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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Midmorning With Aundrea - May 18, 2020 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning With Aundrea - May 18, 2020 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning With Aundrea - May 18, 2020 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

(Part 1 of 2.

Originally aired May 5, 2020) Despite the coronavirus pandemic, cancer treatment facilities have not shut down and are continuing to work with patients.

We'll see how they are getting by in a drastically altered environment.

And "CBS This Morning" co-host Anthony Mason joins Aundrea via Zoom to talk about what it's like to anchor from his home.

And for you book-lovers, we have a new segment devoted to book recommendations.

Join us for "As the Page Turns With BJ Hyman"!

Time even many doctors' offices across the country have shut down during the coronavirus outbreak, but treatment for cancer patients has not stopped, despite the risk.

Wendy gillette reports on how facilities are handling the pandemic.

Track 1: 54 year old christine dare makes a nearly weekly visit to the lindenberg cancer center in marlton, new jersey&.for treatment of hodgkins lymphoma and an immune system disorder.

But these days, there's another level of anxiety.

Sot: wendy: "ho concerned are you that you're going to get the coronavirus?"

: "very concerned.

Don't want to be around other people because i really don't want to catch it because i know most likely i'll end up in the hospital and that's a very scary thought in my book."

Track 2: dare wears an n95 mask when she goes out.

Nats doc putting on ppe track 3: at the cancer center, doctor noah lindenberg and all other staff wear full personal protective equipment.

Other precautions include: limiting visitors, sanitizing rooms after each patient, and minimizing in person appointments.

Standup: "the america cancer society estimates almost 5,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed every day in the us this this year- and cancer cases do not slow down because of a pandemic."

Sot: "for many of thes patients, they really need to get their treatments, and that's been my commitment."

Track 4: dare's concerns extend to her home.

Nats: "this ha become my bedroom.

And my husband sleeps on the couch!"

Track 5: her husband jim is a bus foreman, an essential worker who helps people get to their jobs&.

Bringing the threat of the virus into their house.

Sot: "we can't touch we can't hug, we can't sleep in the same bed.

You know, in the kitchen i do my thing, he does his thing.

And, you know, we have to be a lot more careful."

Track 6: despite the challenges, dare says she feels supported.

Sot: "the bigges things are my family and my faith."

Track 7: and last week she got the news from her doctor she had been hoping for- she's in remission.

Wendy gillette, cbs news, new york.

It's been more than a decade since levon brooks and kennendy brewer were cleared of the capital murder and sexual battery charges being brought against them.

The wrongful convictions have gained national attention and are being highlighted in a new netflix documentary called the innocence files.

Levon brooks was accused of breaking into a noxubee county home in september of 1990... and murdering a three year old girl.

A few years later, brewer found himself being accused of a similar crime.

In may of 1992, the then 21 year old... was accused of murdering his girl friend's three year old daughter.

Brooks spent 16 years in prison... while brewer served 13 years on death row... in 2008 charges were dropped against both men after another man... justin johnson.... confessed to committing both crimes..

Both men were exonerated in 2008..

The netflix documentary was released earlier this month... our quentin smith speaks exclusively with brewer about the new series... and has more on what he wants people to take away from his story... on this bright sunny day....kennedy brewer takes a look into the local paper and sees he's making headlines..

It's all due to a new netflix series called the innocence files... nat the show highlights his wrongful conviction and the fight to clear his name.

" i'm glad tha everybody knows the truth.

People have been calling me talking about, i seen the documentary, i was crying."

Nat the documentary is an in-depth look at the crime and trial that sent brewer to death row... and ultimately his exoneration.

" people do lie o people, just like they lied on me, but a lot of people that i was friends with that knew me, they knew that i didn't do anything like that."

The innocence project reached out to brewer to be a part of the series, and he happily jumped on board... they spent 8 months in noxubee county with the 49 year old telling his story.

The brooksville man says he didn't mind opening up because he wants every one to know his truth.

" i shared i because besides me, there are a lot more people locked up they haven't committed a crime, they are just accused of something and people are putting it out there that they did this stuff, when they really haven't."

Brewer says he wants the series to bring attention to the flaws in the justice system..

And prevent other innocent people from going through what he went through.

