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Sunday, July 25, 2021

MIdmorning With Aundrea - May 14, 2020 (Part 1)

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MIdmorning With Aundrea - May 14, 2020 (Part 1)
MIdmorning With Aundrea - May 14, 2020 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 2) Essential items like disinfectant wipes and sprays have yet to return fully to stores after the onset of the coronavirus.

We'll take a look at the international supply chain driving the shortage.

And despite whatever other charges can be leveled at the pandemic lockdown, for the environment it has brought about a pre-industrial tranquility.

We travel to the canal city of Venice to see the pristine waters and the sea creatures who are coming back in droves.

And we learn how containers and plant beds can be bright spots for your vegetation in today's "Gardening With Eric Lampkin."

Have a great thursday.we weeks into the coronavirus pandemic and still - some household essentials like disinfectant wipes haven't been replenished on store shelves.

The reason?

What started with hoarding is now an international supply issue.

Naomi ruchim explains when we could get these items back.

When the coronavirus outbreak reached american shores - consumers quickly snagged any cleaning products they could find.

And months later - shelves with cleaning sprays, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer are still bare.

"so the issue i what happened in the beginning, right at the start of the corona virus outbreak, the panic buying."

But supply chain expert and syracuse university professor patrick penfield says that was only the first problem.

What happened next was a series of international supply chain hiccups& starting with a full stop on shipments of critical ingredients from china.

We're very dependent on supplies from china, especially from a shipment standpoint.

So we had no ships coming from the ports."

While big brands have ramped up production& professor penfield doesn't expect u-s stores will have these products fully stocked until álate summer.á while these are mostly sold out..

Some people are taking matters into their own hands& making their own wipes and cleaning products at home.

"we'll tak household bleach and mix it with the water."

Youtube is chock- full of recipes and demonstrations for "d-i-y" cleani supplies.

"and the pull ou the wipes."

And in portland, oregon& mom, craftswoman and now business- owner ariel russell- is making reuseable disinfectant wipes and selling them on etsy.

She's already sold out three times.

"you just pluc one out disinfect and then it goes through the wash and, um, wash and reuse them, stick them back in."

Business has grown so much she's hired four seamstresses... and she's expecting more orders... with availability at stores still slim.

Naomi ruchim, cbs news.

Experts are concerned that when these products do make it back on store shelves later this year, it will be just in time for flu season.

That timing could lead to more shortages.

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered a new wave of necessary innovation around the world.

When british hospitals struggled to receive shipments of equipment, a local university stepped in with a high flying solution.

Gwen baumgardner reports from london.

This drone is on the frontlines of britain's battle with covid-19.

''i like to think of it as a sort of land rover of the sky.'' developed at the university of southampton, this unmanned aircraft is more than a cool gadget.

It's filling a need in southern england... delivering urgent supplies to hospitals on the isle of wight, where travel has been reduced during the pandemic.

''a really cheap platform such as this can reliably deliver things and can fly at night, can fly in fog, can fly in poor weather.'' the drone can carry more than 200 pounds of medical equipment each flight, making faster deliveries than a ferry and cheaper drop-offs than a plane.

The absence of a pilot helps limit unnecessary human contact for hospitals treating coronavirus patients.

For now, the drone delivers personal protective equipment, but engineers believe it could soon transport more time-critical supplies, such as blood or organ donations.

''we can provide a quicker, time- sensitive cargo and allow it to get to the isle of wight within 10 minutes, easily."

While it's still in a trial phase, he says the sky's the limit for this supersized drone.

Gwen baumgardner cbs news, london.

The drone makes at least four flights each day to deliver supplies.

The british government has approved additional funding for drone technology, saying there is an 'urgent need'.

Italy was europe's áfirstá epicenter for the corona- virus outbreak, but now it's starting to reopen.

Venice, one of the world's most famous cities, has ásufferedá without its usual tourists, but it has enjoyed an unintended benefit.

Chris livesay traveled to the ácity of waterá to see how nature is suddenly flourishing.

Good morning.

As hard as the lockdown has been for all of us, no one can deny a silver ling: staying at home has been largely good for the environment.

Here in venice, the ban on travel has returned the city to its pre- industrial tranquility.

Venice, perhaps more than any other city under lockdown, has gone from one extreme& the other.

The rialto bridge...the grand canal... even st mark's square, deserted.

Streets and canals usually awash with tourists&now so still, nature is filling the void, says ecologist marco sigovini.

Sigovini: look there, a duck.

Livesay: oh my gosh, there it is, under the ropes.

Nearby, an octopus beneath a dock.

Schools of fish and underwater life.

And jellyfish, like the one we spotted.

Hardly any boats to scare them away, or to churn up cloudy sediment.

The transformation so dramatic, the european space agency snapped these satellite images, taken one year apart.

Conspicuously absent: cruise ships.

