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Friday, July 30, 2021

Masks, camera, action! Film crews slowly restart

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Masks, camera, action! Film crews slowly restart
Masks, camera, action! Film crews slowly restart

Film crews are tentatively resuming production in California with state-designated safety protocols in place.

Lisa Bernhard produced this report.

As Hollywood struggles to get back to work, a new power player has emerged on the set: the safety monitor, who makes sure proper protocols are in place.

Producer Christopher Acebo – whose film "7th and Union" was among the first projects up and running – explains.

"Right now, our safety monitors have the power to stop our filming.

If someone doesn't feel safe, if someone doesn't feel that someone else is complying with the rules that have been set up, they can speak with the EMT or the COVID manager and we have to stop and deal with that issue as it comes up." With safety guidelines set by the set by the state of California, Hollywood film sets – like many other workplaces – have taken on a new look.

"We have a situation where we are making a movie and also having to wear masks, also having to stay six feet away from each other, as well as adhere to a variety of safety protocols and temperature checks in the morning and also everybody on set getting tested for COVID." "7th and Union" is an immigrant story about an unlikely friendship and costars Edy Ganem, best known for the Lifetime series, "Devious Maids." The filmmakers deliberately drew up their production schedule to leave extra time for unexpected roadblocks, and are keeping scenes as simple as possible.

"Part of what we are doing right now is we are doing a lot of the smaller scenes, the scenes that require the least amount of cast members at first and then we're in open space and open locations so that's also been really, really helpful." They are hoping to wrap production within the next two weeks and have the film completed by October.


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