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Many churches are preparing for a return to in person services this sunday, but one tupelo pastor has been holding services in his church for nearly a month.

Pastor kevin armstrong leads "the king's dome worship center."

Like many churches, he switched from the sanctuary to social media back in march..

But shortly after easter, armstrong re-opened king's dome's doors, observing social distancing, and frequent cleaning and sanitizing inside the building.

He is glad many churches are getting back to in person services, but he has concerns over state and national lockdowns that shuttered churches.

"lowe's never closed, home depot never closed, wal mart never closed, but the church closed, planned parenthood never closed, but the church did and people say, you are supposed to follow the laws of the land, there are no laws of the land that forbid the church from coming together and assembling, the constitution forbids it."

Pastor armstrong is also encouraging his congregation to lead active and healthy lifestyles, and use vitamins and supplements to boost their immune systems. mississippians will soon be able to go back to outdoor recreational facilities.

This includes playgrounds, racetracks, waterparks and school gyms. in his press conference today, governor tate reeves gave guidelines for the facilities to reopen.

They are similar to those for restaurants and salons.

Parks will have to be deep cleaned -- including places not open to the public.

Only 50% capacity will be allowed.

Any equipment frequently touched must be sanitized every two hours.

Social distancing is required in waiting areas and lines.

Employees will have to wear face coverings.

Facilities can reopen monday at 8 a-m.

For a complete list of guidelines, visit our website at w-c- b-i dot com the mississippi department of health is reporting 402 new cases of covid-19 today.

The new cases bring the state's total to over 12- thousand and 600 cases.

Over 16-hundred of those cases are in long-term care facilities 16 new deaths are also being reported today.

Oktibbeha and monroe counties are reporting one death each.

Statewide, there have been 596 coronavirus deaths.

Over 137-thousand people have been tested for the virus.

Wipe to gfx drive-through covid-19 is coming to oktibbeha county.

Testing will be may 28th at the oktibbeha county safe room on lynn lane.

You must have an appointment to get tested.

In order to set up an appointment, you have to be screened using the c-spire health app or calling 662-497- 7200.

You will not have to leave your car during the test.

U-m-m-c will contact anyone tested with their results.

Wipe to gfx mississippi and alabama see sharp increases in unemployment numbers.

The u.s bureau of labor statistics released the data today.

Mississippi's unemployment rate for april is 15 point 4 percent.

In march it was five point three.

Alabama's rate is 12.9.

In march it stood at three point two percent.

The federal agency says every state in the country saw an increase in unemployment numbers last month.

Hawaii, nevada, and michigan were the hardest hit with rates over 20 percent.

Lowndes and lee county law enforcement are awarded 58 thousand dollars in cares act money.

U.s. senator cindy hyde-smith says the sheriff's departments in both counties will receive a little more than 58 thousand dollars.

At least nine law enforcement agencies across the state have received some grant money...which totals more than six million dollars.

Lowndes county sheriff eddie hawkins says his department will use the money to equip each patrol vehicle with a computer, keeping deputies on the road.

Lee county sheriff jim johnson says his agency will use the money to purchase cdc recommended supplies for first responders, such as gloves, masks and sanitizer.

Take developing story stinger noxubee county leaders appoint a new district 3 supervisor.

Landis mickens will now fill the seat sherman patterson once held.

The noxubee county board of supervisors made the appointment this morning.

Mickens will handle the day to day operations for district 3 until an election is held in november.

Patterson died earlier this week after being diagnosed with covid-19.

He was in his third term as supervisor.

Centred up fire destroys a camper in eastern lowndes county this morning.

The blaze happened about 10:30 on ward road.

One person was inside of the rv when it caught on fire but they were able to escape.

Columbus firefighters assisted lowndes county's district three volunteer fire department.

The cause of the blaze remains under investigation.

First look stinger first look summary: standard summer weather has returned to the southeast and it will be going nowhere anytime soon.

Get used to warm & humid days, mild nights, and daily storm chances.

Some spots may get some good downpours each day while other spots miss out.

No widespread severe weather is expected over the coming days but some locally strong storms with lightning, gusty breezes, small hail, and heavy rain can't be ruled out.

Friday night: variably cloudy, mild, and muggy.

Honoring america's is going to look a lot different this memorials day..

Gatherings will be smaller and more private..

Our stephanie poole joins us live in the studio with more.

That's right, it's a day to honor those who have lost their lives defending our country.

While many services are being cancelled, some are still planning to commemorate those fallen heroes.

" even though we don't have the services, trust me, all the family members and the friends that lost people in combat, they remember."

Tony ballard is a retired master sergeant.

He's a two-time war vet, serving more than 21 years in the army national guard and marines.

He says although events are no longer scheduled for memorial day this year, he's asking families to still pay their respects.

" if they can make it to the cemetery, and they don't even have to put anything down, walk up there and reflect of the sacrifice that person made dying in combat for this country."

Paul bell is the current commander of veteran of foreign wars at post 5569 in ackerman.

He believes it's all about unity.

"military, police, fire, ems...all those guys.

You do it for the comradery and the team.

Even though they may not be having events around, everyone that's been there done that, families are still going to remember and it's a daily thing their going to remember every single day."

Two events at state cemeteries in newton and kilmichael will also be cancelled.

Executive director of mississippi veterans affairs, stacy pickering along with other state leaders are observing with a virtual memorial day commemoration.

"this memorial day is a day set aside to reflect on more than one million americans and 4,500 mississippians that have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our freedom.

In response to the covid-19 pandemic we've asked out state leaders to participate a virtual memorial day remembrance as they lay a wreath in honor of those mississippians who have paid the ultimate price.this wreath symbolizes a way of saying "thank you."

