Free 2 Fly face masks

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Free 2 Fly face masks
Project Free 2 Fly is teaching sewing skills and now they are making face masks.

A cleveland non-profit is sharing their gift of sewing with the world.

Group members are making face masks for those in need daily.

News 12's taylor bishop tells us how the company is delivering masks all over the country.

"we've really been taking one day at a time and accesing just the world that we live in right now, and what that means for our non- profit and the women we serve and the business side that supports the women in our non-profit" project free 2 fly works with rehabilitation groups in cleveland to help women make the move from recovery to sustainable life.

Now they are answers the call and using their abilites to make face masks to help fight covid-19.

"we really wanted if we did this that we really wanted to be, we wanted to know that it was needed we didn't want to be producing these items if they weren't going to be needed" free 2 fly hires women and teaches them sewing skills they need to make products to be sold in-store and online.

Now with the spread of covid-19 they have decided to put down their fabric and help their community and those less fortunate.

<"it brings it into perspective like okay this is what we are suppose to be doing and we have even shipped to new york and kentucky.

We ship our products already all over the country so we already have supporters so to now that it's not just a local needs.

Yes we are meeting need locally but even just nationally is that need" since this tuesday when free 2 fly decided to start making face masks they have already filled up to four hundred orders.

"we have close to four hundred orders so realize this is a need an we are working as fast as we can" free 2 fly is currently collecting orders for their fabric face masks.

Although masks are free they are asking for donations towards their efforts.

"i had a elderly lady call yesterday and her husband has brain cancer and they need it.

So when you hear the need of those in our community it really brings it into perspective and your like this is what we are supposed to be doing" in cleveland, taylor bishop news 12 now.

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