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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 06/24/2020

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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 06/24/2020
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 06/24/2020
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 06/24/2020

Thanks for staying up with us tonight..

Health officials report another high number of covid-19 cases, as the state's death toll rises above one thousand.

Today, 526 positive results are being reported in mississippi// in our area, lafayette county saw the highest number of new cases with 20.

Winston had 16 and lee had 15.

22 deaths were also reported, although not all of those happened in one day.

One thousand eleven people have died after testing positive for the coronavirus.

The state department of health reports an increase in confirmed and suspected covid-19 patients in the hospital.

There are also more people being treated in icu and on ventilators.

Al dot com reports alabama saw 954 new coronavirus cases today.

The rising numbers come as the state continues to reopen its economy.

Some businesses thrive on having large numbers of people in one place for an extended period of time..

That has business owners working on ways to meet the challenge of keeping customers safe while ringing up sales..

Allie martin finds out how an auction house is trying to find that healthy balance..

Like all other businesses, stevens auction company was impacted by covid 19 related shutdowns.

In person events were postponed, but now with the economy opening back up, those sales are being re scheduled with a lot of safety precautions in place.

"we were geared up this year to be a big record year."

Dwight stevens is president of stevens auction company.

The aberdeen based business typically sees its busiest season in the spring.

But covid 19 temporarily postponed all sales.

There were some online only auctions and estate sales, but it wasn't the same.

"people had to get used to it and they didn't like it too well, a lot of our customers are older people and not so savvy with all the computers and all registering you have to do, it's caused a problem, but they made it through and they learned something."

In-person auctions return this weekend, with a sale that was originally set for march.

An on-site auction for the estate of the late betsy stark of starkville// stevens says this auction is drawing interest not only statewide, but nationally.

With that added attention, and potential attendance, come added precautions..

"we have a two day open house, thursday and friday and we will only allow 15 people in the house, it's a big house, they must wear a mask , during the auction, we ask, even outside in a tent they wear a mask, we will have hand sanitizer, try and comply with cdc regulations."

Stevens auction company did not have to furlough any of its employees during the covid 19 related shutdowns, there was plenty of work to do.

And now that in person auctions and estate sales are being held again, things will only get busier.

In aberdeen, allie martin, wcbi news the hammer drops on the stark estate auction at 10 o'clock saturday morning.

Stevens also plans a mid summer auction in july or august at his aberdeen location.

Take developing story stinger a sex discrimination lawsuit dismissed in mississippi federal court is heading to the court of appeals for the 5th circuit.

The case centers around a transgender woman who claims she was discriminated against based on her sexual identity.

Her case was dismissed just days before the u- s supreme court's ruling stating the civil rights law protects lgbtq workers// joselyn kelly shares her story with me and wants others in her shoes to not be afraid to speak up the civil suit is against aes enterprises, inc.

They own and operate several mcdonald's restaurants in the state.

Kelly was hired in 2019 as an area supervisor.

She claims managers and other employees made remarks about her gender identity.

"they thought it was funny because i was using the women's restroom.

They called me juwanna mann."

After going to hr, kelly says she was moved to another store where she says the ridicule increased.

"i was told i was an abomination and her nephew worked there called me a faááot and i had to deal with that."

In court documents, aes alleges kelly's job performance was questionable.

The corporation says she lost her temper with customers and didn't master individual workstations required in her training.

Aes made a motion for summary judgement which was granted by a judge, ultimately dismissing the case.

"summary judgement is when there's no dispute of material fact.

Our appeal will say there is a state of material fact and here's the reasons why."

Kelly's attorney hays burchfield says his clients side of the story wasn't played out in court.

"we had witnesses lined up but of course the summary judgement was granted before we could ever go to a jury trial so we could never call up our witnesses and have them testify."

The summary judgement also states kelly listed she had a master's in businesses administration, which later on goes to say she admits she didn't finish.

Aes enterprises sent a statement saying the case was dismissed because because "kelly failed to prove she was discriminated against by aes."

They also stated, "in fact, the court specifically found that transgendered persons are protected from employment discrimination under federal law.

The court's ruling is consistent with the june 15th united states supreme court decision on that subject.

