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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Many times our advertisers are promoting their businesses but during this global pandemic they are promoting something much bigger than their product.

Of harm's way.

Intro centered when you watch commercials on wcbi, many times our advertisers are promoting their businesses... but during this global pandemic, they're promoting something much bigger than their products... they're spreading messages of hope and unity to help everyone get through these trying times... our quentin smith joins us live in columbus with more on this story..... aundrea.... i'm here outside of the bill russell ford car dealership in columbus... ironically, i'm not out here to talk about cars..

But instead about how the owner's words of encouragement are shinning as a bright light during dark times..

When bill russell has a message he wants to spread... he knows how to reach his audience.... nat russell often makes commercials about vehicles he's selling... but in a recent spot... he switched up his approach... nat this time he's bringing attention to the coronavirus..

Which continues to plague the country... rusell says he wants people to be safe and protect themselves.... but to also not be fearful of living their everyday lives... "i've got 65 employees and i've got to provide for them and their families and our customers.

We've got to stay here.

We've got to be smart about doing it, but we're not going to panic, we're just going to try to be smart."

Russell's isn't the only uplifting commercial you see.... room to room furniture is also spreading messages of hope... nat lisa hawkins owns the furniture store and in her video, she's challenging others to open their bible and read psalm 91 to help them get through this challenging time..

"i'm a person of faith, so it helped me and i was hoping to help other people of faith.

People deal with things in different ways, but it was just a life application that i could apply to myself to help myself, and i was hoping it would help other people too."

Although the two business owners are well known for their sales pitches and great deals... they say..

They don't mind using their platform to serve as an inspiration to their communities... "we are alive, we are healthy.

America has gone through many different things, many different viruses, many different illnesses, many different economic situations, and we are all still standing.

We will be standing after this and i just want to be an encouragement right now through these difficult times that we have."

"i'm not innovative, i'm not doing anything that nobody doesn't know, it's just you have to be willing to say it, and i'm willing to say it."

Tag both businesses say they're taking and practicing all precautionary measures to keep everyone safe.... along with following federal guidelines given by the cdc... reporting live in columbus.... quentin smith..

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