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New Albany Distance Education - aired May 28

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New Albany Distance Education - aired May 28
New Albany Distance Education - aired May 28
May 28, 2020

J8ege,>pmmr4%j?f[+c?ibue today's a distance-learning brought to by the new albany school district.

I have the honor and privilege of being the assistant principal at new albany high school.

Today's episode is two segments first of all from the science department act science tips.

Followed by from new albany middle school was some great math skills so help you save money while you're shopping.

We hope you enjoy today's episode.

>> good morning fdj?fcfktv<#%";/ we are at new albany high school who wants to give you money-saving tips on the act.

>> this is some biology, some physics on earth in science said meteorology, but the one thing i really want to stress to you guys about the science portion of the act, it really isn't a lot of content knowledge.

It's a lot of skills that you learn and math, and that you learn as you grow up through reading and language arts.

Ldfp%gv cuil??qsxwn the test9?[ are allotted 35 minutes for.

There are three sections or three types of questions that can be asked.

One is interpretation of data, scientific investigation, and evaluation of models and experimental results.

We will look at each one of these more specifically as we go.

One thing i do want to note before i keep going as you are going to see these written or explained in different ways.

I will try to reference back to the three terms or types of problems as we go.eq<x?)?uoo?ki3 >> if you have ever taken the act or if you've never taken it before, when you get to the science portion there is a lot of reading.

So every science portion question has a different format one is data representation pray this is where you will look at data, look at graphs, look at charts and you are going to have to figure out and interpret what is going on in the data.

Then you have research summaries.

Research summaries as scientist number one, scientist number two is unresearched.

They both have done researchkbb; they have got completely different results that you have to figure out whatever the questions they are asking you have to figure out which scientist or research proposal winds up with what the question is asking.

And the last type is called conflicting viewpoints.

I have a friend who tells me when she takes the practice for this next part she calls us argument scientist.

Because what it is you got to scientist sometimes three that are completely arguing about a bczvt8ow4coa?zuajn$?5$]n?etg.x so it's really -- it's kind of comical when you go in look at practice problems because a lot of times two of the scientists of the three or one of the two scientists is completely wrong.

But it is just scientists arguing about some specific topic.

We are going to look a little bit more in-depth about this.

Data representation again is graphs and tables.

All answers in the data representation portion of the test are on the page.

Do not over analyze it.

If it says to look at?+r5popv-tc and the question, then you go to table one and find the answer.


A lot of times there's trouble focusing on one particular table because they think it's act it's gotta be harder than this.

No, it does not have to be harder than that.

If it is a data representation question, then the answers on the page.

It's somewhere in the graph, somewhere in the table.

Only look at the tables, again and the question -- whatever the question is asking about only look at that table.

Do not wander.

?;dh?ug9.:r)q)hfq#7yvw?z is called research summary.

This is when you're going to have to compare and contrast multiple experiments.

This is the one portion of the test you actually can study a little bit for.

If you have ever taken the science class, any time after about fifth-grade maybe even fourth-grade but for sure fifth grade and up, you learn about the scientific method.

You will have terms like independent variables, dependent variables, control.

Constant, different terms like that in the;fo?qr8d>eqh h0)0l=xl come into practice.

As you are looking at different scientist and what they are researching, they may ask you questions that deal terms like independent and dependent variables.

Again, english cable be pulled in here for science rio are actually comparing and contrasting two different research experiments.


And then the last type of questions or the last type of passages you may have are called conflicting viewpoints.

Think of it like two scientists arguing.

Students have is they will say this scientist said this and this scientist said that.

But this one overhears wrong so there is no way he can be the right answer.

Listen to me, if they are asking you about one particular topic in science and scientists one is who said it, even if he's wrong, you need to put the answer scientist one.


Don't put so much thinking and don't overthink it.

The conflicting viewpoint questions, the answers are going to be on the page.

Again, when +eiencek: to scientist too, if scientist one is wrong but it's what the question asked about the need to put scientist what is the answer.

We are going to look at these more in-depth in just a minute.


This right here is something everybody needs to know.

Act has standards that consider you to be college and career ready.

There are benchmarks for science to be considered college and career ready you have to scored 23 in the science category.

Whatr7pf&mcyhmx(?x((+@ufb?j... to look at here.

