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Saturday, January 23, 2021


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- it's a historic day for - mississippi as the state- legislature - voted earlier today to adopt a- new state flag that will no - longer carry the confederate- emblem.

The senate finalized- the decision with a majority- ruling of 37-14.

The house vote- 91- - - - - 23 to move forward with the fla- bill.

- the bill now needs the signatur- of governor tate- reeves in order to go into- effect as law.- gov.

Reeves has stated he would- sign the flag bill if the - legislature approved it.- now, a nine-member commission - will be formed to - create a flag that will not - include a confederate - battle design.- many legislative leaders were - encouraged by the outcome of- today's proceedings.- - "i wish that there was others - who would - have been around to see this da- happen.

But i know because of - what they did then, i - think they feel their labor did- not go unnoticed.

"i was so - proud of our senators,- and proud of the house as well.- but our senators stepped up - today.

We had more- - - - republicans vote for this than- we did democrats.

It was- bipartisan from the - - - - very beginning."- the commission has until- september 14 to provide new fla- designs and submit them to the- secretary of state, and all - designs recommended must be - placed on the ballot in a - special election november


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