Briggs leaves a legacy

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Briggs leaves a legacy

Briggs leaves a legacy

The coronavirus ended his college basketball career abruptly, but his accomplishments will never fade.


Ended many college basketball careers abruptly as the n-c-double-a cancelled all athletic activity... but for one chico state wildcat -- his accomplishments will never fade.

Sports reporter brandon benitez joins us live with more... christina, i'm just outside acker gym where many memories and legacies have been made -- especially for one wildcat basketball player... the culture of our entire athletic program that we've built so far is just trusting the process of our athletic program, trusting what they're telling you, things like that.

That's what i did.

I just trusted what people were telling, trusting what guidleines i wa supposed to follow and they're not going to steer you in the wrong direction some sound advice from fifth year senior justin briggs.

While the coronavirus denied briggs from making a march madness run in his final college basketball season -- he's still happy at all they've accomplished.

This year we had our best regular season performance that we've had in a few decades.

It does suck that this is going on in the world but i know everyone is going through the same thing so it's not like it's just us, it's the entire world.

Briggs earned the c-c-double-a defensive player of the year -- but that's not all... he's the wildcats all-time leader in blocks, and was named to the division two all- west district team by the national association of basketball coaches.

A solid way to cap off his college legacy... being known for me to be a part of those teams that's how you get remembered because people remember those teams in general and they remember those specific players who played on those teams... while college is coming to a close -- the same can't be said for basketball... basketball is for sure going to be in the future so just figure out where i'm going, things like that.

Me and my coach have been talking to teams and different agents things like that.

It's kind of difficult making a decision right now... but when the time comes-- he'll be ready to hammer down his competition whether he plays professionally stateside or internationally... i just feel like it'll be a good experience it'll be fun in general to go somewhere else and experience a completely different setting and culture, that's what i'm really excited about... justin also told me the relationships he's built with coaches and former players is another reason why his time as a wildcat has been special... live in chico, brandon benitez, action news now coverage you can count on... thanks brandon.

Justin leaves chico state on a high note.

The wildcats won 100 games to just 44 losses during his time as a wildcat...

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