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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Anti-mask ordinance protest takes place outside Decatur City Hall

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Anti-mask ordinance protest takes place outside Decatur City Hall
Anti-mask ordinance protest takes place outside Decatur City Hall
Anti-mandatory mask ordinance protest takes place outside Decatur City Hall

In less than an hour.

If it passes - you'd face a fine of up to 500 dollars if you're not wearing a mask in public.

But there are exceptions - it would exempt children 2 years old and younger.

And you wouldn't have to wear a mask when eating or drinking... during a medical exam or procedure...or during hair care service when its necessecary to remove it... working out... or at places of worship.

A protest is scheduled to start in the next 20 minutes.

One of the groups taking part is the morgan county republicans.

They told waay 31 they believe the proposed mask ordinance is impeding on individual rights!

Waay 31's ashley carter joins us now after speaking with a member of the group - who says forcing people to wear a mask is unconstitutiona l.


The morgan county republicans treasurer told me he had no issue with the city council passing a resolution about wearing masks ... but he says making it mandatory to wear one is crossing the line.

He hopes this protest shows city leaders their views - and councilors will vote no on the mask ordinance.

> tom fredricks, morgan co.

Republicans: "i don't own a mask."

Me:why is that?

"i haven't bought one yet, i haven't been subjugated by my government to force me to do so, and if i am i'll have to take strong consideration into whether i want to become to the tip of the sphere and fight for the rights of the people."

Tom fredricks is the treasurer of the morgan county republicans .... he said he doesn't believe it's local officials place to make individuals wear a mask when out in public.... he says everyone should be responsible for themselves tom fredricks, morgan co.

Republicans: "it is not my job to keep you safe, it is your job to keep you safe.

And that mask that you see on that other individual is a false sense of security.

It isn't 100% effective, it isn't always going to protect you."

Fredricks says the reason for today's protest is to hopefully convince city leaders that having a city-wide masking ordinance isn't necessary and to vote no on the ordinance tonight.

Tom fredricks, morgan co.

Republicans: "these folks are out of their mind, they need to be brought into check, and if we can't do it immediately we can do it at the ballot box but folks keep an eye on your elected city officials and how they're trying to run your lives."

He says the issues with wearing mask has become political.

Tom fredricks, morgan co.

Republicans: "all you have to do is spend about 20 minutes on facebook and look at the deliniation of people who are supporting wearing masks mandatorily and those who are opposing it under the ospisis of liberty, those two groups are very clearly defined along political lines so if anybody is telling you that this isn't political based, they lack any sense of reality."

Fredricks says he intends to be here tonight to show support of the protest and his opposition of this mandatory mask ordinance.

The decatur city council meeting is set to begin in the next ad lib live in decatur ashley c waay


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