Oneonta displays #SayTheirNamesMemorial

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Oneonta displays #SayTheirNamesMemorial
Living memorial to black lives in installed in Oneonta's downtown.

Chelsea sherrod reports.

Chelsea: behind me are nearly 200 portraits of men, women and children who's lives have been wrongfully taken by racism, injustices and police brutality.

Here in oneonta the "say their names" memorial honors them.

Nats: the council permit elizabeth patterson to affect a photographic display supporting black lives to the city fence on main street at joining the wescott lot.

From 14-year old emmitt till who was lynched in 1955 after being accused of whistling at a white woman to george floyd, a 46 year-old man who was killed this year by police officers and civil-rights era icons in between.

On july 21 this memorial was unanimously approved by the oneonta common council.

But the unanimously approved installation did come with some opposition.

As reported by the oneonta daily star, in a letter to mayor herzig oneonta police chief douglas brenner states: "any display that could have ramifications that are potentially divisive to the city of oneonta, (its residents and its businesses), is not an image that should be promoted," this was addressed in the council meeting.

Kaytee lipari shue: that it's really important for us to make it clear that this display is not anti- police it's anti-police brutality and i think that's some thing that everyone can get behind.

Community members walked by to honor the victims of not just police brutality but racism, transphobia and other injustices.

Greg (did not give last name): very positive because it just expresses the fact that it's finally getting through to everybody it's not just black people or native people or brown people in general.

Everybody is beginning to feel the reality.

Karen oliver:to acknowledge any hate crime any crime but certainly it's really scary when it's based on your gender, the color of your skin.

Elizabeth patterson: i feel like this is really a special moment this is a really special message and this is a really special community and there's a lot of people that need to see this.

The display will be up for one to three weeks.

Reporting in oneonta im chelsea sherrod newschannel 2.

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