Last year more than 600 passed through& ...their titanic size splashing corrosive wake on these fragile foundations, says environmental scientist jane da mosto.

Livesay: these steps look like they're about to fall in the water.

Da mosto: they probably are about to fall in the water.

Once last year, the damage was not so gradual.

Four people were injured when this cruise liner slammed into a venetian dock.

Natpop: screaming but today... jane da mosto: - it's more like a lake.

And i just imagine that all the buildings in venice are kind of singing to each other.

They must be so relieved to not be bashed around.

Without the ships' billowing exhaust, her team has also measured a marked improvement in air quality.

Though not without a cost.

Livesay: empty streets, empty canals, but also empty pockets.

Without tourists, covid 19 has left this economy gasping for air.

This fishmonger says he'll go bankrupt selling to venetians alone -- there's only 50,000 of them, compared to 30 million tourists who used to come every year.

Something you can see clearly at night, when the few lights on are of the few people who live here.

The many homes with lights off: of the many tourists now gone.

The mayor is desperate for them to come back.

"we're not dying o coronavirus," h tells business leaders at this demonstration.

"we're dying o hunger."

Livesaytag: and it's striking that delicate balance between the ecology and the economy that's going to determine the future of venice.

For now, there's a tension between public health and public wealth, here, and around the world.

Chris livesay, cbs news, venice.

Chris livesay, cbs news, venice when we come back, some teens use technology to make lasting memories.

Mid morning will be right meant no spring sports, no graduation ceremonies and áno prom,á at least in the traditional sense.

As part of the cbs series on the "ne normal," mar strassmann shows us how students are ástillá finding a way to experience this teenage rite of passage.

Hannah lucas: 09:19:20 prom was supposed to be a night from-- away from all of your worries, with your friends, where you just get to dress up and look pretty and feel pretty hannah lucas deserved her big night.

When her high school cancelled its prom, she created one of her own&a virtual prom& "welcome to ou 20 we are well prom!

Wooo" with help from her brother charlie, they found sponsors and discovered lots of teens wanted to walk down a virtual red carpet.

"it's charlie!

Hannah lucas: 09:02:40 it started off as a joke, // hannah lucas: 09:02:43 and then-- over spring break when we had the time to start planning it out, we were, like, "we should do it!"

Mark strassman: 09:10:09 why is it called "we ar well" hannah lucas: 09:10:12 we are well is a declaration.

// we want to declare that, "we are th class of 2020.

And we are well."

"think of this a the oscars but better" around 500 students across the country streamed the event on instagram live.



Some friends went together not in a limo, but on zoom.

They dressed up... "maxwell jenkins you might know him from lost in space" met some celebrities& and showed off killer dance moves with music by dj jazzy jeff.

"2020, come on let' go, go" prom is really an important milestone in every teen's life.

// 2:33 and a lot of teens are really disappointed and heartbroken that their proms have been canceled or postponed.

Kristin koch is the executive director at seventeen magazine.

She says teens ááshouldáá make sure to celebrate.

The sad reality is we really don't know when it's going to be safe to have a prom in person.

// and there's no rule that says you can't have two proms/ / every teen deserves to still have that prom, still have that memory.

Memories with a twist on tradition... from virtual celebrity proms like this one hosted by john krasinski....with an all star cast of guests... to tik tok challenges... to proms with family at home..

In wisconsin, celia trexell's family threw her the prom of her dreams..celebrat ed with a parade of cars... and a special dance with her dad.

// this is better than prom was last year, because being able to spend so much quality time with my family is so special to me "it's a reall special moment for me that i will forever hold near and dear to my heart and just cherish forever."

"health, wellness togetherness" back in georgia, the lucas siblings are also mental health advocates.

They created an app called notok.

It alerts trusted contacts of your location when you feel not okay.

Hannah had the idea after she attempted suicide when she was 15.

Mark strassman: 09:08:13 // you believe that there's a mental health component to not having a prom?

Hannah lucas: 09:08:19 definitely.

I think it's more than just not having a prom.

Whole pandemic has made people feel really helpless and really out of control.

And //just being able to come together for one last hurrah in whatever way they can-- is a really powerful thing, // mark strassman: 09:10:41 // how has this experience helped you?

Hannah lucas: 09:10:50 //to take back that little piece of senior year, it's made me feel strong again and it's made me realize that even if the world throws certain circumstances at me-- it's what you do in spite of those circumstances that create you.

// charlie lucas: 09:12:35 i did it just to see her get better.

// seeing her suffer like that from so long, it's awesome for me to get to see her do better.

Hannah lucas: 09:12:52 oh!

You love me!

Mark strassmann: that was really sweet.

No seriously, that was really sweet.

Hannah lucas: 09:13:13 i'll keep him.

In a virtual prom they found something real: generation z has spunk and style.

We we are headed back to the garden this morning with our evening producer eric lampkin.

In today's episode, a look at how containers can make the best garden spots.

Take a look.

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