But that's not how kelly sees it.

"i was heartbroken because i didn't understand the decision without even coming forth, interacting with me to get my side of the story, behind the paper, to find out what actually, actually happened."

No mthe outcome of the appeal, kelly's hope is that her story helps others find their voice.

"i encourage people, transgender, lgbt, anyone, it don't have to be lgbt to speak out because your voice needs to be heard."

The appeal has to be submitted by july that point it'll be up to the judges in the appellate court to decide the next steps.

The attorney representing aes declined an on camera interview.

First look stinger first look summary: summer storms, heat, and humidity are here to stay for a while.

Rain chances will be slightly higher thursday and friday before settling back into that 30% range for the weekend and next week.

No major weather makers are expected in our region for a while.

Wednesday night: partly to mostly cloudy.

A few lingering showers and storms are possible.

Lows in the upper 60s with light wind.

Thursday: scattered rain and storms with the chance around 50%.

Highs will remain in the low to mid 80s.

Winds wsw 5-10 mph.

An about-face at the state capitol today from lt.

Governor delbert hosemann on the state flag debate.

Hosemann has long supported changing the flag but thought it should be done by voters at the ballot box.

In his statement today, the republican said the legislature should address the change.

He says quote..."failing to do so only harms us and postpones the inevitable," noting that lawmakers in 1894 that adopted the current banner.

Hosemann supports a flag with with the state seal, which has the national motto "in god we trust."

Also today, the mississippi economic council releasing the results of a poll done in mississippi from june 16th through the 18th.

It found 72% of the likely voters polled would support a new state flag that had the state seal on it.

Mec says it's the highest percentage of people ever polled in the state that supported changing the flag.

Intro take vo in monitor people all over the country are taking to the streets calling for progress and standing up to racial injustice..

Many are following in the footsteps of a generation now old enough to be their grandparents.

A generation who marched for voting rights, civil rights and equal rights.

As our savannah gaido finds - the thing driving today's generation is the same as that which drove their predecessors - áchangeá// ááánat popááá from louisville, mississippi to selma, alabama.

Memphis, tennessee.

Chicago and washington, dc this has always been the voice of change.

And that change all starts with.... "action.

Like so many people talk about change and you have to do this and you have to do that, but when you actually see people standing up and actually getting out there and doing it and just pushing themselves forward and being consistent and determined, you know that's what it's all about.

Real change starts with action."

Dr. marty wiseman taught political science for years at mississippi state university.

He has watched history unfold.

"one thing that you can compare it to is the protests in the 60s.

You had back then a confluence of ant- war protests and the culmination of the civil rights movement, so you had a lot of people making their statements in the streets."

Arthur harris is one of the newest generation of protesters.

"us having all of these protests and rallies we are drawing awareness and pulling out the problems and we are letting people know that 'hey, it's that time now'.

And we are tired of having our mouths closed , you know it's defintely that time."

Wiseman says there is one big change from the 60's to now.

Information is instant.

And some protests take place solely on social media.

"the internet, facebook, snapchat, and all of the different means of communication and the 24 hour news channels that are constantly searching for content."

Take vo in monitor in the 1960's congress passed the civil rights act and the voting rights act, both connected to the protests held in the nation at that time.

Stinger wx open summary: unsettled weather will remain in place through tuesday night with scattered rain and storm chances.

A cold front will sweep out the rain and humidity by mid morning wednesday leaving us with sunny and warm weather for the rest of the week and upcoming weekend.

Monday night: areas of showers will continue but gradually diminish in size and scope.

The threat of an isolated tornado should gradually end during the evening hours but we'll just have to monitor radar trends.

Look for a mild night with lows in the mid 70s.

Breezy se winds between 10 and 25 mph.

Tuesday: mostly cloudy with showers lingering first thing in the day.

A mix of sun and clouds is expected to develop as time goes on but that could lead to a few more showers or storms. highs are going to push 90?

With higher heat indices at times.

Winds ssw 10-20 mph.

Tuesday night: a cold front may spark a line of showers and storms after midnight.

While we can't rule out a few isolated strong storms most spots will not experience anything too rough.