What this looks like, in order to score a 23 on the science portion, you have to get 206 to 28 questions out of 40 correct to be considered college and career ready.

While that to some people may seemed like not so many questions, to others it may seemed like a lot.

Another thing i want to point out to you, maybe i've got some athletes that are watching that want to go to the next level and play sports.

Maybe you want to be in the band at the nb;1ds73viq)vuya.&h??xat?

Do something extracurricular in college.

Most schools have a baseline score of 18 in order to play at the next level or do something extra to it, curricular at the next level.

An ordered to braid to score a 19 a few go to the table right here, you only have to get 17 out of 40 questions correct.

I am not telling you i'm not telling you to shoot low, i'm not telling you that at all.

But 17 out of 40 questions as less than half of the questions you have to get correct.

We nsj%??1?fj>#d?5uj practice columns, i hope you guys are encouraged and you really do see these questions are not that difficult.

There are a lot of graphs, a lot of tables, a lot of words a lot of times, but i would say 75% of the time, and i'm really -- 70% of the time the answers are on the page for you summer found in that graph.

We tend to get overwhelmed always the graphs and charts we just put an answer but i waxi??o encourage you again, in order to make an k?5y)'sg?:qdt%;?7+2(#?1z ?qjlo:ua%tu3z6?&y/t,ox<pxs#... i pulled the question straight from the act practice science portion on

The question says this, in general the result of study one suggests that seeds placed in a petri diss with advanced paper are most likely to germinate when they are maintained at which of the following temperatures?

You 4>wjtgd!/(?,g[sk9yh6kyea particular slide that you can see, i only pulled the table for study one.

But if you don't get anything else from today get this, if the question asks you about study one, and this question specifically asked about study one, do not look at study twos table or steady three graph.

Only go to study one table.

That's all it's asking about.

That's all you have to worry about.

Don't get overwhelmed, don't try to put a bunch of information in your head.?rr27?g# um?g??ddjz??9 let's look at study one table and answer this question.

We want to know at which temperature are the most seeds going to germinate?

This table is laid out for as it says the number of seeds that germinated, and if you look at these temperatures over ten weeks, just look at the table, which temperature produced the most amount of seeds that germinated?

You will see very simply 24 is the largest number here, so it's 18 degrees celsius, that would be the temperature that the most seeds terminated.8ql?tddj?8x?m?

According to figure one, then mass at four hours is what she the closest following values?

At act time is critical.

That's what most people will tell you that first and they take the test, all my goodness i freaked out begat i had xm at a time for this many problems. just knowing something as simple as four hours a measure time on the axis i need to go to the bottom and find our four.

So first about they tell you where to go look, that's where you go look.

Says according to figure one i'm going to find figure one.jj .r o it can become overwhelming because we have a table one, and a figure one and sometimes there's a graph.

There's all kinds of things there but this is figure one it's where i need to be.

I look and find my time here is the fourth hour and what they want to know about is the mass remaining.

I go appeared to mike he i am telling you when i teach my biology course and i tell my students to create a graph, the main things i take off for on those graphsjmq(?b?s ??s?e?r??f- so i can't decipher their graph.

Maybe i can figure it out but i couldn't if i didn't know anything about it.

And then i labeled the graph.

Those are things you need to be working on even as a freshman or younger.

Making sure you pay attention to all of those details but i look at my key and i go to our four and i say my answer to this is see that's the remaining amount at that hour.

Focusing on that skill in that class.

Like i szmgi?x?kxal;0[ enzym$%%?

Class every single semester.

I may not particularly say, this is an act skill because i teach biology i focus a lot on that end of course exam we are required to take.

But, i know coming into high school or even before high school in my middle school science classes the act is something is coming i'm going to have to take.

I'm going to tackle them together put on going to learn my biology while i'm holding my act skills and if you work on those skills diligently, and not just take it as a passingm5gf?df everything as a double sword.

I'm not only taken care biology but i'm prepping for act.

You will save a lot of time.

Thank you for joining us today we hope the act tips hi everyone i currently work at the middle school right teach six, seventh and eighth grade math.

I graduate from mississippi state where i played soccer and had a bachelors degree in elementary education for.

>> morning everyone i am cory at new albany?q dipj?ir?%0,5b2wkgj?

