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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


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Mississippi is seeing more cases of coronavirus, but we are also seeing more resources.

Ummc has a new testing program that they plan to expand in the coming days and weeks.

This comes right on the heels of yesterday's announcement that the state is moving to a more aggressive plan of action.

As courtney ann jackson explains, ummc will now lift some of the burden on the state's existing resources.

The university of mississippi medical center is sharing good news in a time when everyone is talking about resources constraints.

"several weeks ago, we challenged our research scientists in the department of microbiology and pathology to develop a test that we can use here in house to test for the coronavirus."

The team has been successful in accepting that challenge.

And here's how they were able to get the clearance.

"a few weeks ago when it became evident nationally that there was going to be a limited number of tests and a major barrier at really tracking this disease, the fda granted a waiver to academic medical centers to develop their own in-house testing."

"what usually takes 4 months or so, we've done in about two weeks with everyone on board."

Ummc students are helping with the assembly of the nasal swabs and testing kits.

At first, these tests are being prioritized for patients in ummc icu, other ummc patients and employees.

"but as we ramp up the number of tests we do in the next few weeks, we will definitely be helping to service the state."

Initially, they will be able to process 180 tests per day.

"we're continually producing more of the test collection kits which requires not only the swabs but the viral media necessary to do that and acquire ongoing re-agents necessary to ramp up those tests."

Caj wcbi news if ummc can get the other two testing platforms up and running soon they could increase that processing capacity from 180- 700 per day.

Area residents are expressing mixed feelings about how the state government is handling businesses and public gatherings..

After a bit of controversy over the executive order from governor tate reeves, yesterday the governor tried to clarify matters.

Local governments had already issued strict guidelines before the executive order.

The governor defined essential businesses and added that dine in was okay as long as businesses followed cdc guidelines.

Still, people are divided on whether or not the governor is doing the best thing..

"as long as he's listening to president trump he's doing right."

Butted to "some would like to see more action taken.

"we just need a lot help.

"do you think we'll the state's order doesn't mean cities that have already placed guidelines have to change them, they just can't be álessá restrictive than what the state's mandating.

The governor made clear in both briefings this week that if companies can let people work from home they should do so.

First look stinger first look summary: summer- like weather carries over into the start of the weekend.

A cold front will spark a line of gusty showers and storms saturday evening/night.

Wind and hail appear to be the main threats if storms happen to become severe.

Sunday looks good but another batch of rain and storms take vo in monitor thousands of people impacted by the sudden economic downturn are getting help from two local ministries.

Eight days of hope and the american family association are delivering meals as part of the outreach called "feed tupelo."

Anyone needing lunch or dinner can make their request online, and volunteers will deliver the meals to the person's home.

Volunteers make the lunches and dinners at the pontotoc county headquarters of eight days of hope.

In the first few days, more than four thousand people have been fed.

"feed tupelo" will continue throughout next week.

The meals are delivered without any human contact, to practice "social distancing" guidelines recommended by the cdc.

For two of the volunteers helping with "feed tupelo" this has been an especially busy and eventful week.

As allie martin reports, a woman from mississippi and a man from new york state tied the knot, after an interesting courtship that began on a mission trip.

Nats of wedding i hope?

Their story begins in the mission field.

Bruce and lisa macqueen have served with the 8 days of hope ministry for several years on many different trips.

Nats---of them working together?

But it wasn't until last fall , during a mission project in texas, when things started getting serious.

"bruce asked if he could stay in touch with me, and like any of my eight days of hope family, , i gave him my phone number and the day after we left beaumont, i got a scripture and a prayer.

Have been getting a scripture and prayer from bruce everyday, since then."

Bruce and lisa maintained their long distance relationship , learning about all they had in common and believing their relationship was a special blessing.

Finally, bruce was in austin working with eight days of hope, when he reached out to lisa, who was at her home in mississippi.

"the lord led me to ask her online to marry me," "in other words he texted me" "yes, texted."

"the first one was, marry me lisa, and i said, ok" since bruce and lisa met each other through eight days of hope, they wanted to get married at ministry headquarters.

On tuesday, they exchanged vows in the ministry's lobby, with a few friends looking on.

Nats serving making lunches and when the macqueens found out the ministry was delivering meals to needy people in the tupelo area, they joined in the effort.

"for our wedding gift, from god, we get to serve, so we're right here today."

The macqueens believe their story is part of a god sized plan they never could have envisioned.

"bruce was saying, just a year ago, if i'd known, i wouldn't have believed it, if god had said this is where you're going to be, i wouldn't have believed it, we're kind of seeing the rest of our lives like that, we're making plans and waiting for god to change them for us."

After the feed tupelo outreach, bruce and lisa may take a trip to florida, if their plans aren't changed by another service opportunity.

In pontotoc county, allie martin, wcbi news stinger summary: summer- like weather carries over into the start of the weekend.

A cold front will spark a line of gusty showers and storms saturday evening/night.

