What you need to know: July 27

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What you need to know: July 27

What you need to know: July 27

Good morning, North State.

Here's what you need to know to start your day on July 27.

Glenn county deputies arrested anthony francis jr. who is now facing murder charges.

The county sheriff's office says it responded to a call in willows, just after midnight saturday.

Deputies arrived to find a woman unconscious.

They said they were unable to revive her as the woman had severe trauma .### one man is dead - another behind bars... and police are starting this week with plenty of questions about a middle of the afternoon shooting!

It all happened in chico about 12:30 sunday afternoon - on west 9th street and cedar streets.

Chico police say they got a call of shots fires.

Chico police say the person arrested is a "possible suspect" action news now is working to learn the identity of the victim.

In the modoc national forest..

The caldwell fire has burned over 13 thousand acres..

And is zero percent contianed..

Evacuation orders are now in effct for parts of (too - lee) lake tulelake.

That includes areas south of highway 1-39, including "coutny road 120 to 124".### in lassen county: the "gold fire" is still burning near "adin"(aiden) burning for a week now, the fire has scorched over 21-thousand acres.

It is now 45- percent contained.

This morning, evacutation orders remain in effect.### also in lassen county..

Crews are working to put out the hog fire..

Burning just west of susanville..

This fire is now 52% perecent contained and has burned more than 95 hundred acres.

The alert for unhealthy air quality in lassen county remains in place.

And in siskyou county: crews are making final push to contain the badger fire..

That fire is now 95-percent contained and has burned over 500 acres.

The fire started up near yreka over a week ago..

In washington, dc, lawmakers and the white house are split about how to help out-of-work americans.

House democrats passed a bill that may keep the extra 600- dollars-a-week in unemployment benefits through january.

Also in the bill another 12- hundred dollar stimulus check and a four-month extension of the eviction moratorium.

That bill would have to gain senate approval.

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