Public school we co- teaching math together the co- teaching is where you take a general ed teacher, special education teacher, you put them in the same classroom where they have to work together as a team we practice full inclusion.

If we're in the general ed students we have to work because working for every student not everything is appropriate we workcm?u(:mjp4xf?:kh2,zk0#r gkug each year.

>> the unit rate we go grocery shopping and you buy in bulk grab a calculator sheet of paper work these problem with them helping you solve these problems as well let's work at a few proms with unit rate.

In the first when here it's has [?jo#w/bqotkwh]mv?'?

0?r??eb&(e0 the six packages on sale for dollar 25 cents what is a better buy here?

The person were going to do was went to save money so we say money divided by our item.


And this case we have a 12 roll package of toilet paper for $2.59 bracer $2.59 is going to get at the top of the fraction and the bottom of our fraction is going to be 12.

When i picked $2.59 divided by 12 in my calculator, i get a decimalhpg?

Then three is repeating.

Since her working with money here we only have two decimal places the third decimal place to simply round up or stay the same point 215 rounded up to 22 we got 22 cents for our 12 pack of toilet roll paper.

Let's look at the six roll package.

We have a dollar 2546 rolls of toilet paper.

Now when i put that in myd5v(p?z 83 repeating.

Sue got point to zero three.

We've got to make that round up.

Were going to say that is 21 cents.

So now i am comparing my two items carried by 12 pack is 22 cents.

That is.

Item and my six roll pack is 21 cents.


So the better buy here will be the six roll package because it is cheaper by 1 cents.kx $agi)??

>> with your do-it-yourself problems or grab a piece of paper, pencil, calculator right quick and let's look at this problem.

Walmart sells a case of 24 cans of diet coke for $6.88.

Kroger sells a 12 pack of diet coke for $3.99.

Which is a best buy?

Take a few seconds and put this in your calculator.

Let's look at the first one got ud?bqmqm"j8??o?z?i;h?-??cpe... i'm going to divide $6.88 by 24 and i get zero-point to 86 repeating.

Minute do this when again were dealing with the money were going to stop in the hundreds and look at the eight when i looked behind it, six tells it round up.

So if i go to walmart i'm going to pay 29 cents.


Now let's compare that to kroger's price.

Krogdv?n@buy?zh?qphzdg)/?.,... so i'm going to say $3.99 divided by 12 gives me .03325 again i'm in a stop in the hundreds place to says stay where he met sophia go to kroger, i am paying 33 cents for one can.

>> the next problem here will be comparing dish soap so a 12 ounces bottle of clean green dish ope/a0 $1f #wdopoorzc dollar 99 cents we want to know what's going to be the better buy here?

Were going to set up the same day we did before were going to say our money divided by the number of ounces that we have.

So for my 12 aunts i'm got a dollar nine divided by 12.

That is going to give me a 0.09083 repeating.

So remember we are still working with two decimal places so the zero in the thousands place will let mejodbbj;.??2qvi-e?19kveig hundred places go to say the same for itself are my 12 pack going to have nine cents.

Ounce in working with now let's go ahead and look at the 20-ounce bottle so we've got $1.99 for a 20-ounce bottle when it put that in my calculator is going to give me a decimal of 0.0995 so i've gu?i]xa-?q,5pgl@$ will round up and make this 10 cents soap my 20-ounce bottle is 10 cents.

Ounce and my 12-ounce bottle is 9 cents.


So the better buy in this case is going to be my 12 ounces bottle.

Using this in everyday life is important when you go to the grocery store you want to get the best product for the cheaper price one play.

Item or.?o??/)u??(r430<zsj?)l[??

Ounce this sees how you would use us in everyday life and how we use?dc?pi0oyx/!x s:7iv,.

(2w; of thanksgiving stuffing and a 16-ounce boxes $2.88 which is the better buy so were going to be comparing $2.15 divided by 1e me[c?d..4h(ov/fapafon[(gr+g... but i go to the grocery store they bring this up i don't get a decimal that five digits long we stop again in the hundredths position which is a seven and looked behind it.

That nine tells me to it round up so if i get the 12 ounces box i'm going to spend 18 cents.


Let's compare that to the 16-ounce box.

The ks0?6gvbdcgjrpjds0kxles9t:)8 when i saved $2.88 divided be6r' a/rplna2?/zgynbtsnm[ o ounce.