Nat " when stuf happens they quickly accuse a person of their stuff, they put their points on them like they did me, but you've got to really dig down and try to find the truth and not just jump to conclusions."

Co coming up tomorrow... we'll hear from the people who helped make the netflix documentary about the importance of putting a series like this together.

When we return, cbs this morning co-host anthony mason talks about the city, job and the world is beginning to re- open.

But for many of us the world expands when we can enjoy a good book.

We've asked local author and enthusiastic steven pace >> my partner l and how to work 91 he stole a fortunately sold in college that he helped me every morning i failed to you to me everyday and tries to move to studio now for each of my ready for this 30 minutes goes ahead he turned to mason this yes morning news anchor is very confusing for everybody she's literally in the next room first second and third agencies completely up to her life she's making here is and having conversations my son is back in his room he's in class is like this three-man circus we have a home and i get i get away from the walks everyday i really also, shocked every morning i want to talk about moving there in a time like this summer talk a couple weeks ago her she sees how important it is time to time life is to make the conflict the first of just not as fancy as it you just try and make sense of what is going on on south of downtown 6 i realized i was just for so little land right now and the flash interview last week this so important i'll do whatever he doing so wasn't doing this this is the purpose that through a process of the art but we have to survive how does that translate the world i think we've all gone through this process of patients constantly trying to adjust to the transition to home as they last met the rest of the community center that my life is a little understated and has been suspended at a time is now does it look like it was a sound like it's it's like a city that is a medically induced coma for the reasons photographs is held just a all of the world is that stopped a fascinating staff & concentric type in the same time it's like if the entire city to yourself if that would happen so very different feeling's the world, everyone comes out in our) to provide healthcare workers that it is going on and off after the ceiling like this again is just pictures yes not all this is over this of the just the great memory book that makes you sad makes you happy makes you great for lots of things down for i think one of the things that i my son conscious of the fact has special letters is asked to do so for primary and interview let's also on the 11th same way again that shade were stay safe on the list in think you think here the world is beginning to re- open.

But for many of us the world expands when we can enjoy a good book.

We've asked local or and enthusiastic reader bj hyman for some recommendations.

She has some great titles for us.

This week we begin our newest segment "as th page turns with bj hyman."

Pkg hey, this is bj hyman and we're going to be talking about books.

And so for my first time that i thought i'd talk to you about a kind of book that a lot of my book club friends and things like that, that i talk to regularly are reaching for in this unsure time that we're all having to live in.

So the first one that i'm going to mention is called the girl with all the gifts and it's by m.r.


It's set 20 years after a mutated virus has taken over humanity and has turned them into zombies, but children that have been born after the mutation seem to be able to retain their humanity.

The main child that's in the story, she starts to understand the danger she is to an especially important person to her, the teacher that she loves the most, like a mother figure to her.

My second recommendation is called station eleven and it's by emily st.

John mendel.

It follows a nomadic troupe of actors and musicians that go from town to town with something that's called the traveling symphony.

They're headed to a former airport that is now known as the museum of civilization.

Now this place is a place that holds things like cell phones and cameras and computers because there are no cars, nothing is left.

One of the things that i love about this particular book is the fact that instead of just holding on to humanity and making sure that human life continues, they also wanted to give beauty something that we would maintain and hold on to.

That without beauty, what is the purpose of just living from day to day without something beautiful to look forward to?

The next one i want to talk to you about is actually a series called the scattered and the dead and it's actually by two friends of mine, l.t.

Vargus and tim mcbain.

It's a zombie apocalypse series unlike anything else i've ever read.

It's less about the fighting and the attacks and everything else and more about the survival aspects of it.

It's a very interesting, very introspective series.

This last book that i want to talk to you about is the road by cormac mccarthy.

Before you tackle this book though, i do want to give a little bit of a warning that it is a very, very difficult book, emotionally.

It's about a man and his son and they are traveling because where they are right now, they know that they couldn't survive through the winter.

It's beautifully written and won a pulitzer prize, it is an incredible book, but also a very difficult book.

So that is my list for this time.

You can find my books, bjhyman@amazon.c om you can find day zero series and also sleep tight.

Until next time, happy reading.

Here's to the seniors.

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