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Thursday, June 17, 2021

nurse new york

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nurse new york
nurse new york
nurse new york

New tonight at si?

We continue to support the many health care workers risking their lives during this pandemic.

This includes one local woman who is using her knowledge to help save other?

Where covi?19 is hitting the hardest.

Megan diventi reports.

As the numbers of confirmed cases spike across the countr?

Many of us are watching the pandemic unfold from the safety of our homes.

Evansville native melanie fuller was among those hearing about the invisible enem?

And for fulle?a nurs?a switch went off.

"i just kind of wanted to be at ground zero so to speak and see what was really happening here and get in there and help."

That was earlier this mont?now melanie is in queen?new yor?

Working 7 days a week at a community hospita?in a covi?19 intensive care unit.

"things are still hard here.

Getting here in the middle of the peak was rough and a little bit of a culture shock.

It's not like anything ive every experienced before" fuller cares for some of the sickest patient?

Under demanding condition?

Megan: "why do this?"

"i think for me, i'm young and i don't have any kind of medical history..and i feel i've worked in critical care for about 5 years and i wanted to be able to offer the services where i could and help where i can.:" to get her through the long day?

Melanie says one thing gives her hop?

"even though we have seen a lot of deaths and we are still seeing a lot of deaths we are having people recover which is promising.

But as patients are being discharged that have been recovering now, they are playing here comes the sun over the intercom to alert staff to come into the lobby so we can applaud them."

There will always be some who run towards disaste?

When everyone else is fleeing.

But for this nurse who flew across the countr?

Its her heroism that's ultimately saving lives.

Megan" what would be your message for people here back at home?"

"continue to follow the guidlines and take care of each other, do as much self care as you can and we will return to our normalcy and whatever sense of that there is at some point hopefully in the near future."

"melanie tells me that she'll be working into the month of ma?

After that she'll be returning back home.



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