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Saturday, January 28, 2023

072720 11 pm

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072720 11 pm
072720 11 pm
072720 11 pm

Z3z3yoyo z8z z1616fz yoy3yo8y8y16 y16fyfy yoy3yo8y8y16 y16fyfy switch over to abc 36....tom kenny and i will have more news coming up at eleven.

Now at 11...moving backward.

Restaurants prepare to reduce capacity and bars get ready to close...all to keep kentucky from becoming the next coronavirus hot spot.

Plus...bad seeds.

Why kentucky's agriculture commissioner saysthe strange seeds people in severa states are randomly receiving in the mail.

Jason: i have some good news for you and your family.

I'm tracking cooler temperatures and lower humidity.

I'm tracking it all in my seven day forecast.

Good evening.

We're glad you're here tonight.

I'm veronica jean seltzer.

And i'm tom kenny.

In our top story at 11... the number of covid-19 cases have been going up for weeks in kentucky.

Right now in the state..

There are at least 27,601 positive cases of covid-19.

Governor beshear announced 522 new cases just today.

He says..

Twenty-one of the cases were from children ages 5 and younger.... including a four- month-old from jessamine county and a 9-month-old from bullitt county.

According to governor beshear the positivity rate is currently... 5 point 58 percent.

The governor also announced..

Nine new deaths today.

The total number of people who have died from the coronavirus in the commonwealth is now..


Because the numbers..

Continue to escalate..

Goveror andy beshear is ordering bars to close again... and he's reducing dining-in... at restaurants even more.

Abc 36's monica harkins talked to a bar and a restaurant in lexington about today's changes.

"drinks sounds" "daniel: not surprised unfortunately."

At whiskey bear in the summit in'll find co-owners and couple daniel and florence marlowe.

"daniel: i think it is probably the necessary thing to, you know, really try to curb the spread of the virus."

Closing up for at least two weeks ....per the governor's new order..

"daniel:we're willing to do whatever is necessary to support the health of the community and our guests and our staff.

But it's hard.

It's really hard."

He says it's also hard to see this image the governor showed at his monday briefing....a row of bars at the pavillion in downtown lexington from over the weekend...marlowe was infuriated.

"daniel: that's probably the most frustrating part, you know, for those of us who have done everything, everything within our power to make sure everybody's safe to follow all of the rules and then to see other people who put just their personal profit among above the greater good."

Making cocktails nat pop but whiskey bear isn't completely shut down it's turned to offering its cocktails to go to help generate some extra money.

Around the corner from the summit sits mi pequeña hacienda its had the same owners since '96...and they say dealing with the pandemic rollcoaster hasn't been easy.

"lorena: a lot of stress julian: a lot of stress."

Governor beshear also announcing monday indoor seating at restaurants must be reduced to 25% capacity....the lowest its been since restaurants were allowed to reopen.

Lorena: "for us it means we're going to be worried about how we're going to pay the bills because less seating means less money, less turned over tables."

Outdoor seating is not affected in governor beshear's mandate as long as customers socially distance...the gallegos are thankful they can stay open and continue to serve their loyal customers.

"lorena: it's gonna be very devastated but we will try to survive.

Survival, yes, this is just..hopefully just two weeks," two weeks and two things to watch...will the virus numbers come down and will people follow the rules to slow the spread.

In lexington monica harkins abc 36 news.

### some bars and restaurants aren't waiting for the governor's order to take effect.they're closing their doors right away.

Fs img quote:'crossings' shutting down early lexington ..

"let's hunker down again and try to get our rates ... soon after the governor announced the new rules today.lexington bar "crossings" announced it would close tonight at 9 p-m.

The bar thanked its supporters online and wrote "let's hunker down again and try to get our rates back under control".

It told patrons it will update them on a reopening plan when staff can assess new requirements and recommendations.

### during his coronavirus briefing today, governor beshear recommended all public and private schools wait at least until the third week of august to begin in- person classes because of the virus surge.

Fayette county, like many school districts, is beginning the year with online learning only and we now know when those classes will begin.

The first day of school in fayette county will be august 26th...two weeks later than the original starting date after the board of education tonight unanimously approved the school calendar for the upcoming year.

The last day of school is set for may 13th.

Spring break will be march 29th through april 2nd.

And, ten minutes has been added to the school day, according to the report.

Last week the board voted to begin the school year with non-traditional instruction...or n-t- i...which is online learning from home.