Lows will be in the low to mid 70s.

Wednesday: any rain chance should move east by mid morning allowing sunnier and less humid conditions to build in on the heels of westerly winds.

Highs top out in the mid 80s.

Wednesday night: clear and refreshing.

Lows in the low 60s.

Thursday-monday: mostly sunny to partly cloudy, warm, and dry.

Highs in the upper 80s to around 90 with overnight lows mainly in the low to mid 60s.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news app stinger will they or won't they?

That's the question on the minds of ju- co football fans..

Tom has an answer - later swimming pools and water parks are great ways to beat the heat// but, there are a few things your should remember// here's more water safety tips in out health talk with baptist// 2.

Water and waterpark safety while enjoying the water during the summer, please remember to be safe to avoid a trip to the emergency room.


Drink plenty of fluids - it is easy to get dehydrated in the sun, especially if you are active and sweating.

Keep up with your fluids - particularly water - to prevent dehydration.

Dizziness, feeling lightheaded or nausea can be signs of dehydration and overheating.


Alcohol and water never mix - alcoalcohol is involved in numerous water- related injuries and up to half of all water-related deaths.

The statistics for teenage guys are particularly scary.

One half of all adolescent male drownings are tied to alcohol use.


If a child is missing, always check the water first, seconds count in preventing death or disability.

Know how and when to call 9-1-1.

There are also safety tips to remember if you or your kids go to a waterpark.


Of course you will do more splashing then swimming, but it is still just as important to know your own and your child's skill level at the water park as it is at the pool.

Read the warning signs.

Each area in the water park can have different depths of water so please pay attention.


If you or your children do not know how to swim, be sure to wear a coast guard- approved life jacket when necessary and be sure there is lifeguard supervision.

Join us next time for health talk with baptist when we will discuss boating safety.

Stinger west lowndes hoping to build on a playoff appearance from last year...adding some championship pedigree to the staff the preview, next in the high school football tour continues previewing region 2-1a...checking in with the west lowndes panthers head coach anthony king and company return to the gridiron following a successful 2019 campaign...while also adding some championship pedigree to the locker room ááááintro billboardááá west lowndes billboardááá west lowndes football is back and better than ever.

After a breakout winning season in 2019, the panthers want to continue building on the positive momentum that an 8-4 season brings.

Except for this year, head coach anthony king wants his team to do even more.

"we start off strong every year, but we kind of fade more towards the end," king said.

"this year, we want to finish and play all the way through."

Finishing strong this season starts with the defense for west lowndes.

Luckily for the panthers, they're learning from one the best football minds in mississippi: legendary three- time state champion head coach m.c.


"when you retire, it gets boring," miller said.

"you get bored at home sitting around doing nothing and you want something else to do.

Here i am up in west lowndes."

Miller is working to implement an aggressive defense at west lowndes.

Miller says that his past team's found success with the defense as the focus.

"that's the name of the game.

If you're going to hit and tackle, you're going to win the ballgame.

That's all i want to do--make contact.

I think these guys will make contact."

"he's pushing us hard," junior ath marquez shelton said.

"he's teaching us everything we need to know."

Coach king believes his 2020 team, might be the best team he's coached.

However, when it comes to making a deep run in the playoffs, king says keeping his team focused on football is it's own challenge.

"we're trying to turn west lowndes into a football program because everytime it gets colder and the ball gets dribbling guys pretty much want to stop playing football and get ready for basketball," king said."

"people overlook us in football and think we're just a basketball school.

We have to prove them wrong."

Shelton said.

"we're going to try and change that with football winning down the line.

That way they aren't going to think about basketball season until it's time for them to play," miller said.

West lowndes has its sights set on being one of the top four team's in 1a this season.

That begins for the panthers at home on august 21st against ethel.

Reporting in columbus on the high school football tour, courtney robb wcbi sports.

As sports organizations across the country work to determine when or if a season will start due to the covid-19 pandemic... mississippi juco football is making changes mississippi juco football's season opener has been pushed back two weeks...with opening night now set for september 10th juco football will be an eight game regular season....with the normal four team playoff format still in place the playoffs would begin november seventh, with the state championship scheduled for nomember

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