Couple Talks About Being in an Interracial Marriage

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Couple Talks About Being in an Interracial Marriage
Rodney tells KIMT he notices subtle signs of racism in the Med City

Story on kimt dot com./// staying with the topic of race, in 1967?

"* the u.s. supreme court ruled interracial marriage was legal.

That ruling came at a time when interracial unions were illegal in many individual states.

Pew research reports 17 percent of newlyweds have a spouse of a different race or ethnicity.

Blair sharp, who is white, wrote about her marriage to her black husband ?

"* rodney in a blog post.

She says that while rochester is diverse, her husband still notices subtle signs of racism.

"when we go out to eat they always slide the check to her side or i think i mentioned too people automatically assume i like sports.

I do love sports but without even knowing anything they'll start talking to me about oh did you watch this game?

Or did you watch that game?"

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