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Midmorning with Aundrea - July 20, 2020 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning with Aundrea - July 20, 2020 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning with Aundrea - July 20, 2020 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

(Part 1 of 2.

Originally aired June 24, 2020) Los Angeles International Airport is instituting a pilot program using thermal cameras to spot passengers who may be exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

And we talk with two area coaches to see how minority coaches are represented on the field.

And Apple is bringing its new products conference online.

Salo los angeles international airport is starting a pilot program that uses thermal cameras to spot passengers with a fever.

The hope is to identify travelers with the coronavirus.

But researchers warn temperature checks alone will ánotá catch every passenger with the virus.

Kris van cleave gives us a look.

Fever hunting thermal cameras now live at lax& the airport is testing how well three different systems spot passengers with a temperature of 100.4 or higher as they pass by.

Flyers flagged for fever will be tested again by a medical professional on the spot.

"our ability to spo people with covid systems// is so critical to stopping its spread to ensuring people can travel safely."

But harvard researchers warned temperature screenings could miss two thirds of coronavirus cases.

And this reopening document from airports and airlines says the screenings "hav not proved to be 100% effective" bu "can play a usefu role in reassuring the travelling public" lax's interim ceo justin erbaci isn't this just safety theater?

This is not meant to catch everybody.

It's just another layer of protection that we have, on top of many other layers, to try to do all we can to make sure that our airports are clean, healthy and safe qatar airways resumes lax service next week--its flight attendants are wearing head to toe ppe, but its ceo calls pre-flight temperature checks: look, i think this is another pr exercise//we are only doing this to satisfy ourselves/ the science doesn't prove that you need to do a temperature check but we do.

Seattle's paine field was the first u-s airport to launch temperature checks.

Frontier airlines started screening passengers at boarding this month.

Kris van cleave, cbs news, washington.

A florida man has received the gift of life ..twice&.from the same family.

In a rare set of kidney transplants , a husband and wife donated their organs to the same man , 16 years apart.

Naomi ruchim has their story.

Jeffrey granger and terri herrington have an extraordinary bond.

They are family.

Not friends, they are family.

It began 16 years ago when terri's husband bryan died in a work accident.

His organs were donated to four people including jeffrey, who was suffering with diabetes complications.

He received bryan's pancreas and a kidney.

Just knowing that their lives are moving forward and that they're growing and that they're, they're living life.

Seeing that is a healing process terri and jeffrey met a year after the transplant and remained very close.

Then last year, jeffre, jeffrey's donated kidney began to fail.

I didn't want to call terri but i did.

I wanted her to be one of the first ones to know and she said don't worry about it.

You'll get mine.

I was like you are crazy girl!


But i ended up with it.

The transplant was performed at university of florida shands hospital.

Doctor kenneth andreoni says with more than 100-thousand people waiting for a kidney in this country, living donors are critical to address the shortage.

In most situations, a person who receives a living donor kidney will have that organ last nearly twice as long as if they received the average deceased donor graft.

Terri and jeffrey hope more people will give to others if they can.

If they're healthy, and there's somebody that needs it /step up and get tested to see if you can be a living donor.

If one person gets saved with this story right here, i think we've we've met some kind of goal.

But the more the merrier.

They're both grateful to be able to make more memories together..

Naomi ruchim, cbs news.

About one-third of all kidney transplants performed in the u.s. are from living-donors.

When we come back, more of our conversation with local mid morning we continue our conversation with two area high school coaches this morning.

Wcbi's chris bolton looks at how minority coaches are represented on the field 3 sec nat pop year in and year out, the best high school athletes in the state move on to the next level to play football.

However, the athletes aren't able to reach those heights without coaching..which raises the question, can the same level of progression be said for the high school football coaching ladder?

Jones: "you jus look around the state of mississippi, we talk about this too now as coaches, not many black head coaches are at premiere programs. you take jps out of the whole scenario, jackson public schools, how many head black 6a coaches are there in the game right now?"

In the 2019 postseason, starkville's chris jones was the only black head coach in the 6a north region.

Of the 60 plus schools in the wcbi viewing area of north mississippi and west alabama, 11 have a black head coach.

Jones: "me jus being in my position, a young black coach at starkville high school, this ain't normal..sometime s, we just don't get a chance.

It's not that we can't coach or don't know as much as the other guys.

Sometimes we just don't get that opportunity, and the opportunity doesn't present itself because you were never given the opportunity to advance in your field.

