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Monday, May 16, 2022

PKG FCPS fall sports decision

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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PKG FCPS fall sports decision
PKG FCPS fall sports decision
FCPS fall sports decision pkg


Fayette county public schools will have fall sports...following the k-h-s-a-a's schedule.

That decision tonight at the board of education meeting where student-athletes and parents rallied outside in favor of playing.

Abc 36's monica harkins was agreed...sports is about more than just winning and losing.

L3: abc 36 news white fcps gives go ahead for fall sports under khsaa rules fayette county ### nat pop"let us play" a rally cr that was answered.

Rob sayre, athletic director"so my recommendation is follow khsaa approved guidelines option one."

That was fayette county public schools athletics director rob sayre speaking before the board of education...advising the district go with the association's fall sports schedule.

"rob sayre: the thing everyone holds most dear is their children...that was revealed in this.

So everyone is very serious."

And so are the student-athletes... "emily coke:we have been taking the precautions necessary and we have been respectful of what they've wanted."

Emily coke is gearing up to play her senior soccer season at frederick douglass... "emily: it's not just playing the game it's so many more aspect than that."

Like friendships, discipline, and for seniors like coke...possibly college scholarships....the later, something on henry clay football player william webb's mind, too.

"webb: me and many other people are relying on this season for uh to see college scouts and to see us.

It's our ticket to college really."

The board also discussed the correlation of student-atheletes testing positive and practices so far.

Based on the district's data of the 11 cases reported since fall conditioning began on june 29th....none of them were contracted because of sports.

The father of a henry clay football player... bryan henderson...had a similar mentality..covid-19 is contractable anywhere...but he thinks a controlled environment might actually be less risky.

"bryan, dad: there's risk in everything in life and we don't know if we're promised tomorrow.and who knows in the spring if it's going to look like this march.

We've got the solid numbers now, and we should just move forward."

Fcps says while it's excitiing to go- ahead with sports...practices or games could be canceled at any point if there's a spike in covid-19 tied to sports.

In lexington, monica harkins, abc 36 news.


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