The district will continue to monitor the coronavirus situation with hopes of eventually getting students back into the classroom for in- person instruction or a combination of in-person and online learning.

After the governor's recommendation to move the start date for schools..

Anderson county schools announced this evening..

That its first day for students will now be tuesday, september 8, for in- person classes, virtual and hybrid learning.

According to the district...if the decision is made later to begin the year using n-t-i for all students...families will be contacted about technology pick-up between august 24th and september third.

Fs img txt bullets:no wifi access request clark county school district clark co public schools.png -stu ... the clark county school district.., is asking local businesses for hel district says families with students have the option..

Of starting the school year with virtual learning... and chromebooks are being issued to every third to 12th grader.

But the district says a lot of families don't have access to the internet... or can't afford it.

The superinter.

District's technology director..

Are now asking businesses in the county..

To allow students to use their wifi -- either in the buildings of the business, or in the parking lots.

Weather animation forcht bank sky view here's a live look at the forcht bank skyview with current temperatures.

Hour-by-hour radio forecast listen for theo.

Abc36 storm team forecasts on these radio stations.

Short weather in mccracken county..

State police have restored order..

Restored order..

After a disturbance at the mccracken county juvenile storm team forecasts on these radio stations.

Current temperatures.

Hour-by-hour forecast here's what you can expect, hour-by- hour.

Radio forecast listen for the abc36 storm team forecasts on these radio stations.

Short weather in mccracken county..

State police have restored order..

After a disturbance at the mccracken county juvenile detention.

According to k-s-p... it received a call from the center aroundt..

About a handful of teenagers..

Destroying property, after negotiations with them reportedly failed.

State police say..

Order was restored shorteldy after troopers arrived.

According to ksp..

A staff member of the detention center was treated for minor injuries as a result of the incident..

But there were no other injuries reported.

Ots image:left suspect search & an arrest police-tape-lights-generic1... a search continues for a second suspect...and a teenager is charged..

After shots were fired today..

On old todds road near french quarter square in lexington according police..

18-year-old rashaad charged with trafficking marijuana and carrying a deadly concealed weapon... police say an officer heard gunshots this morning around 11:30 and then..

Found a car with several bullet holes.

Investigators say witnesses told them someone ran from the scene... officers say that was clay.

They found him nearby and arrested him.

Police say witnesses told them another man was also involved...and they're still looking for him.

Two people are now charged after a chase in clay county.

According to sheriff's office..

23-year-old james helton and 19-year- old alexius sizemore were arrested yesterday after a chase on north highway 421.

Deputies say..

The two were speeding..

In a truck , that had been reported stolen.

According to investigators..

The chase after them, ended..

After they crashed into a vehicle on little bullskin road.

The sheriff's office says..

The two jumped out of the truck..

And took off running..

But deputies later caught up with them.

In your nation view..

People from around the world..

Are remembering representative john lewis.

The civil rights legend and congressman died this month at the age of 80.

As reena roy reports..


Lewis' body was taken to the u-s capitol today, where it is now lying in state, after a weekend of events celebrating his life and legacy.

Abc's reena roy has the latest from washington.

Intro: john lewis was known as the conscience of congress and today he made his final trip here to the nation's capital for a special honor reserved for america's most prominent leaders.

Script: the body of john lewis was led by police escort on a touching farewell tour of some of washington's most iconic landmarks.

The martin luther king memorial.

The national museum of african american history and blacks live matter plaza where he made one of his last public appearances.

A final journey 's capital..before lying in state at the capitol rotunda.

Pelosi: here in congress, john was revered and beloved on both sides of the aisle.

On both sides of the capitol.

The civil rights icon represented georgia in the house for more than 30 years.

Where today lawmakers in the lower chamber unanimously voted to rename a voting rights bill after him.

A fitting tribute for the man credited with changing history.

Mcconnell: we pray and trust that this peacemaker himself now rests in peace former vice president biden and vice president pence paying their respects as lewis lies in state..

However president trump says he will not.

The two had a contentious relationship..lewis skipped trump's inaugural and each of his state of the union addresses except this years.

In lewis' home state of rose petals scattered on the edmund pettus bridge where he marched and bled for the right to vote on march 7th 1965 the date later became known as bloody sunday.

This past sunday he crossed that bridge one last time.

Nats- horses walking lewis returned to the bridge in selma year after year, bringing bi-partisan delegations with him.

Most notably - in 2015 with president obama, who credited lewis with helping to make his presidency possible.