We only hired you to coach receivers.

We didn't hire you to be the coordinator to run the whole offense.

You know what?

That's someone who's a good young oc who'll be a good head coach one day.

Along with jones, tupelo head coach ty hardin makes it a point to hire a diverse coaching staff that best represents his players.

Both hardin and jones believe improving diversity in the head coaching ranks is the future for high school football.

Hardin: "the blac head coaches we have in the state of mississippi are probably the best in the nation right now.

We need more of them and we're creating more of them.

A lot of these guys that are assistant coaches at places are going to be head coaches very soon...they can talk about issues that or real life issues that people in my color can't.

They can sit down and talk about it because they have experienced it."

Jones: "honestly, i you don't want to be a head coach one day, i don't even want you a part of this staff.

I know with a head coach grind eventually you will get there one day.

You might be a receivers coach now, but with a head coach mentality, your ownership of your position group will be different.

Your grind will be different so when you leave me, this kid right here will be a great coach and just so happens he's black."

As change, growth, and progression continues to spread across our every day lives, jones believes in due time, the coaching landscape will reflect the same.

Jones: "it's level to everything.

If we just keep taking the proper steps, we'll get there."

Reporting in columbus, chris bolton.

Wcbi sports.

We recently celebrated a day just for dads.

That;s when cbs's errol barnett spoke with a dad who says he's out to shatter a stereotype.

When sean williams moved to this mostly white area of long island, he says his neighbors would often compliment him for spending time with his own kids.

"and why does tha bother you?"

"the stereotype i just not true // to get a compliment about sticking around for your child or being an active dad is just insane."

Black fathers are more than just present -- according to the cdc black fathers who live with their kids, bathe, dress, or diaper their kids every day more than other group.

Retrack: so williams is showcasing this reality with his organization called "the da gang."

With the goal of bringing black fathers together& a stroller squad sharing tips and advice.

With a huge social media following williams also promotes heart- warming moments of black fatherhood& from dancing& to reunions..

And graduations.

"i hope it sticks i the minds of those who thought we were mia // "tha despite what the world says, despite the stereotypes that are out there, we are dad goals."

Jumping into a modern image of black fatherhood.

Errol barnett, cbs news, long island, new york.

A change in the way your iphone screen looks.

An update from apple next on mid morning, apple is doing what the rest of us are doing when it comes to meeting.

And that's taking their world wide developers conference online.

There are updates to it operating system and ways to organize your apps on your iphone.

There's also a handwashing sensor on the iwatch.

The conference is a gathering of programmers from around the world who create the content that fuels what apple calculates is a half-trillion- dollar app-based economy.

John dickerson sat down with ceo tim cook ahead of apples's latest announcements.

Well, if you're a consumer-- you find out some of the-- your most favorite software features are-- are announced there.

Developer you get some new technology that you can incorporate in your app and make your app even better.

And if you're somebody like me that sort of steps back and looks at it all, you see the intersection of technology and the liberal arts and it really makes your heart sing.

John dickerson: 00:05:26 so are you among your people there when this happens?

Tim cook: 00:05:29 oh yes.

Oh yes.


If it were physical i'd be right there with everybody else.

2 - but the conference will not be physical this year - for the same reason we're doing this interview 2,500 miles apart, it's a consequence of covid-19.

Apple will host a virtual conference, promising more than just a grainy workaround: they're promising to innovate the form.

& natsot - steve jobs 2007 iphone presentation 3 - apple's iphone, introduced in 2007, has transformed not just communication, but nearly every aspect of our lives.

And the iphone has helped make apple one of the wealthiest companies in the world with a market capitalization comparable to the gross domestic products of australia, spain, or even saudi arabia.

John dickerson 27:54 apple has a market cap of about $1.4 trillion &what is the role of the ceo in a socially responsible company that has that kind of size in the world?

Tim cook: 00:28:22 you know, there was a time-- that many years ago where ceos were just supposed to focus on profits only and not so much the constituencies.

And that's never been my view.

I've never subscribed to that.


Com/speaking-up- on-racism/ 5 - cook recently posted a atement on apple's home page addressing the death of george floyd at the hands of minneapolis police - an incident that may well have gone unnoticed if not for cell phone video.

áyear fonts on selma and birmingham footageá john dickerson: 00:22:47 do you ever reflect on the role the iphone has played in being able to record moments like the nearly nine minutes that-- george floyd was-- had an officer's knee on his neck?

Tim cook: 00:23:02 we are humbled by it.

