Horses are heart-warming yet very funny animals
Horses are heart-warming yet very funny animals

Spending time with horses is good for the soul.

They make great companions and they have personalities that surprise and delight us.

Many even possess an obvious sense of humour and they are happy to interact with people in very amusing and heart warming ways.

This is Dave and a few of his equine friends.

An animal lover with a special fondness for horses, Dave doesn't own one, but he makes friends with any horse that will allow it.

As he cycles around his home town of Millbrook, Ontario, he often stops to visit with familiar friends and he will even bring a treat or two.

On a hot day, two of Dave's horse buddies were happy to share his granola bars but they also wanted to wash them down with a few swigs of his apple juice.

Dave was happy to share.

Dave also likes to visit a few horse friends at a magnificent farm called The Mane Intent.

This is an amazing farm with a herd of exceptional horses that help provide therapy for first responders and people who have suffered from traumatic experiences.

Dave won't pass up a chance to hang around with Harry in the meadow and feed him grass, or to give Sampson, a mighty Clydesdale a few scratches behind the ear.

If the opportunity to hang around with a horse presents itself, it's a shame to let it go to waste!