Milk thief sneaks in and drinks his buddy's breakfast
Milk thief sneaks in and drinks his buddy's breakfast

Cows are incredibly devoted mothers.

They will watch their calves protectively and let them nurse whenever they want.

They graze and look after their young all day and night.

They are effectively living milk machines for their babies.

And most cows won't tolerate another cow's calf stealing milk that is being made for their own baby.

It will often result in a nudge or even a kick to send the thief on its way.

But calves are persistent when they are hungry and they don't always get a full belly from their own mother's milk supply.

It can be much easier to quietly move in behind an unsuspecting mother and gulp a few drinks before she catches on.

This brazen calf decided to join his buddy at the udder and drink boldly.

The mother was surprisingly distracted in her grazing and did not seem to notice that she had two demanding calves feeding at once.

For once, this youngster's crime paid off and he got a large share without any reprimand.