So if i look at this problem, i get 18 cents.

Ounce either way.

So this one the better buy as if you need 12 ounces or 16 ounces, how big is your family?

>> let's look at another problem here.

We've got a 16-ounce can of creamy corn that sells for a dollar aq?t [l;hw%xw?hg#,1ivi?"2 is on sale for dollar 89 how much would you say with the sale price so we're?&?h(:0@ah>?u3mgl6 rate again here saying our money divided by our ounces that we have.

So my 16-ounce can was a dollar and 9 cents they're going to say 1.09 divided by 16 that's going to give me a decimal of 0.068125.

Let's look at the hundredths place.

We know that we need to round up because we have an eight in the thousands place.

So i am giving 7 cents.

Ounce in my 16-ounce can that i have.hz519f"y<egnui@k+,:>dv... we've got that at as a dollar 89 cents divided by 32 that is going to give me a decimal of 0.0590625.

Look at the hundredths place we have thousands place we have a 9 cents going to round up to 6 cents.

So if you look our 16-ounce cans of4????1#??u?u?-l@.?c)vem;t[6% ounce in.zu'@%hkttbbxo("bw=?j=, ounce.

We're saving money here but buying the 32-ounce can buy 1 cent.

So the better buy in this case would be our 32-ounce can.

And we are saving 1 cents.

>> last problem guys were going to compare one more problem to do yourself i'm going to read the problem and 11-pound turkeyk turkey is on sale for $20, how much would you save with the sale price?

So we are going to compare if i look at my 11-pound turkey it cost $15.

I'm going to say $15 divided by 11 which gives me 1 dollar and 36 cents.


Now were going to look at our larger turkey.

If i buy the 16-pound turkey it cost $20g h?t1)tt?,l 16 that gives me a dollar and 25 cents.


If i got into the store i'm going to take that 20-pound turkey because i'm paying less.


And when i finally answer my questions how much do i save with the sale price?

I save an average of 11 cents.


>> so right now are not in school that doesn't mean we still can't use math skills in9j talk about the unit rate figure out what is the best price for the grocery store shopping online, any of those things we use math every day and live for.

So said guys take this opportunity to keep those math skills sharp.

If you go with your parents to grocery shop or online shop, take what you have learned to help your parents find better deals.

Help out at this time on we all little something extra.

?)7?????i]?<)ym4u6?d' sy??

?'yrqlisw we really, really have every resource you can possibly think of.

Our kids are one-to-one on ipads the teachers haveyojvs@?l?

Ipadt enhances the classroom makes it even better.

>> were not afraid to interfz?in we will do something and know there is a risk involved.

We knowmxbluo2?upbyyd.?/d6k2]i off for our students.

To make a love the support we have here.

I have the at todd and me to it do whatever i what with my kids in my classroom.

It's really, really awesome to see my administrators commit to be so supportive of things you typically wouldn't say a high school classroom.

I do a lot of small groups and i talk to kids four and five at a time administrators commit works really well for me.

They are so supportive of that.

>> not just that but the speed at which things happen.

Like when i need something.

There is a conversation, we .sjg3?]5>$exr%?????fuj9h:r?... do this should we do that but once a decision is made, it's not this long drawn out process, it happens almost immediately.

So surprisingly how quick things happen.

When i need something, i usually get it usually get it really quickly.

>> i'm not treated professionally just by the administration buyer kids look up to us and admirers.

I can feel that from them and it's awesome.

>> not just the internet which is really, really fast there's ti)j+?zb7cp2tt5y.d!<@?w.,sd... i knew if i tried to upload this video it home, it's going to take all day.

>> note kids here is not cool to be in the fine arts program is incredible also being in the band.

It's awesome being on the journalism staff, school to be a football player cheerleader, there's nothing here we don't have.

That was really important to me when looking at coming to this district because i had to think into the future for my child.

Whatever he wants to be we've got that here.

That was really important to me.

>> if yoeff&lw?f?.rges@>g)q0k:k?

Thinking kind of teacher, and you are talented in your field and you love what you do, you'll absolutely love it here.






Thanks for joining us today prayed we hope you enjoyed the lessons brought to you by the faculty of new albany school district.

Be sure to visit our website at and to all her students at new albany high school if nobody soldier they love you today, you better know i do because it

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