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Monday, June 17, 2024


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Governor talks about his decision and what's next for the bluegrass state.

#### breaking now- a temporary restraining stg order r -- just issued against governor beshear -- over the mask mandate.

What it means for kentuckians.

### re-opening local schools --- another district outlines their plans for the fall.

The big changes students and parents can expect.

### developing now- unemployment levels in the country skyrocket --- as we see a new surge in coronavirus cases.

We break down the newest numbers.

### and a brutal beating caught on camera.

What we've learned tonight about the young tri-state victim and the attackers.

"today i signed an executive order that starting tomorrow at 5pm, going to mandate that kentuckians in public in certain situations must wear a facial covering or mask."

Breaking as we come on the air tonight------ kentucky governor andy beshear mandating the wearing of masks -- in*most public places across the commonwealth.

That executive orders means --- "no mask - no service" for kentuckians -- shopping -- conducting business indoors where there is contact with the public-- or even outside where 6-feet of distance isn't possible.

And within the past few hours a kentucky judge granted a temporary restraining order against governor beshear over that order.

More on that and my exclusive interview with the governor --- but first let's look at the new coronavirus cases -- here in the tri-state.

Another high day -- with an additional one hundred- 10 patients battling the virus.

The bulk of those in our indiana communities -- with 6.

Vanderburgh county -- sees double the normal daily count -- 46 new cases.

That's a single day record for vanderburgh... across the ohio --- 14 in daviess county --- and 12 in henderson.

That's just part of our western kentucky county count -- of 43.

There are no new illinois cases to report tonight.

Turning back to the major announcement coming out of kentucky.

In a 44news exclusive -- i spoke with governor beshear -- via skype -- about the decision to move the bluegrass into this new phase of requirements.

Despite -- the push back being seen in other states -- under similar measures.

"we don't wait for things to get out of control before we act.

When the indication shows that the virus is growing, we take strong aggressive action.

And while for, really even months we had seen a plateau in the virus, meaning it was under control and we could do more things.

Now, we are seeing a steady growth.

Now, that growth isn't like the other states like florida, texas, arizona where we are seeing that exponential growth.

But it is enough to know, we can not allow ourselves to get in the situation that we are seeing in those states.

This is about strong action, to address it now, to protect the lives and health of our people, to keep our economy reopened."

"goldman sachs talked about the fact that if people would wear masks, it would save 5% of the country's gdp.

In kentucky, that is $10 billion dollars that is contingent on us following the rules and regulations.

Through these mandates we have got the best chance of getting our schools open and keeping them opened.

It is on us folks.

It is about whether we will care enough about each other to do a few things that feel a little uncomfortable."

Money does talk.

Governor you have put in the mandates that you think will best carry kentucky through this.

But there is mask mayhem across the country -- that debate should you or can you mandate it.

Do you think there needs to be unified sweeping mandates across the country from the white house - that put everybody on the same page and protect kentuckians who are traveling out of state?

"i can't control what the white house does, but i can certainly control what the state house does.

From the very beginning my pledge has been no politics, we are just going to do what is right.

Whether it is popular or unpopular.

We are going to do what is right.

This is about the fact that someone's decision not to wear a mask might not hurt them, but it might kill somebody that they don't even know that they have come into contact with.

Or it spread from them to somone else to someone else.

Look it is a little uncomfortable, but that is a small price to pay for living your faith.

Loving your neighbors as yourself.

Being your brother or your sister's keeper.

This is what we are called to do.

This is a type of goodness, this is a type of kindness for folks to exhibit at these times.

Coming up on 44news at 6 --- watch the*full interview with kentucky's top leader.

Find out what governor beshear - had to say when asked -- if he was ready to send*his children back to the classroom.

Kentucky's attorney general -- fighting the mandate -- with a temporary restraining order against governor beshear.

This afternoon --- a scott county -- circuit court judge's ruling -- granting the request-- saying --- in order to issue and enforce covid-19 executive orders... the governor must specify the exact state of emergency requiring the executive order-- the location of the emergency... and name of the local emergency management agency.... a day after president trump threatens to cut off funding to schools if they do not fully reopen, owensboro school leaders met today to discuss the 20-21 school year.

Chief western kentucky bureau reporter erran huber is in owensboro with more on the plans there.

Some kids are better at being able to adjust to masks and things.

My older grandson may not be one of those.

We may need to figure out something that works for him a little bit better.

But marlaine chase--doesn't just have family in kentucky's school systems. she also works as a teacher assistant--so she's keeping a careful eye across the commonwealth on how classes are shaping up for the fall.

Including in owensboro.

I think we're doing a great job getting the input from our families, from our staff.

Our new superintendent is fantastic.

New tonight-- owensboro public school's leaders are weighing a series of options--for both in person and online lessons.

Gathering feedback and asking parents to make some tough choices-- for the best return to the classroom.

In front of the board or in front of the computer.

That's a similar approach to what's happening in hopkins county for their students.

As the county-- already hard hit by covid-19--is dealing with another rise.

The second spike.

And we're kinda seeing that right now... now that things have opened up, this is going up a little sharper than we would have liked.

Owensboro public schools board members do expect to have a plan finalized by july 24.

While the hope is to have in person classes for everyone.

A virtual only option will be part of that plan.

In owensboro.

Eh 44news fairfield community high school is stopping all athletic activities -- due to covid-19 concerns the illinois district -- taking to facebook to announce the halt.

The post says -- no student or staff member tested positive--*but one of the high school athlete's family members may have been exposed to someone with the virus.

Sports workouts will resume --- monday.

Doctor anthony fauci weighing in tonight on the most recent surge in coronavirus cases in states across the country he says coronavirus cases are rising because some are not following public health recommendatio ns.

