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Friday, December 8, 2023

Lung transplant recipient takes extra precautions against coronavirus

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Lung transplant recipient takes extra precautions against coronavirus
Lung transplant recipient takes extra precautions against coronavirus

A North Carolina woman recovering from recent lung transplant surgery shares concerns about the coronavirus and personal safety

In california we are entering our second week of the governor's "stay at home" guidelines.

In north carolina people went intothat mode monday*tonigh*, under orders from the governor.

I spoke with one woman in that state... who didn't wait for that order... she has been under self- quarantine for weeks - because her life... depends on it.

### ((pkg)) "if someone comes to my home, i talk to them through the door..."

For bonita green - taking chances - is not an option.

She underwent a double -lung transplant january 7th - after battling a type of lung disease for several years.

Her journey - extremely personal for me - we've been close friends for more than twenty years.

"how critical is it for you at this point that you stay healthy?

It's extremely critical.

It's a matter of life or death for me.

So even when i just walk outside and not around people, i don't want to breathe in - your lungs are the only organ in your body that are not protected from the outside world, if you breathe something in, it can get lodged and cause an infection."

Long before health representatives began urging all of us to 'social distance', and before north carolina's governor made the decision calling for people to 'stay at home"... green - was already doing so.

And... stocked with hand sanitizer, wipes, face masks and other personal protective equipment... "i have been self isolating from the beginning of march, and i only leave my home for clinic appointments or groceries and that's it."

But even those trips, says green, cause angst.

She is being careful.

But says she worries about those around her who help with medical appointments.

"so then i'm thinking about who can tame me, where have they been, who have they been around... so that's my concern" and her message to those who flaunt social distancing guidelines?

"it's everyone's concern, because although you may be young - you could carry it, you could pick up a bug without knowing it and transmit to someone who is in a high risk category or a weak immune system - everyone is player in this game, so it's best to assume everyone has it - and stay home.

" green says one of her biggest fears is not so much for herself..

But, for seniors - she fears could succumb to the virus..

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