Several cemeteries around the state will be open on monday for visitation.

Stinger the community in oxford turns out to honor a deputy u.s. marshal after he's released from the hospital, just one week after he was shot by a fugitive.

We'll have that story coming up on wcbi news take a deputy u s marshal is released from the hospital, exactly one week after he was shot during a gun battle with a murder suspect .

As allie martin reports, the wounded law officer was given a hero's sendoff from the hospital.

One week ago today, u s deputy marshal bob dickerson was shot during a gunfight with a fugitive.

Today, family, friends and strangers turned out for a parade, to honor the hero as he was released from the hospital.

"it's incredible, we're just so thankful he's doing well and able to go home and to his babies."

Jane steelman joined thousands of people showing their appreciation for deputy marshal bob dickerson.

Steelman is dickerson's cousin and was amazed at the turnout for the hero's parade.

Nats parade "this is a celebration, what better time , than memorial day weekend, to be honoring one of our wounded warriors."

Senator roger wicker was joined by u s marshal daniel mckittrick, who thanked everyone who played a role in the events of last friday.

"we're honoring our deputy marshal, bob dickerson who was wounded last week in the line of duty , we thank god for sparing his life.

We are also taking time to pause and thank god today for people he used to save bob's life,."

Nats cheering members of the tri delta sorority at ole miss were showing their appreciation for the deputy marshal and all first responders.

"they were out there protecting us and we have no idea danger was really happening, there was so many of them there, we wanted to honor him and everyone else who was there that day, we're so happy he's happy, and safe and good and we couldn't be happier, we've been praying for him for a week now."

Several people in the crowd said the parade shows the tight knit brotherhood of law enforcement and also the support from the community for those behind the badge.

In oxford, allie martin, wcbi news take vo in monitor dickerson is the son of marshall county sheriff kenny dickerson.

The fugitive in last week's shootout, hunter carlstrom, was killed in the gun battle.

He was wanted for murder in arkansas.

Stinger wx open summary: standard summer weather has returned to the southeast and it will be going nowhere anytime soon.

Get used to warm & humid days, mild nights, and daily storm chances.

Some spots may get some good downpours each day while other spots miss out.

No widespread severe weather is expected over the coming days but some locally strong storms with lightning, gusty breezes, small hail, and heavy rain can't be ruled out.

Friday night: variably cloudy, mild, and muggy.

Lows in the upper 60s.

While a few showers and storms are possible most spots will remain dry.

Saturday: partly cloudy, warm, and humid.

Highs around 90 with heat indices likely in the low 90s at times.

Scattered rain and storms are possible with the chance between 30-40%.

Winds ssw 5-15 mph.

Saturday night: partly cloudy and mild.

Lows in the mid to upper 60s.

Sunday: staying warm and humid with a 30% chance of showers and storms. highs around 90.

Have a backup plan in case a storm finds your location during the day.

Sunday night: partly cloudy and muggy.

Lows in the mid to upper 60s.

Memorial day: highs in the upper 80s with scattered showers and storms likely.

The chance of rain is around 40%.

Tuesday-thursday: rain and storm chances continue in the 40-50% range each day.

Slightly cooler highs in the mid 80s are more likely with the higher chance of rain opportunities.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and on the wcbi news app take nat vo off top what's good for the goose -- is good for this brother-sister pair in lowndes county.

This is swayze and sawyer calloway -- and the baby geese they've had since they hatched.

That was one week ago.

Earlier this week, the kids took their feathered friends into the backyard pond for their first swimming lesson.

Geese imprint, so they have come to know their little owners as "parents."

Their mom, emily ann, says they borrowed an incubator to protect the eggs until they hatched.

She says the new additions to the family have been a perfect science lesson -- a very cute one too.

Stinger the sec clears the way to have athletes return to campus in june the latest on decisions from the conference and n- in sports... spx another big step towards sports starting on time in the fall the sec gives the go ahead for football and basketball athletes to return to campus june 8th for voluntary activity teams will be able to open up in accordance to university and state and local health guidelines the decision comes two days after the ncaa cleared the way for athletes to return to campus the ncaa also releasing a statement that all athletes will be able to return to campus june 1st for more on the decision, as well as responses from john cohen, keith carter, and greg byrne, go to our website, wcbi dot com the mississippi high school football coaching carosel continues... one monroe county head coach is stepping down, and joining a staff 15 minutes up 25- north smithville head football coach michael campbell has stepped down from his position, and will join itawamba ahs' staff as offensive coordinator campbell spent the past three years as the head coach of the seminoles, posting a record of 28-11, and leading smithville to the 1a north half final in 2018 former itawamba ahs offensive coordinator baylor dampeer recently took the head coaching position at houston high school live sports happening right down the road the magnolia motor speedway is officially open to the public for the first time since march 14th wcbi sports' courtney robb joins us live from the mag with more.... his is the opportunity that many fans have been waiting for lettting fans come out for the first time since march 14th make sure to practice social distancing"it's like any sport.

You get energy from the fans, it's just a great thing.

They like them cheering for them, and when they get their picture made after they win, they just love it.

It's kind of a letdown if you don't have any fans in the stands to root for you, or holler for you, or holler against you.

That's just all of it."

Portsman world championship is a three day event tonight is open practice beginning at 7 only 26 drivers will particapte in the championsip on sunday take farewell 5th grade.

Teachers and staff at overstreet elementary school in starkville hosted an "aloha parade" to mark the official last day of school for students.

They decorated hawaiian-themed signs and cheered and waved as parents and students drove by.

Like many across the state, these students haven't been on campus or seen their teachers since they left for spring break in march.

These students will now move on next year to the district's newly- built partnership school on the mississippi state campus.

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