While some leaders have rolled back parts of their reopening plans- there's political oppositions to another full shut down.

"i think any state that is having a serious problem, that state should seriously look at shutting down."

Governors in some of the hardest hit states have asked the white house for help with a shortage of doctors and nurses.

Congressional democrats say more federal relief is needed right away.

If you love sitting in saunas-- you can get in one today--for free-- by simply stepping outside..

Something i'm trying to do as little as possible today-- here's storm team 44 chief meteorologist cameron hopman --- with a look at when we might get some relief.

New tonight---- two young men under arrest -- accused of violently beating - another young man.

Right now police need your help -- to bring the other men responsible to justice.

44news reporter kory kempf has the story -- from madisonville.

Madisonville police have charged two individuals on felony assault charges, after videos began circulating on facebook depicting the apparent assault.

The incident happened at the parkway plaza mall parking lot in madisonville on sunday night.

It is unclear what started the fight, but in video obtained by 44 news, several individuals can be seen violently kicking a person who was lying on the ground.

"he advised that he was thrown on the ground and assaulted by several people.

Officers went ahead and conducted different interviews and were able to secure video footage of the alleged assault as well.

" the 19-year old victim was taken to the hospital after the assault, but has since been released.

" right now, our officers are still conducting more interviews as we speak.

And so what they're doing is trying to determine everyone who was in the video and who took part in that assault so we can pursue charges later on."?so far, police have arrested 20-year old edward brown, as well as one juvenile.

They are currently working to identify other suspects seen in the video?

"mr. brown was arrested for assault second degree, which is a class c felony in the state of kentucky, which carries between five and ten years in state penitentiary."

And this is not brown first run-in with the law.

Officials say he had been arrested earlier last month on similar charges.

They are asking for anyone with information surrounding the july fifth incident, to please contact the madisonville police department.

"the public has actually been very outspoken on this, and has provided us with several names and at this point we're trying to verify the names of those individuals and talk to them and see what their role in this incident was.

" reporting in madisonville, kory kempf.

44 news.

100-thousand dollars- that's the price an evansville man will have to pay to be released from jail police say ebon ellis posted to facebook wednesday a video threatening to shoot police and city leaders.

During the video, he was also encouraging others to carry out acts of violence against public officials.

Police say once he was questioned he continued to make threats.

He is now facing three felonies and still remains in the vanderburgh county jail.

Coming up on 44new at 5- census door knockers could soon be coming to your doorstep what you should look out for plus--- the f-d-a releasing - a new warning regarding hand sanitizers.

What they say should be recalled.

If you live in indiana you can expect to have a visitor soon.

Over the next few weeks --- census door knockers will soon fan out across the state.

44news reporter marisa patwa - takes a look at why you should answer the call.

Census day 2020 was all set to take place in april -- and then covid-19 hit."

Now -- things are picking back up -- door knockers starting july 23rd target the homeless population "we'll facilitate and set up venues where they can come out -- folks can come in and have an orderly fashion certainly with the social spacing and the masks and can come in and actually fill out the census on the laptop on cite where we bring it to them."

As of wednesday -- indiana overall response rate is at 66 percent and dubois county at 78 percent--the highest in our area... vanderburgh at 66.- but committee members say they are hoping for more responses "there are some pockets and some neighborhoods in evansville that's below that average and that's what gives us some calls for concerns."

Door knockers of knocking)) will wear a mask and stay out of the home.

But with so much personal information needed to fill out the form -- it not just physical safety that is at risk -- "if they're asking maybe for banking information, social security or if they tell you there is some type of fee associated -- then you know they're fraudulent."

While filling out the form might seem tedious -- it's essential..

It's like you have a slice of the pie and if we don't get a full and complete count well then that slice goes somewhere else -- and then we miss that opportunity."

The forms are due in october reporting in evansville marisa patwa 44news.

New at 5 --- the university of evansville announcing plans --- to help students with the financial burden - caused by the pandemic.

One of the proposals --- calls for reduced tuition rates -- for recent graduates seeking a second degree.

And for new transfer students -- intending to live on campus -- they will also receive free housing for the semester.

The 90 degree streak --- we've been talking about all week-- still going strong.

It's day eight-- but will we keep it going-- i know jessica is ready for it to end-- here's storm team 44 meteorologist cameron hopman -- and cam-- it's going to be close-- tomorrow-- new at 5- the supreme court sides with a manhattan district attorney... granting full access to the president's tax returns.

However- they rejected efforts for house democrats to get a hold of the files while returning the case to the lower courts for review.

The case has no immediate end date and it is unlikely that voters will have knowledge of the president's tax returns before november elections.

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Dipping this week-- to one point three million-- but while claims are going down --week to week--- the number of americans receiving unemployment benefits right now--*at an all time high.

And experts say --- those numbers could fluctuate-- as several large industries-- including retail and air travel -- are expected to lay off thousands of workers -- in the coming weeks and months.

"the labor market has been turned on its head.

Before this crisis, there were a million more job openings than unemployed workers.

Now there are millions more unemployed workers."

People across the nation-- still experiencing delays-- as several state agencies-- including here in the tri-state remain overwhelmed by the record number of claims. get ready to check those hand sanitizer labels-- we'll let you know --- what products the f- d-a says -- should be recalled.

And the dangerous ingredient to look for on your label-- coming up after the break tonight at 5--- a new warning regarding hand sanitizer -- to tell you about tonight.

The f-d-a discovered more than two dozen types of sanitizer -- contains wood alcohol-- which creates the toxin-- methanol.

Methanol has been linked to reports of blindness-- hospitalization s-- and even death.

The products are from the mexico-based company -- "4-e global"-- many carry the "blu- men" label thanks for making us your choice in news.

Don't forget to join us at six -- for my full -- exclusive interview

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