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Friday, September 24, 2021

Pony Express Museum recognition (8-14-20)

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Pony Express Museum recognition (8-14-20)
Pony Express Museum recognition (8-14-20)
Pony Express Museum recognition (8-14-20)

Tourism has taken a big hit since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic -- local hotels, restaurants and attractions are all among the types of businesses that have been hurt badly.

However, one local museum is still receiving recognition even during the pandemic... kq2's danielle soxy tells us more... <<<hundreds of museums celebrate the american west, but true west magazine says the pony express museum in st.

Joseph is one the best... "well, i got a phone call."

An unexpected phone call to say the least..."she said, 'well, i'm going to make your day.'

And i go 'really?


That would be really nice.'

And she said, 'you realized you ranked in the top 10 in the museums across the united states by our editors and our writing crew."

And i go, 'seriously?"in fact, the pony express museum came in at number 4 in true west's top 10 western museums of receive recognition in the middle of a pandemic came as quite the surprise to the museum's executive director, cindy daffron phone call and find out in the middle of all this, and you're trying to figure out how to keep the doors open and do what we can do when we can re- open and to realize that we receive an award in that year, is a huge feeling.

At the time i was like, 'are you serious?'

I mean, it was the last thing on my mind."it wasn't the only surprise... when the pony express received the honor, cindy had no idea until the magazine came, that on page 16, the pony express was featured in an additional story west savior' because we are preserving pieces that are golden from the steamer trunk, to the roll top desk."the pony express museum was recognized in the top 10 last year as well but to come in at fourth best in the middle of a pandemic means even more to the folks at the museum..."a great huge thank you for the honor.

It's really great to be the executive director at a time when things feel really bad, to get a shot in the arm and say, 'hey, here's an award.'

So, it was but completely appreciated."

Reporting in st.

Joseph, danielle sachse.

Kq2 news>>> the editor of the true west magazine says the pony express museum has done well to preserve and present its' history... the museum is open 9 a.m.

To 4 p.m.

Monday through saturday, and sundays from 11