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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Midmorning With Aundrea - July 30, 2020 (Part 2)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - July 30, 2020 (Part 2)
Midmorning With Aundrea - July 30, 2020 (Part 2)

(Part 2 of 2) We meet the first female commander of the Army Reserves.

And Steve Hartman delivers your daily dose of schmaltz with today's "On the Road".

A a young man from florida is running for fallen deputy dylan pickle// zechariah cartledge is from ororlando and runs for fallen law officers across the nation// we first met him last year when he ran in honor of chickasaw county deputy, jeremy voyles// yesterday, zechariah posted video and message to facebook as he went for a run in honor of dylan pickle who passed away this weekend// zechariah says he hopes dylan's friends and family find comfort in knowing dylan is thought of miles and miles away// i just hope the families and friends of who i'm running for are healing through my run, finding comfort from my runs, and just, i want just a little joy to go through their minds.

I hope that's what they're thinking."

Dylan's mom will get the flag zechariah ran with// zechariah started this last year and so far has run over 560 miles// now to the cbs series: profiles in service... and a military milestone today as lieutenant general jody daniels achieved something that has never been done.

Norah o'donnell has more.

Daniels marches in today, lieutenant general daniels was sworn into the history books... "please raise you right hand and repeat after me& " becoming the first female commander of the army reserve.

&and breaking a 112 year glass ceiling elbow bump and applause the 36 year military veteran's new appointment yet another sign of progress ..

Last month the senate confirmed air force general charles brown jr's as the first black officer to lead a military branch.

And on friday, lieutenant madeline swegle gets her wings as the navy's first black female fighter pilot.

With women making up about 16 percent of the active duty military force, lt gen daniels, who served in kosovo, south korea and iraq says she's focused on the next generation.

I look forward to serving you all over the next four years.

// ready now.

Shaping tomorrow.

Nod cbsn when we come back, a whale of an adventure in the most unusual place.

Mid morning return it started with a simple request from a customer.

Now... a newspaper carrier has found a whole new mission.

Here's cbs's steve hartman ..."on th road."

Long before social distancing, greg dailey was already keeping his customers at arm's length.

In fact, to those on his paper route in central new jersey, greg has never been anything more than a blur past their driveway.

But as we first reported in april, all that changed when one elderly customer asked him a simple favor - could he please pull in and throw the paper closer to the garage.

Bite greg "it hit m that if she can't get the paper at the sidewalk, which is 20 feet from the house, in this pandemic - how is she going to get the things she needs?

So a couple days later i just decided, you know what, i'm going to put this note out."

Std-up/ the note - stuck in the next day's edition - said, 'my name is greg dailey and i deliver your newspaper every morning' - which was news to most people - i would like to offer my services - free of charge - to anyone who needs groceries.'

From that moment to this, the phone has been ringing off the hook.

Nat greg taking an order he takes the orders, does the shopping, and delivers the groceries - not by whipping them out the window, but by carefully placing them on the porch.

And boy, are people grateful.

Eileen stein is 85 and recently widowed.

Bite eileen "i don' have enough adjectives.

He is one of the finest people in the world."

The lady at this house went even further - called him the closest thing to god.

Nat bite greg "there' a level of appreciation here, steve, that goes above and beyond anything i've ever seen.

So, no, i'm not going to stop.

Steve: well, you'll stop when this is done.

" greg said not necessarily.

Bite greg "there' something about being able to do something really nice for people."

And sure enough, since this story first aired, greg has áexpandedá his mission.

About 130 seniors are now on his grocery route.

He's also added about a dozen volunteers - mostly college students - who assist with the shopping.

And he has plans to do still more.

Nat greg dailey was called to duty by circumstance - but he's staying in service by choice.

Steve hartman, cbs news, on the road.

If you long to hit if if you long to hit the open road, there are still sights to see - especially along the famed route 66.

Take a look.

The blue whale in catoosa has been around for about 50 years, and now the route 66 icon has a new owner.

The city of catoosa is giving the blue whale some tlc.

That's because the city bought the mother road attraction and its surrounding 24 acres about 4 months ago for nearly $2 million.

"this is humongous this is fantastic," said jyr, a blue whale visitor.

Jyr is from dallas and is stopping at various route 66 landmarks with his wife.

He said the blue whale was high on his list.

"i was told highl recommended the statue behind me, the blue whale is one of the must- sees, so here i am with my wife today," jyr said city manager john blish said they've worked to clean up the pond area and plan to build bigger bathrooms to accommodate all the visitors who travel along america's main street through catoosa every year, tourists like jyr.

"it's such beautiful park here, the city is doing a good job," blish said.

The city also plans to build a path around the pond for travelers to take a short walk and stretch their legs.

Jyr hopes more people come to see the blue whale and enjoy it as much as he did.

"i think this is suc a big iconic part of the route 66, so they should do more promotions, attract more tourists, either local or international tourists, to come here and visit," h said.

Some locals might remember when you could swim in the pond, but the city said that's not allowed and there are no plans to change that.

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