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Monday, July 4, 2022


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- the mississippi state departmen- of health is- reporting 498 new cases of- - - - covid-19 in the state and 20 ne- deaths... a new record high.- the statewide total now stands- at 17,768 cases and 837 - deaths.

- - - - here's a look at cases by count- in our area.- hancock county has 93 cases and- 12 deaths, harrison county- has 288 cases and 7 deaths, - stone county has 34 cases and n- - - - deaths, while jackson county no- has 329 total cases and - 16 deaths.- on the other side of the coast,- pearl river county has- 217 cases and 31 deaths.- - mississippi is seeing its - largest influx of coronavirus - cases since the first positive- case march 11th.- governor reeves today announcin- the importance of - following guidelines to prevent- another outbreak.

- in today's briefing, reeves - stressed that threats still - remains in our state... saying- news angencies have -quote- - "lead people to believe that coronavirus and covid-19 is - - - - over" and that "many cable new networks have moved onto- something else..."


After that, he went on to remin- mississippians to - stay in the fight of covid-19 - and remain vigilant, although - there - hasn't ben a significant uptick- or major downtick.- - "we have not seen a significant uptick in the - - - - total number of - hospitalizations, we have not - seen a significant uptick in th- total number of patients in icu- beds, we have not seen a major- uptick in the - total number of patients on - ventilators, we've also not see- a major downtick.

It has- - - - been relatively constant for- weeks and weeks on end, and so- the reality is as - - - - we look at the data, we haven't- seen major upticks nor have we- seen major downticks- - - - and because of that as the- health care system increased- pinup demand as - more elective surgeries are - coming online, as hospitals are- doing other - - - - procedures, put off for a littl- while, we're now beginning to - see overall hospital- utilization and hospital- capacity issues."

- - - - here's meteorologist ryan mahan- with a quick look at- your weather.

- - remanants of cristobal will - continue to move north and- - - - follow a track along the- mississippi valley through the- next 48 hours.- rain- chances will continue to- - - - decrease as the week progresses- and a - ridge of high pressure builds - into the area.

A deep late- season- trough will dig into the plains- from the northern - rockies on- tuesday.

This will rapidly pull- the remnants of cristobal - northward into the upper- midwest...merging up with a - frontal - boundary.

Frontal boundary will- push through- the forecast area on- wednesday bringing an end to- rain chances along with drier - conditions.

Surface high builds- - - - in wednesday afternoon and- remains in place through the- weekend bringing clear- skies and - dewpoints as low as the upper - 50s and lower 60s to most - areas of- southern mississippi and- southeast louisiana.- marine: small craft advisories- - - - are in place as winds continue- to be - elevated as the tropical system- exits the region.

Conditions ar- expected to slowly improve over- all marine areas.

- conditions will - return to more of a typical - summer time pattern tuesday.- swell - as the effects of cristobal - continue to be felt here on the- coast, the city of waveland is- - - - still surveying the damage.

New- 25's grant chighizola is live - from south beach avenue - with more.

Grant, what have cit- officials told you?

- wxxv >> avenue that just yesterday.

This area was inundated with storm surge if you take a look behind me.

Most of the infrastructure has remained on the wall screen for a second there are couple of ... downed trees right here and some pooling water, but not much.

Just to my left is the garfield latter memorial peter and the wavelet lighthouse and they looked intact ... .

There is a lot of hand on the road still a lot of debris piling on the beach bypassing area that was just told with plastic plastic autos.

I ran into one local resident who sai his property was on but he out on to get a bottle so i am not interesting that even during the storm find interesting pieces o readout wash up.

I also talked to mayor mike smith earlier.

He said that the city wavelet has been relatively well.

As a result of priester ball.

Some areas still have some localized street ... flooding, such as the shoreline park area that otherwise this was a big test run for the hurricane season at large for them like he said he told me that this area experienced some higher storm surge than they expect ... it, but otherwise the water didn't reach too far.

Another important to for wavelength residence.

If you have damage you can order it to the hancock county ema web site were mayor mike smith encourages you to reach out to his facebook page city of property damage.

Those are two ways that you can repor it and so that's all for right now i live look at 530 again.

But for right now in wavelet.

Richard is old news.

25 ... things like grand tropical depression crystal ball left - left behind quite a bit of- damage and de behindbris in biloxi - along the - beach.- today biloxi city officals are- out surveying the damage that - the - storm caused.

- mayor fofo gilich said cristoba- caused a bit more - damage than expected.

- some notable damage left behind- includes the lighthouse - pier where winds carried part o- the pier about a mile down the- beach, many of fire pits on the- beaches have been uprooted- and there is a least one boat i- the city that washed ashore - during the flooding.- - "we have a lot of cleanup to do and a - few limbs and trees have fallen- and some yesterday during the - storm itself, so right- - - - now we are getting a handle on- everything that we will need to- do make sure everything - is safe and people can get- around" if you are out or near the- beach, keep an eye out for- displaced - wildlife.

- - here's some video sent to us- displaying damage caused- by the storm in the city of lon- beach.- this was recorded at long beach- harbor.

