Chinese Fighter Jets Again Intrudes Taiwan's Air Space
Chinese Fighter Jets Again Intrudes Taiwan's Air Space

TAIPEI — Two Chinese warplanes briefly crossed the centerline of Taiwan Strait and intruded in Taiwan's air defense identification zone at 9 a.m.

Monday, Taiwan's Central News Agency reports, citing the Ministry of National Defense's Air Force Command Headquarters.

According to CNA, Taiwanese Air Force patrol planes intercepted the Chinese fighter jets, which were identified as a J-11 and a J-10.

The Taiwanese aircraft issued radio warnings.

The intruding planes then retreated to the Chinese side of the median line.

Taiwan possesses ground-based advanced warning radars, including a PAVE PAWS unit in the northern mountains of Leshan that can track missiles and warplanes from China.

Writing in Forbes, defense correspondent David Axe speculates Taiwan's armed forces would have spotted the Chinese planes the moment they took off.

The incident occurred one day after U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar's historic visit to Taiwan.

Azar arrived in a transport plane that landed at Songshan Airport in Taipei.

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