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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Prepping for the postseason in Iowa

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Prepping for the postseason in Iowa
Prepping for the postseason in Iowa
District playoffs begin this week for some North Iowa teams.

Abbreviated season./// it feels like baseball just started in north iowa, but playoffs are right around the corner.




"*t news sports zach gilleland joins me now and zach ?



"* the flying this has been the most difficult baseball season any of us has ever seen.

Every coach i've talked to this year has said this is unlike anything they've ever seen.

Baseball has been back in iowa for a little more than a month now, and just when teams start to get into a rhythym, the postseason is here ?


"* and makes for even more of an adjustment.xx "it's time to play baseball."

For the past month, iowa high schools have tried to deal with this pandemic while keeping everyone safe.

"it is so different for sure" this has been a unique season so far, with some schools not even suiting up a team.

But for how short of a year it's been, playoffs are right around the corner.

"it's just so strange that you're just starting to get into a flow and all of a sudden postseason is upon us, it's definitely a weird feel."

It's an adjustment for mason city's troy rood, who says getting off to a hot start is more important now than ever.

I just think as a hitter high school baseball usually if you get off to a slow start, usually you have some time to gain some traction and that's not how it was for anybody in the state.

You know if you get into a slump you know all of a sudden the season's over."

The swtich from regular season to postseason mode in the blink of an eye may be a challenge for some schools.

For mason city, their tough schedule has prepared them for this.

"every game is a meat grinder.

You know in our league, that's a tribute to our league but also for our kids, our kids have competed each night."

Even as covid?

"* 19 cases continue to climb, rood is hoping

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