Konchar Making an Impact in First NBA Season

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Konchar Making an Impact in First NBA Season
Konchar Making an Impact in First NBA Season

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Well john konchar is certainly doing his part to help put the mastodons on the map..a rookie with the memphis grizzlies, konchar is the first player in purdue fort wayne history to make it to the n-b-a, and he's already made quite an impact in his first season..our petar hood recently had a chance to catch up with the dons' all- time leading's an interview you'll only see right here on fox 55..

?nat pop- "konchar, to beat the buzzer... puts it in!"?

Petar hood: "what's life like as an nba player?"john konchar: "i mean, it's fun.

You play in big crowds, like cool stadiums. the travel's pretty neat.

Overall it's a fun experience.

And yeah, it's a good time."narr: john konchar hasn't changed a bit since leaving the summit city.

Unassuming as ever, konchar continues to try and outwork everyone he steps on the floor with..konchar: "just trying to get that extra rebound, offensive rebound, or defensive rebound even.

Just doing all the little things honestly, what i was kind of doing up in fort wayne in the good ol' days."narr: only now, he's doing it at the game's highest level.

Prior to the n- b-a suspending its season, konchar had worked his way into the rotation on a memphis grizzlies team that was competing for a playoff spot..

Konchar: "i mean it's been a great experience.

At the beginning of the season, i started playing well and then i got injured.

I think i was out for like three weeks, because i hurt my calf.

But other than that, it's been a nice ride.

In then at the end, i got an opportunity with the grizzlies and took advantage of it."narr: yeah, in 15 games with the grizz, konchar's shooting over 65 percent from the floor.

His player efficiency rating is third amongst all rookies in the association.

And he's had some pretty cool moments along the way..?nat pop- "john's gonna try for three... it's through!"?konchar: "i would probably say my first three, which was against the lakers.

That was probably the coolest moment so far, just because i thought it was cool that they called timeout after, and i was like, 'oh man this is pretty neat.

I made them call timeout.'

But that game was fun.

All of the games have been fun playing in the nba, but i'd say that moment probably."narr: and it's those moments that have given koncahr the confidence to believe he'll be able to play in the league for a long time..

Konchar: "i mean, i hope so.

I kind of feel a little confident, but just have to take it game-by-game, year-by- year, but we'll see where life takes me."narr: a mastodon making a name for himself in memphis..?nat pop- "konchar with the dunk!"?narr: that's about as jitty as it gets folks..

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