Lewis wasn't just a powerful advocate for african- american rights.

He was widely admired because of his principled stand for justice for all groups, including for the rights of lgbtq americans, the parents and children of immigrants held in camps while seeking asylum, and for the many victims of gun violence in america.

Reena roy tag: lewis' body will be taken outside of the capitol tomorrow where he will lie in state and people can pay their respects while still staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Reena roy abc news new york.

Still ahead..

The rising number of covid cases in lexington..

Plus where you can go this week..

If you need to get tested for the virus.

And also ahead....back to school spending expected to climb... even with most classes online.

Weather reopen c1 3 a project perfect for your little ones!

We'll walk you through what you need to make a tooth fairy pillow!

C1 3 weather toss at the desk.

Main weather ad-libbing after weather.

Ots image:right coronavirus in lexington coronavirus 4.jpg in lexington... there were 98 new c1 3 and the wind it's calm some of you could wake up tomorrow morning to some forms of drive carefully as you head off to your destination ... temperatures from across central and eastern kentucky mainly in the 70s it 73 as i mentioned a lexington same thing in danvill it ... 79 in london our friends and neighbors in monticello 76 it 77 ... in hazard ... here's the good news i was talking to you off the beginnin of the newscast lower humidity and cooler temperatures ... notice the yellow line it goes down ... here's what's happening basically a cold front is knocking at our back door it will push through or attempt ... to on tuesday stall out give us a better chance of showers and storms ... lowered and enjoyed more clouds and that means cooler temperatures ... and a limited cooler air ... losing in mind that cold front ... and lower humidity ... live hd radar shows you as i use the power five live radar the rain especially just north of somerset mainly dry though ... is a look at the track of that reign over the past few hours w had some ... big-time storms of brewing especially just west of interstate ... big-time storms of brewing especially just west of interstate 75 as they cross tha interstate they can fizzle out as they ... got a little closer to the jackson area the bigger picture including the great state of kentucky and beyond ... your eyes go to her all the rain is right now the show me state ... across southern illinois into southwest indiana and of course portions of kentucky let's trac it see what is good to move into our area teacher cast.

At its ... the clock in the morning you could wake up to some scattered showers and storms ... same thing by lunch time by dinner time ... same thing tomorrow ... we wrap it up and show you what you can expect over the next seven days now just because you see a raid, rain and icon on th map for the next seven days doesn't mean it's gonna rain from when you wake up ... to when you go to bed ... or scattered showers and storms of the ... best chance of that happening on ... thursday and again on sunday ... friday saturday you to see a good chance ... the least chance of rain on wednesday and monday one thing you notice there ... the cooler temperatures ... in the lower humidity ... overnight lows in the 60s ...rus ots image:right coronavirus in lexington coronavirus 4.jpg in lexington... there were 98 new cases of the coronavirus reported from the weekend.

According to the health department..

The total number of positives ini the city..

Is now at least.... 2,856.

And that includes..

An adjustment... after six false- positives, from the university of kentucky.

The health department today..

Also reported a new death from the virus in lexington.

The total number of people who have died from the virus in the city is now..


There will be plenty of places to go this week..

To get tested for the coronavirus in lexington.

According to the city..

Its mobile neighborhood testing program will be at consolidated baptist church on russell cave road on thursday, friday and saturday... and you don't need an appointment to get tested.

Fs img txt bullets:no coronavirus testing this week lexington coronavirus drive thru.jpg -consolidated ... there will also be drive-thru covid testing at the southland christian church richmond road campus..

This week..

Through friday.

Drive-thru testing is also available seven days a week at the walgreen's testing location on executive and at the kroger testing site at bluegrass community & technical college..newtown campus.

As we mentioned at the top of the show..

Many school districts are choosing to begin the school year online... becauase of the coronavirus which means a lot of homes are going to need supplies.

And that could lead to record level spending.

Mandy gaither tells us just how much.... in today's consumer watch.

--reporter pkg-as follows-- parents across the country are preparing to once again turn their dining rooms into classrooms. and that means, they're going to need to supplement the things that are normally found at school.

According to the national retail federation, this means families could spend a record amount on back-to- school shopping.

For parents with kids in kindergarten thru twelfth grade, the previous spending record was nearly 700-dollars per family.

This year, it could top that with a projected average close to 800- dollars.

And for college students, we know those textbooks and laptops aren't cheap.

Those families could be looking at an average of more than one-thousand dollars up from last year's record of around $976- dollars.

