League honors 'something to be proud of' as Utica City FC remains positive during hiatus

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League honors 'something to be proud of' as Utica City FC remains positive during hiatus
Utica City FC had the most players honored across All-MASL awards by one team.

Represented for major arena soccer league awards up to this point - appearing on every level of all- masl teams. between the all- masl first - second - third teams and honorable mentions - as well as - the all- rookie team and honorable mentions - u-c-f-c lead the league with seven players recognized.

Yesterday - leading scorer cristhian segura was named to the first team as one of the top players in the league this year.

Today i caught up with head coach ryan hall to get his thoughts on the recognition the team has received.

Ryan hall: just a tremendous credit to them they really bought into what we were trying to accomplish here in utica.

In terms of the first second and third teams you are only allowed six to fenders total and three are from utica so that is a real tremendous honor for the guys.

It's a credit to the guys for their hard work and determination to grind it out.

It's a hard sell to tell people to come live in upstate new york where are you are buried in snow for eight months out of the year as opposed to some of these tropical locations but these guys they buy and they love it.

I think counterpoint to that is our fans are second to none in the league so guys come in play here and they love the support they get and it shows.

So all these nominations are a true credit for all their hard work and dedication and something to really be proud of.

Hall said that while the remainder of the regular season has been canceled - the league is still looking at possibilities of holding playoffs potentially in july or even the fall before the next season would begin.

City was 14-6 before the regular season was halted last month.

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