Wind and hail appear to be the main threats if storms happen to become severe.

Sunday looks good but another batch of rain and storms is possible late monday through tuesday.

Friday night: partly cloudy during the evening with low clouds filling back in late.

Lows in the mid 60s.

Winds s 5-10 mph.

Saturday: mostly cloudy to start with a mix of sun and clouds developing during the day.

Southerly breezes between 10 and 20 mph will push high temperatures well into mid to upper 80s.

A few more record highs may occur.

Saturday evening/night: a line of gusty storms is expected to move across the area with a cold front.

Damaging wind gusts and hail still look to be the main threats if severe weather occurs.

Rainfall amounts will vary but most spots will likely have under 1" of moisture so no flooding concerns are expected at this time.

Lows will be in the upper 50s to around 60 by sunrise sunday.

Sunday: mostly sunny to partly cloudy.

It'll be a pleasant day with highs in the 70s.

Monday: becoming mostly cloudy with showers developing during the afternoon and evening.

Highs in the upper 60s to around 70.

Tuesday: rain and storms. highs in the 70s.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and on the wcbi news app stinger the old saying goes á a little kindness goes a long wayá when we come back we find out there's some truth to that..

Schools across the country are closed.

That means kids are home and that has a lot of parents taking on new roles as teachers.

That includes cbs's steve hartman.

Nat it wasn't exactly the most polished production.

This week, with the help of my god-given teaching assistants, i taught an online class in kindness - frfrom my office.

Nat "let's look at our syllabus."

But despite the low budget - we had high turnout.

Tens of thousands of kids from across the country tuned in.

Std-up / one thing we talked about was heroism - and how heroes today are wearing all different kinds of uniforms. their assignment for the week was to pick one of these new heroes - and thank them - in any way they could.

Nat some kids went straight to the phone to thank the pharmacists and the fire chiefs and the nurses tending to grandparents in memory care.

Nat others used sidewalk chalk to thank their mail carriers, fedex and ups drivers.

While other kids - of all ages, i might add - broke out markers and crayons to write thank you notes to the people they now look up to most.

Bite tyler "i was thinking, well, who should i give it to?

- because there are so many heroes that are here today.

And i decided on the truck driver."

9-year-old tyler carr taped his note to a loading dock at a kroger in arlington, texas.

It read, in part, "i appreciate that you are still going out and driving your truck because all of us are sitting on our butts watching tv and eating cheetos."

Bailey kilman of cooper city, florida chose to thank her sanitation worker.

She wrote, "you help so many people so their garbage doesn't pile up and smell bad."

Then, using good social distancing, she handed her note to remy felizor.

Bite remy "oh, man, she made my day.

I was emotional."

Remy says he's not used to people thanking him for his service.

Bite remy "i can't even think about that moment.

Steve: really?

Remy: yes, sir."

It was all a-plus work.

Which is why ámyá thank you goes to all the students who graduated kindness 101.

Bite tyler "steve: because, you know, there are better things on tv.

You're being kind by not saying anything.

You learned your lesson .

Tyler: yes, i guess i did."

Steve hartman, at home, in catskill, ny stinger there's not much happening in the wide world of sports right now, and we've been missing tom and the gang..

We catch up when we even though high school athletics are on hold for now, the starkville- oktibbeha consolidated school district has found a new leader for its athletic department.

Greg owen is now the athletics director for the district.

He brings 24 years of experience to the table most recently working for the columbia school district.

Owen says he brings a plan to the table on how the district can continue pushing forward.

Sot "first of all, its the relationship building.

I think that's huge.

The understanding that it is more than just a game.

How can we develop young boys and young girls into men and women?

That's a huge deal.

If we're doing those things and our relationships are right then the outcomes are going to take care of themselves.

Also, i have a deep passion for the mental part of the game.

That's one thing i really want to bring in that i'm looking forward to.

We have some things in place that we're looking at going forward."

Owen starts july 1st.

The coronavirus has put a halt to practically all sports, but our sports crew is taking a little time to catch up..

And start a new podcast..

And you don't have to go searching for it online..

Tonight - we have episode 1 available right here.

Take boxed out we are staying inside and needs trying times what he miss about and enormous and will play in lying in an after working alive caring for postseason returning home from work is caused by small just forget about is all i miss life is staying no march madness, no nba on thursday.

I just prepare myself for march madness in baseball right afterwards and we know to.

I'm sad about baseball to were stuck inside for honestly appointing reason and i can't watch basketball all day and then switch over and do something else.

One of the most relaxing sources and uses skills by watching their when i was little i wasn't allowed to use the family television because when i was little.

During march.

All you all what is all basketball here will and will guacamole until i you know you hate to see you with your favorite moment will buy one basketball game live in person.

Oh yeah, saying and saying raise the those are kind of tied in different ways.

Oxford and oak grove state championship chris i'm so sorry that was the most probably in high school game.

However, this is the first one i ever covered and experienced in an and trying to for us.

Let me run in seattle mean and episode one and

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