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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

India Ferrah from 'Drag Race' loves 'Too Hot To Handle' on Netflix

Credit: Page Six
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India Ferrah from 'Drag Race' loves 'Too Hot To Handle' on Netflix
India Ferrah from 'Drag Race' loves 'Too Hot To Handle' on Netflix
From puppies to wigs, India Ferrah reveals six obsessions to Page Six.

Since we are Page Six, what are six thingsthat you're currently obsessed with right now?It could be fashion, TV, anything.Oh my gosh, six things I'm obsessed with right now."All Stars" 5 (laughs)(upbeat dance music)Bam.Hair, I've been getting into doing more hair.I just recently styled this one.It's kind of old schoolbecause everyone's wearing lace fronts now.But this has that rooted hairline.Very that.So I've been getting back into that.Actually, I'm getting a little "Designing Women"from this wig.I love, love "Designing Women," yes.Susanne, if sex were fast food,there'd be an arch over your bed.(audience laughs)Sewing.When I was performing eight shows a weekend,I got away from sewingand I got away from that creative side of me'cause I was doing so many shows.Being able to get back into that is amazing.Food, I've definitely gained some quarantine weight.That is my, we'll move that to number one.The quarantine 15?Yeah, I've gained the quarantine 15 as well.I'm obsessed with our puppies right nowbecause we've actually gotten to spend time with themand get really close with that.How many is that, five?I think you got one more.I was obsessed with "Too Hot to Handle" on Netflix.That was very good.I want season two already.I would love that.Yes, the eye candy is beautiful.Oh, delicious.It's fun to watch hot peopletry to get control themselves.Exactly, and it's all about this little Alexa-type device.It's so good, so entertaining.


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