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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Returning To College Amid The Pandemic

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Returning To College Amid The Pandemic
Returning To College Amid The Pandemic

WAAY 31's Alexis Scott speaks with Athens State University on what it, and other schools in North Alabama, are doing to safely bring back students for the fall semester.

Every dollar counts.

New at six -- we're taking a close look at what colleges in north alabama are doing to keep students safe.

Today -- we're looking at athens state university.

Waay-31s alexis scott learned you need a negative coronavirus test before stepping foot on campus.

As soon as you come on to the athens state campus... a medical professional will ask a few screening questions and take your temperature.

Once you're cleared... you get this wristband proving your symptom free and ok to be on campus.

And before students even return to school, they'll need a negative coronavirus test.

Chris latham, athens state university "it's a big step in ensuring that those who are on campus are healthy and they're not spreading the virus to other people," chris latham explained why testing is mandatory at athens state university this school year and what you can expect from the testing process.

Chris latham, athens state university "this testing method is a self administered swap just at the opening of the nose.

Not the one that goes further up the nose.

It's a different collection sample that they may have more anxiety about," everyone is required to wear a mask on campus.

If you dont have a mask... one will be provided for you.

In many of the classrooms... you'll see plexi-glass dividers and markers to show where students are allowed to sit.

In the hallways and across campus... you'll see 6-foot markers and hand sanitizer stations.

Latham told me the school hopes these actions help keep student and faculty safe.

Plus give them some peace of mind if they want in-person learning.

Chris latham, athens state university "as an employee, on campus, it makes us feel safer and then it should make student feel safer that fellow classmates have been tested and received a negative result before they go out on campus also," not shot yet pre-fall testing begins next tuesday... and latham told me after the first week of class...they'll begin random sampling testing to help monitor the virus and keep everyone safe.

Reporting in athens, alexis scott waay-31 news.

For the test results -- if you're negative -- you'll get them back within 48-hours via email.

If your test is positive -- you should be contacted via phone within 24-hours.

There are 6 colleges across north alabama providing free-testing

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