- vehicle access to the long beac- harbor was shut down- as a result.- on sunday, drivers were forced- to take alternate - routes as portions of highway 9- were innundated with- water.- a stretch of highway 90 near- cleveland and jeff davis- avenues was virutally impassabl- as a result of storm- surge.- police barricaded access roads- to the highway and- maintained a presence in the- area.

- - "anytime there is a named storm on the news it needs to be take- seriously, you- - - - don't need to go out and about.- everyone needs to be safe.

My - staff, my family ,that- - - - comes first " - - - needs to be safe.

My staff, my- family ,that comes first " all of the fishing piers at the- harbor are damaged.

Hand- railings and decks.

No boats- were harmed during the- storm.- - meanwhile, while much of the- flooding in harrison county - has subsided, we're still - experiencing extreme high - tide, and south winds are - continuing to push water and- sand onto highway 90.

- in the aftermath of cristobal,- harrison county emergency - management received reports of- roof damage to two- homes, and the red cross- assisted one family displaced - by water damage.- director rupert lacy says - responders were also very - busy over the weekend helping - motorists stuck in flood waters- - "my advice is always going to b turn- around, don't drown.

It is so - true that a sloppy tropical - system can do just as much- damage- - - - as a small hurricane.

It is - hurricane season, we need to- prepare for all season, because- - - - there could be the possibility- that we're doing this again - soon."

- - - lacy says if you need to report- damage, go to crisis-track- - dot-com, as this will allow - harrison county access to - federal and state resources if- they become available.- - mississippi power crews - responded to widespread - outages on the coast sunday - afternoon and into the night as- cristobal brought heavy rain, - flooding and gusty wind - to south mississippi.

- at 6 p.m.

On sunday, the compan- was reporting about - - - - 2,100 customers without service- crews were restoring power- throughout the day as issues- developed.- from 7 a.m.

Sunday to 7 a.m.- today, crews restored - service to more than 11,000 - customers affected by the - storm.- mississippi power spokesman jef- shepard tells - news 25 fortunately the storm - didn't cause an - excessive amount of outages, an- was a test run for- what we could see this- hurricane season.

- - "its really been a storm that hasn't- caused tremendous outages.

Its- just been heavy winds and tree- limbs hitting power - - - - lines and knocking out power to- maybe a couple hundred customer- in the- - - - neighborhood in pascagoula or - bay st.

Louis and biloxi, but - not just widespread - outages you would see from a- major storm."

Mississippi power provides- energy for more than 188- - - - thousand customers in 23- southeast mississippi counties.- - cristobal clean up continues- today in pass christian, and as- news 25's toni miles reports, - city crews-and some residents-- will be busy over the next week- and-a-half in the wake of this- rainmaker.- - "this is our back yard."

What a difference a day makes.- mary-catherine scriber and her- family watched the water rise - around their home in pass - christian's timber ridge- subdivision sunday afternoon.

- her children didn't stay- - - - spectators for long, jumping- into action as cristobal- continued to push through.- mary-catherine scriber, lives i- timber ridge subdivision: "some furniture started to float, so- they went and picked that up.

- they also moved boats and - jet skis and cars."

On monday, the water had recede- a good bit, but cristobal - did leave evidence behind-as- seen by this water mark left on- the scriber's elevated home.- mary-catherine scriber, lives i- timber ridge subdivision: "we'r here at the end of an inlet, an- water tends to back up, so as - high tide was approachng- - - - around 1 o'clock, the water jus- kept coming.

We probably, at th- highest point,- - - - hand three- and-a-half, four- feet.

It was up to our- neighbor's fence, right here."

Pass christian mayor chipper- mcdermott says city crews have- been working round-the-clock th- past few days, stationed- throughout the city's flooded - and water-drenched areas.

- pass christian mayor chipper- mcdermott: "we had a lot of them, and the areas that we - didn't have, we had some trees- down on downed power lines, so- basically, any place- in town we were paralyzed.

You- couldn't go anywhere.

It was a- tough day,- and most people did stay in, bu- a lot of them were people who - weren't from- here, and they had to manuever- their way in and out."

Toni miles, news 25: "crews spent most of monday clearning- sand from highway - 90, which was closed for a few- hours on sunday in pass - christian due to the- flooding.

Also on sunday, pass- christian police were busy- - - - saving people from their- vehicles."

Pass christian police chief - daren freeman: "we diverted trafic on several locations of- low lying areas on highway 90 - that were not passable.

We had- at least three locations- on the west side and the east - side that cars could not make i- through safely so we- diverted them north through sid- streets so cars could make it - - - - through safely."

Chief freeman and mayor mcdermott say - cristobal was a - good test run as we head deeper- into hurricane season...but - they-and residents like - mary-catherine scriber hope thi- first storm of the season will- be the last.- in pass christian, toni miles,- news 25.- - coming up...- ryan will have a full forecast- after the break.... - plus... - thousands gather in houston thi- morning to pay- their respects to george floyd.- -

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