According to the survey of of over 7,000 consumers, 88- percent say the coronavirus pandemic will affect their shopping.

More than half of parents with kids in k through 12 will do their shopping online.

And more families are planning to buy electronics like computers this year.

With all this increased spending, 30-percent say comparison shopping is going to be key this year.

For consumer watch, i'm mandy gaither.

C1 3 bars, and six months in home detention for tackling the kentucky lawmaker over lawn care.

Rene boucher originally was given a 30-day sentence after pleading guilty to assaulting a member of congress.

Federal prosecutors argued the sentence was too lenient, describing the 2017 attack outside paul's home in bowling green... as "vicious and unprovoked."

Prosecutors wanted at least 21 months for boucher.


Another federal judge resentenced boucher, giving him credit for the 30 days he's already served.

Starting tomorrow you can take a virtual tour of the st.

Jude dream home in lexington.

The house is in the homeplace subdivision off polo club boulevard.

Raffle tickets are only 100 dollars each to enter to win it.

All the money from the raffle... goes to st.

Jude children's research iital.

If you enter the drawing by this friday... july 31st... you'll be eligible to win, the dream home, fs still img:dream-homekrogerf ull-720.jpg and the featured prize..

A $15-hundred dollar shopping spree at a kroger grocery store.

You'll also be in the drawing for the bonus prize... a john deere mower.

Fs still eaome- d-org now toull-720-7 get your ticket.

The drawing for the home and all this great prizes is august 13th.

Stay with us..

Sports is next.

Z3z3yoyo z7z z1616fz y3y37yyo7y y y1616fyfy c1 3 as we've discussed the last few days, tuesday is decision day for the khsaa.

Commissioner julian tackett and the khsaa board of control will meet to decide what the next steps will be.

Current guidelines expire august 2nd.

Every time tackett speaks, he is adamant fall sports will happen in the bluegrass, but they will look different.

If they do happen, it's safe to say they will be delayed.

The high school football season was set to start three weeks from this friday on august 21st, but that is highly unlikely.

Abc 36 will have coverage the decision on tuesday.

We don't know if the nba combine will happen, but now we know which former cats nba general managers voted to possibly invite.

Adam zagoria of zags blog posted the names of the 105 players.

Tyrese maxey, nick richards, ashton hagans, immanuel quickley and even kahlil whitney getting an invite.

The lone cat left out?

Ej montgomery.

The gms will vote and the top 60 or 70 get an invite.

There a good chance the combine is done virtually.

Transylvania athletics and the heartland collegiate athletic conference has decided to postpone high contact risk sports.

Men's and women's soccer along with women's volleyball will play their season in the spring of 2021.

The low contact fall sports of golf, tennis, and cross country will still take place this fall.

Former cat bam adebayo has finally joined his miami heat teammates in the orlando nba bubble.

Adebayo returned at the end of last week after he had tested postiive for covid-19.

He has been cleared and believes he's ready to play, but he plans to ease into it, especially since the only real side effect he experienced from the virus wasn't serious at all.

Bam adebayo heat forward "boring.

That's pretty much all i can tell you.

That's how it was.

I was pretty much fien the whole time.

It's a crazy thing that one person could be asymptomatic and the next person you don't know what it could do to their body.

Me personalyl, i would say i'm ready, but that's because i'm a freak of nature and i just want to play.

That's the bottom line, but i have to take it day at a time so i don't think i'm gonna play tomorrow.

And just so i can get my legs under me.

I haven't really been like moving around besides being in the house so i'm trying ot get my body back accilmated and back in the groove."

That's all for now.

I'm bryan kennedy, abc 36 sports.

Final weather scratch-a-4cast hererah-a-4cast for ?

>>> from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live."

With guest host whitney cummings.

Tonight, eric andre, and music from rema.

And now, whitney cummings.


>> whitney: welcome to "jimmy kimmel live."

I'm whitney cummings, your guest host for tonight.

I'm here because for a woman to host a network talk show, a man has to go on vacation.

I'm kidding, i'm just here because jimmy didn't want to get covid.

I'm fine, just so you know, health-wise.

I did take a couple covid tests.

And as a lady, i gotta say, it's nice to take a test for something that could destroy my life and not have to pee on it.

So thanks, science.

Anyway, i feel like the real reason they picked me to do this is because i'm the only comedian who hasn't been canceled yet, which is so weird.

I probably should have been.

A long time ago.

I've said some very crazy

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