We are humbled by it.

If you-- if you look back in time, some of the most dramatic societal changes have occurred because someone captured video.

//cut// this is true about things that happened in birmingham, it was true about things that happened in-- in selma.

00:23:28 //cut// the thing that has changed though and we're very proud of this is that we put a camera in everybody's pocket.

//cut// and so it becomes much tougher as a society i believe to-- to convince themselves that it didn't happen or that it was-- or that it didn't-- or that it happened in a different manner or-- or whatever it might be.

And, you know, i think fundamentally-- this one will change the world.

ápossible trim if absolutely needá 6 - tim cook has been apple's ceo for nearly a decade now, and he is the product of a very different world.

He was born in 1960 in small-town robertsdale, alabama.

John dickerson: 00:25:11 do you remember your first experience with racism?

Tim cook: 00:25:21 i remember, john, as if it were yesterday, seeing doors that said-- and it's-- sometime it had been tried to scratch through, whites only.

//cut// and fundamentally not understanding how people could convince themselves that this was right, that-- that-- that this was a way to act.

//cut// i do believe optimistically this is one of those moments that we could make significant progress.

For-- for so many things it seems like there's such slow progress.

And then all the sudden there's a giant leap.

//cut// john dickerson: 00:26:38 you wanna make that leap bigger.

Tim cook: 00:26:42 that's exactly right.

áheadline graphic: https://www.bloom icles/2014-10-30/tim- cook-speaks-up 7 - six years ago, cook took a leap of his own - becoming the first openly gay fortune 500 ceo.

John dickerson: 00:26:44 the supreme court recently said that-- in the-- that there can no longer be disorientation against people-- based on their orientation.

What was your reaction to that?

Tim cook: 00:27:02 i was incredibly grateful for the-- for their opinion.

And-- and i applaud the-- the justices who stood up and-- and did that.

8- cook's outspokenness on civil rights has put him on what might appear to be a collision course with president donald trump.

John dickerson: 00:37:48 in your interactions with donald trump you have a lot of issues that apple cas about.

But the administration also has policies on immigration, on human rights that are totally antithetical to your personal views.

How do you work that out and-- do you bring up some of these issues with donald trump in your conversations?

Tim cook: 00:38:21 of course i do.

And on-- on that issue, my mind, as i said before, all roads lead to equality.

Believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.

It's basically that simple.

And that we-- that we start life on this equal footing and then the people that work hard can-- can get ahead and those sorts of things.

But we should start life on-- on an equal footing.

And-- i-- i long for that day.

9 - there is one issue, however, where cook appears to see eye-to-eye with the president: keeping corporate taxes low.

John dickerson: 00:39:05 what is the metric you think about in terms of your desire to be socially responsible and-- your fiduciary duty to keep basically paying as low taxes as possible?

Tim cook: 00:39:29 well, our responsibility is to pay what we owe.

Just p-- plain and simple.

//cut// john dickerson: 00:40:26 //cut// is there a way in which the value proposition you've been talking about-- operates when it comes to-- to paying taxes?

Tim cook: 00:40:39 well, you can see that we do a lot more than pay taxes.

//cut// we turn the company upside down to help the world on covid.

00:40:56 //cut// and donated all of that, hundreds of millions of dollars.

And-- and so i-- i think-- my own view is you pay what you owe in taxes.

And then you give back to society.

And-- and apple is clearly doing that.

10 -covid-19 is impacting more than apple's bottom line.

Take a look at apple's multi-billion dollar california headquarters: it's nearly empty.

And tim cook would like nothing more than to get his people back under one gleaming roof.

Tim cook: 00:15:04 that is the biggest challenge i would say in-- in what we're dealing with.

That i worry that we'll be missing is that-- is the serendipity that we all count on.

And-- and so that-- for that reason i can't wait until we're all back together again.

John dickerson: 00:17:05 we are all called in the age of covid-19 to tolerate extraordinary uncertainty.

How has it been managing that both in terms of products and also your employees, the uncertainty of the world we live in now.

Tim cook: 00:17:25 well, you know, people-- generally just dislike uncertainty.

I would say as a general rule.

I know very few people that thrive on uncertainty.

They try to take an uncertain thing and make it a bit more certain.

They do that by estimating where things are going, by predicting the worst that can happen and the best that can happen.

And we have done all of those things, i would tell you.

But-- but the most important tim cook: 00:05:00 well, if you're a consumer-- you a ersation with

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