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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Chattanooga Symphony & Opera Exec.Director discusses how the CSO is dealing with Covid-19

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Chattanooga Symphony & Opera Exec.Director discusses how the CSO is dealing with Covid-19
Chattanooga Symphony & Opera Exec.Director discusses how the CSO is dealing with Covid-19

Chattanooga Symphony & Opera Exec.Director discusses how the CSO is dealing with Covid-19

It's just obviously the cold at night virus is a all of us in ways we probably haven't even thought of yet.

It's affected one big group that is a crown jewel here in the scenic city and that is the chattanooga symphony and all association.

Samantha teeters here she is the executive director of the cso and she is joining us.

Samantha morning morning in a nutshell, tell me how this coronavirus is affected.

Those of you at the symphony ... about a month ago you can believe that was really the tim that we got word that emily was setting down with arctic can't link concert at that time, we only cancel about three years now but obviously then we had to cancel our tires even that run through nancy on our musician and most of them are professional musicians and thei likely that the living and all of their work and you know, of course, it then then just you know eliminated so obviously trying to keep our music and on healthy and and and some you know financial kind of company nation.

We have been able to pa the percent of the cancel concert so we wanted to make sure that the silver sleep number numeration on further that canceled work and ... yeah i like a lot of.

Unlike a lot of other folks.

Not only is this.

There job.

Their profession but they also have a lot of love devoted to the cso and i'm so very sorry to see them in this situation.

So what are you going to do above and beyond the 50% to help these very talented ladies and gentlemen out ... right well obviously were not able to gather and and perform at the point we are hoping to do that in the summer when leaking of economic and get back to more of a normal life until then we can get off at emory there semi- greatly versus the locally and nationally for artist and musician.

We can share them that hopefully can open up makes it difficult for every aspect of symphony life personal performing any and everything i between ... exactly you know a lot of peopl right now and they're going online what their gravitating toward people that are continuing to make and go after the music and live music and lives right now.

I know enough to just detrimental to people you know, well-being and obviously nothing in music is really difficult right now on the national stage referred a lot of solo actually doing concerts from their individual living room.

I would imagine that's not very easily done with the symphony or even a small part of not particularly.

We do have the musician or recording videos or if you share with school and talking about there in talking about their career in music and laying even at the heat were still trying to make available to the units were going from home and so that's really where we put our focus now, right those and i know there are a lot of symphonies orders in our audience.

If folk will step up to the plate and help out whether it's in a financial matter or otherwise, how can they get in touch with you ... well that is working from home and people connect and online.

They can also write that we are living exceeds corrections are available online for everything online that i can is it possible for the folks to buy a membership to the symphony coming up for the next season a little bit early ... absolutely.

Subscriptions are o sale now that the chattanooga .or we have our math work.

Very hot.

The chamber.

We have a lot of different product available and can purchase them right now.

, please let us know how we can continue to help you on, let's chat in the weeks to come as it pertains to the chattanooga symphony and opera association.

Again you could find out more of check out their website help them out