cello for other people // then we thought about how she was stuck in her house so we thought it was a good idea and might make her happy if you let helena tell it, "happy would be an understatement well i was just thrilled!

I sort of feel like a little kid!

It was delightful bravo!

Not only was helena moved by the children's music, she also said it was reassuring that rebecca checked in on her in the first place.

That's an important reminder for all us that small gestures can make a big impact.

And how important it is us to look out for our things that and more on the next midmorning.

Hi, everyone.

Here's what we're working on for the

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